Reviews for The Message
rockkitten chapter 1 . 2/8/2017
Book 2 is done and now to Book 3! Can't wait to get started on that one! I can't believe it's taken me this long to discover your wonderful work. Thank you for keeping the characters of Roswell alive and well (sort of) in my mind!
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 14 . 4/7/2014
How did McKay find out about Dave's deal especially with Max?
Wow didn't see that coming but liked it all the same and the rebel seems like it will be a good story. Is this man telling the truth about being max brother? wouldn't he want his brother dead so he could rule? he is using the same things as the skins used so that gives me pause as well as the private meeting. Is this who Dave had been in contact with or is it kal? When will Jake and co. Learn about the seal and will Dave be rescued in time and the unit destroyed? Van didn't seem to look like max? Who sent the bodyguard to Liz and why? Why lead both max and Liz away from the group and unprotected? Nice preview I guess I will drop in to the next book. Although I thought this book would be longer and feel in more from the past stuff. Why were Michael and co. Followed by so called antarian guards if that is who they actually are. I can understand the need to watch and not intercede unless warranted and make sure they were safe especially if they left the compound two years ago and Dave would keep them under his wing but needed extra protection why? If they are guards and protectors why let Mac go to meeting and trick him to go with out the group?
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 13 . 4/7/2014
Funny how the people did nasedo tricks from almost ten years ago with having an imposter look like max and go to Liz. The thing wouldn't work without Liz because everyone knows max doesn't go somewhere without Liz.
Okay so we have more shape shifters and bodyguards so to speak and they have been watching Liz and this one is what to protect Liz? As in she us Liz etc and we need to protect you? That I was not expecting especially not watching for six years and around the time they came top side from Dave's compound. Did Dave know about this or not because it seems he didn't but I'm sure Dave would have let kal and co. Know...
This shape shifter with Max seemed scared why? Is this the max Liz sees shot in her vision can she change it and save max? Max is most definitely walking into a trap but who has Dave been talking to from antar, kal or someone else? Did max enemies intercept those messages and used to to set up this trap? Will this guard Liz and Michael get to max in time? Why meet at the empire state building? What are they using to affect max? I thought Jake learned about the Royal seal...
Very interesting end can't wait for book three
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 12 . 4/7/2014
Why would Langley make a deal with Dave or care about max? Why kill the agents? That is a very good question to ask and think Dave since the gang does know kal but not that he cares or made a deal with Dave. Does Dave know max met kal and such before when searching for his son? I can understand kal being the deal marker with Dave but why let Dave handle things and not kal himself especially with the group?
Dave is right definitely too many variables to account for. Doesn't kal have ship?
I can understand max and zan being conflicting on many things and must be hard for max to separate things sometimes and know things and be afraid like zan accepting Destiny and wanting to make decisions based on that and him loving someone else and politics and the throne etc... must be hard for max who thinks differently and has different ideas and loves and wants Liz and this life more than anything. Nice move Dave and understanding that he has to hide and protect them but he can only do so much to hide things. Poor Henry and his research and flowers and max and his roses and surprise. I'm pretty Henry felt bad about max and his reaction max had to what he created. Since the toxin seeped into his blood will it have lasting effects?
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 11 . 4/7/2014
Why does everyone always conclude they should have told Max especially when they are in a precarious position? Dave should known or trusted max like he wanted max to trust him about knowing max likes to help and wants to help and if asked he would help especially if told things. Just look at his past decisions and people around max. I hope max gets to Dave on time to save him or the rest of the gang.
I'm glad Dave is facing his past and fear for the past forty years something max taught him it would seem. You should come from behind the trees does McKay know about max and his link to Dave? Why has McKay tracked Dave down even after forty years. I guess everything is always connected someway somehow.
