Reviews for Prince of Death
Candy Phantom chapter 32 . 7/1
It would be hilarious if Cat was a daughter of Dionysus. I mean, he was right there the whole time. She would go all crazy whacko at him. XD
lonewolf420 chapter 2 . 6/29
yea that's about what I mint.
lonewolf420 chapter 1 . 6/29
this is one of the best starting chapters I've read on one of these so far I won't ask any questions for now I will just keep reading though I hope he go's to camp early after all if his powers are strong enough to call his mom then his sent is strong enough to attract monsters even if he's safe behind the blood words he is not safe at the library or store or any where else.
Guest chapter 11 . 6/19
its fluffy, duh!

The Cerberus's son is probably Fluffy, yeah?
Guest chapter 5 . 6/19
im gesin cathryns dad is ethr reguls ro sirus an ma is ithr bllatrx narcisa adrmeda or somene els

sorry if thats hard to read, ill translate it

I'm guessing Cathryn's Dad is either Regulus or Sirius, and his Ma is either Bellatrix, Narcissa, Andromeda, or someone else that I have no idea exists.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/16
I like this story very much. All though I think you need to go and edit some more. I found a few mistakes that can confuse someone who is just starting out with it.
Dark and Broody chapter 41 . 5/26
Great story!
Dark and Broody chapter 39 . 5/26
Great fighting scene :)
Dark and Broody chapter 34 . 5/26
I hit enter too fast. What i meant to say was i hate dumbledore
Dark and Broody chapter 33 . 5/26
Gosh i g
Dark and Broody chapter 30 . 5/26
Loved the action and harry's powers oh and snap's reaction to seeing a son of hades kick butt lol ;)
Dark and Broody chapter 29 . 5/26
Love morty. I think he'd make a great familiar if he were shrunk just a bit lol
Dark and Broody chapter 27 . 5/26
I am glad harry now has severus as an ally
Dark and Broody chapter 26 . 5/26
Wow i wonder what will happen in 4th year in the graveyard. I really hope voldie doesn't get to powerful with harry's blood.
Dark and Broody chapter 24 . 5/26
I like how severus is dealing with adhd kids. It was a very good potions class
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