Reviews for Her Start
SuprSingr chapter 1 . 6/7/2012
*Spits juice all over the monitor*

...UGGGGGH, I have such problems reviewing your stories in general, but this one is like ten times worse. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN TO SOMEONE WHY THEY'RE THE MOST EPIC BEING IN THE UNIVERSE? Words are useless. Blah.

The fact you compared my drawings to Panfla's is humorous, though. XD OMFG, you just seriously wrote this and literally f-ing mentioned me IN THE FIC and all I can say is, "Lol, I'm not that good at drawing." *Spits juice all over keyboard* gdnskglnsdklgnsklfnkld

This entire fic? Completely out of the box genius. You just blew my mind. XD And Nerdil's too, apparently. xDDDDD I couldn't stop laughing either! I mean, it's completely true. Fanfiction is a fantastic place to start for young authors. If it weren't for Fanfiction, I'd still be writing kiddy-crap back in second level Loser Town. xD Yes, SECOND level. It was that bad. ;_; And all of the people I've met on here are amazing. Like you for example. For writing this. And blowing up our little corner of the fandom. XDDD And Phil snorting all, "Not this again." LOOOOOL... LOOOOOOOOOL... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL YES. XD THAT.

Oh, you've just earned your "Phil Rant" badge, btw. *Pins it to your skin* "Ancient damnation! Horrible Fates! How I curse the day these damned plates were ever made or even thought of! I wish thee, foul ceramic, to the darkest, deepest, bloodiest parts of Tartarus and to forever remain there for your entire miserable li-" ROFLMBO OMFG, you just surpassed me. XD With my OWN dang character. *Slaps forehead* I swear, I like want to print that rant out and hang it on my board just so I can laugh at it every day. xDDD "I wish thee, foul ceramic-" PSSSSHHHHHT... FOUL CERAMIC. Dinner tomorrow night? Yeah, I'm screaming that at my mom. "You DARE serve me these miniscule ant rations on this foul ceramic disk you so ignorantly proclaim a plate? THIS... THIS IS NOT A PLATE. AND THIS IS NOT FOOD. TAKE IT BACK TO THE UNDERWORLD WITH YOU WHERE IT BELONGS! ...*Eats food*" xDDDD Awww, and Phil being all, "I'll live" then. :3 So cuuuuute. x3

Have I mentioned yet that this is brilliantly well written? xD No? Okay. Well, it is. I'm such a stickler for grammar too and you did such a good job. Can I just, like... hug you? Seriously? Is that cool? No? Well, oh well, deal with it 'cause you're getting hugged. *Grabs you*

Okay, I'm gonna go slink back into my hole now. xD I'll talk at you later, Writer. *Salutes* And thank you for this!

NerdilyNi chapter 1 . 6/6/2012
Aw! XD Glad spmeone feels the same way as I do about fanfiction AND about some of the amazing people I come across on the internet! (I.e. SuprSingr, Panfla, etc.) It's kind of cool how you wrote this fic somewhere between the real world and the Hey Arnold! Life With The Shortmans/All is Fair With Love and Shortmans universe. I was all... O.O YOU CAN DO THAT? Anywho, keep up the awesome work and writing!
Ela Morgenstern chapter 1 . 6/5/2012
DAAAWWW! this is so damm sweet!

i love phill and his rants! lol xD so him!

and tnx so much for the dedicatory - hug her-
Nep2une chapter 1 . 6/4/2012
This was really different. I gues the shortmans' kids have grownup and now have kids of their own. Please continue.
LadyLeelee87 chapter 1 . 6/4/2012
One word for this: Awesome

I loved every bit of it! I always wondered how Sarah and Phil would be as parents! You've totally answered that! I love all three of their children. Morgan sounds cool, Mickey sounds cute (kinda crazy hmm wonder where she gets that from? lol )

"Um James how is it possible you are failing English? Do u not realize who your parents are? They probably don't even punish in the normal way. Sarah probably just lets the child in trouble listen to their father's crazy rants for an hour or so. That would totally set them straight

Phil and the plates I loled so hard on that one. His kids are probably like "Oh god here we go again." The lovely Sarah was there to difuse the situation with a little loving! I love to see this couple together so much :)

Thanks for the mention! I loved it so much. You rock! You are exactly right about fanfiction I think it is a great building block for writers to build great skills for their own original ideas

acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 1 . 6/4/2012
Hey, cool short.

Keep the good writing.