Will the gang go on a rescue mission of Dave? I'm glad Dave is keeping or trying to keep McKay from max. How did McKay know and know about things like skins and nasedo it seems but he didn't know about his system being messed with. he the general really thinks having max or doing something to do would stop an invasion, I think it would cause one unless of course khivar decided something.I find it amusing Kyle seems to be the buffer of the group and seems to take on some Alex's duties too. Funny how Michael picked up max habit about rotating his wedding ring especially when nervous. Did Liz feel foreboding when seeing the empire state building poster and it involving max and something important?
Good for Ray trying to get everyone in one place and safe as can be for now so he can do his job more efficient and effective.
Who sent the texts to max and Liz because Dave sure didn't. Why said max one place and Liz another? Why doesn't max sense something off from Liz and Michael and Isabel? Is something effecting his connection? Is max enemy coming and going to make max some how defenseless? Is Liz going to be captured to make max corporate? Will Liz sense something wrong?
All Dave's plans will unfold now but why and how? Poor Dave...
I know he isn't perfect but I think he still did his best and was okay and shouldn't end like this at this man's hands. I sorry he has regrets too especially not telling and explaining to max everything and preparing him so he doesn't get shocked or taken unguarded or off guard.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 10 . 4/7/2014
Ahh antar or the representative whoever Dave talked to threaten to destroy earth if Max was killed or harmed hence why Dave wanted to protect max and why keep max here to protect earth and even if he went back to antar as king he wouldn't seek retribution from earth about stuff that happened because of a few and not the whole planet. I have a feeling a lot of questions regarding Dave and this mystery person he made a deal with is going to go left unanswered or distorted and more questions arise as well as Dave's whole plans and ideas left unanswered or crumble. I can see why Dave wanted the chance to help though especially help max. Maria is right you just look at max and know you can trust him and he is a good guy. It's all in the soulful eyes.
Why didn't the camera in the compound pick up Henry spraying max and the roses and max was fine until he was sprayed with the formula and it was the formula and the cut that caused him the stuff. Poor max he did such a good job and did it the human way to give Liz such a thoughtful and romantic gift and it had been ruined. Max worked so hard and such. I still think it was the scratches and spray and not the roses that did it to max because he didn't sneeze until he was sprayed with Henry's formula.

So Dave and Jake and ray knew Liz and Kyle were different... Will they have max heal now or stuff? Michael has a right to be very worried now. I'm glad Jake saw max as a patient and saved his life and not as a test subject and specimen when max needed Jake the most and Jake so far has seen them as patients and kids not as lab rats. I'm glad even with Max being okay Maria knew how to talk in code referring to Michael not being able to handle the sweat and had to do the healing stones. Jim wasn't the only adult and ally in the know they forgot river dog.
I also like how Liz through the connection she felt max symptoms but also heard his thoughts about the lights and also caused a reaction with their powers. I also guess the formula and stuff went through max system faster when he cut himself in Jake's office. I wonder too if his powers played a role of some kind too? I'm glad max had the reaction in Jake's office where he had help and not alone in his apartment where he might not have gotten help maybe maybe not since Michael felt max agony.
Who is the shadowy person Dave made a deal with from antar? Is it khivar or someone else? If he killed the special unit agents did he replace them with his own and hunt the gang within us gov't agency? Some things Dave explained to Jake about the deal he made to become guardian of max and the gang doesn't make much sense or why Dave decided to get involved and begged for the job. Max is feeling zan and zan feelings and coming out.?
For a moment there max changed from max to zan without pause and max noticing interesting but what causes zan to come out or take over? Why does everyone like being with Max and not zan? Interesting too that max had his feelings and zan feelings at the same moment and they were different as two people. Max feels guilt and apologizes for things but zan seems more commanding and a king he grew into the role. I like max being trusting and hopeful even after everything and always wanting to help. I too hope Jake won't ask for max to heal more. I don't think Jake will be changed with that minor healing though.
Funny how Jake and Dave picked up quite quickly Liz had been changed and Kyle too. Poor Max...
Loved max deducing Maria was in the room by the girlfriend comment. I loved Max description of feeling Liz's joy and it was liking she was hugging him. Interesting to say the least about how his body reacted to the allergens or toxin by over stimulating his senses and powers to the impth degree. That must have been something and even more about seeing it. I guess it is good to know and research and put in knowledge. What is Dave getting from researching max and Michael and Isabel because it has to be more than profits and advancement of science and wondering if the other side knows this part of the deal. I'm sure their enemies would love the data. Will the gang finally divulge their secrets at least to Jake? Poor max worked so hard on his roses and was proud...they had to be destroyed. Will max be requested to heal more? Max seems to use his healing to appease guilt and want to help.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 9 . 4/7/2014
Is alpha project related to aliens and stuff?
That could be how it connected to everything and maybe the microwave signals?
Did Daniel go to mckay willingly or forcibly? besides the alien trio what's in the level six files and important enough for Daniel to earn his freedom and why did Daniel want to leave the deal when most network keepers seemed to like where they work? How did Daniel find Dave or hear about him to begin with if he was curious at 16? He couldn't be his son or anything could he? I liked max thoughts and understand his fears especially of zan and if that part overshadowed him as max. I like that max knows what he wants now and who he wants to be and what he cares about especially Liz. He always loved Liz without doubt but even during his interview with Dave he thought about ava whoever she was but only knew he cared about her and not loved or a love so deep it's painful if and when separated. Liz feels this when stuff happens to max so that is curious too. I also liked max learning from zan side and such but again understanding he doesn't want to wake up to royal duties and have Liz be a dream he made up. Also that max doesn't quite care about the same things zan did but then again max had more choices and different experiences than zan who was groomed from birth to be just a king.
I'm concerned about jesse and it must be weird with his connection bond with Isabel. Even years later max is still worry about hurting Liz...
I guess with the bonds hardly anything is secret and knowing things are being kept from them like private meetings for the alien trio. This time max felt something odd in his connection to Liz weird.
Just like Liz with future max and burden she had she couldn't keep it alone hence turning to tell Maria her best friend just like Dave finally told Jake. What made Dave finally tell him and why now? It's a dangerous game and a volcano is going to erupt especially is max is on danger.
Who killed the people in the special unit... I would assume nasedo but he us dead. Is Dave unknowingly working for Nicholas or khivar to be fearful of death or invasion like the end of the world? Why did Dave want Max and co. To love earth and defend it like their own like antar? I understood now why Dave didn't want zan to show up then or now. so how do the people on antar know max and co. We're being hunted? Why do they need proof max is zan and want zan back and to take the throne? I'm understanding Dave's plan and such and why he wanted to protect max and understand his view of the world and understand why Liz is important and why he wanted max here on earth. The question is how was Dave approached and why did Dave beg for a chance to protect a king? Who would have retaliated if Max was killed at graduation and surprised this mystery person didn't. How did this person kill all special unit agents of 2000 and would they invade and kill if Max is killed at the hands of humans. Is that another reason why Dave wanted to feel more human and be more human to think earth was their home? Did he want Max to leave earth? It seems like the people from antar think if Max as property too and just want him back as zan to have him claim the throne. It has to be something more because Dave doesn't think they would leave earth alone even if Max leaves. Why do they want to test max and make sure zan survived again with the test like at summit why test when max us their king. Is it because they want zan and have the same viewpoint of the world as before or why they want zan? Max shouldn't have to prove he is king or be tested and why come for max now? Dave afraid of max having such power as a teenager scared him because he what thought Max would attack earth or something? I now understand Dave's interviews and insights and why he needed all six kids and why looking at max he wanted to protect him. There are still some variable to consider like why Dave questioned endlessly about tess and max son sort of and other things he learned. Also the Destiny book did he get it 're translated and what did it say? I think I was right on a lot of things but not all with my theory and surprised about a couple things but loved it all the same especially when correlated with Jake and Dave's past. I'm glad Jake is standing by and I guess Dave wanted to give max a choice and to give him a chance out like he did with Dave. I can understand being a science mind why Jake's life would have been endangered if he stayed on the place. Who is coming for max and why? I will reserve judgement and thoughts and whether I can forgive Dave and if Max can later for later because we still don't have all the facts. It does seem like Dave met someone from antar through an emissary but how did Dave discover the aliens in the first place? Where people on antar looking for someone to protect max until he can and wants to come back to antar? That is strange they want zan to want to come back and they want zan back. Funny no matter how it's said it makes it seem like max is property and not king and why don't they want the others why only max? Where does Liz fit in? I'm hoping Jake, Ray, and Dave survive everything they deserve too especially Ray and Jake because he was all to eager to see powers so Ray has more sympathy. Jake did keep his confidence from max and his secret but let Dave know max would rise to the occasion. I wonder if Dave told this mystery person about max and Liz's connection. Will Liz be seen as a queen and accepted on antar? From last book it would seem he survives to see something about Liz being queen. No wonder Dave was also asking and looking for signs in max and thinking about antar and politics and royalty. I guess if they learn Dave profited from max and co. And other stuff and if something happens to max why he thinks his life would be forfeited and why he is scared and why he didn't tell Jake so they wouldn't kill Jake. Why not go to max with this... or ask for help etc.. Will max see this as a betrayal? What plans does Dave have because he has to have more and this can't be all of the plan and deal with other side. Dave had to make sure they were ready...
Max doesn't despise his alien have he fears it yes but doesn't despise it. He doesn't want anything if it means he can't have Liz. That us one thing he would not give up. I can understand why Dave saw Liz as max anchor in more ways than one.
Loved the chapter all the same especially Michael learning about Dave's past and Daniel and what he found... Did he find out about the aliens and used that to bargain for his silence and freedom? I like Michael feeling Maria's fear... yep definitely one way to tell each other something is wrong. What is wrong with Max and Liz's connection? Or did no red flags come up yet? Wouldn't max feel Isabel and Michael's distress? Looking forward to reading more.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 8 . 4/7/2014
Did Dave want Max and Liz to go to Paris for a romantic getaway or to have max there to protect Liz or something? Why is Dave afraid the group would leave if they left to go somewhere else or something about leaving and why is he still worried about keeping them under his wing?
Why did Dave want to see Liz in Paris and outside of max earshot? Why interest in Liz and why doe a she fascinate him is it just because she captured max heart who is an alien and king or something more? Why want to see her in her element? Dave thinks she is important why and why is she important because of who she is and who she is married too and why is she important to Dave and his plans and just being Liz? Just like Liz Dr. Preston must know what he is seeing under the microscope isn't human and might suspect Max but would he care or betray their secret? He is getting a lot out of the research and such by studying max metabolism and blood.
Dave is sure to take both max and Michael's warning especially since max stated Dave is a dead man if he touched his wife again and backed it up with the window. Dave doesn't know about future max so he doesn't know Liz already experienced the weight of the world on his shoulders. Dave must know something about antar or be in contact with them or something or the book or all three if Dave and Jake in their thoughts keep thinking about antar and the alien trio and such like they were there and thinking Liz is antar current queen...although it doesn't matter at the moment it will in the future. Dave is making certain Liz is safe but it has to be more than keeping max human and anchored to this world. Why is Dave wanting to keep max anchored to this world and to keep him human and with Liz? that is such a strange thought. Why is it important at least to Dave to keep max human enough and on earth and to keep Liz safe for many reasons and to keep max protected? Since don't make sense and such and neither does his actions. Will it matter for antar if Max is more human and max than of zan?
is Dave using research to find ways to harm max? Dave is thinking Liz as antar queen so he has had current contact with someone in space but it doesn't matter right now but it seems it will in the future. That is a lot to ponder. Did Dave disclose his milestone or thought on Liz with his space contact. Apparently Dave has his own rules to abide by especially with kids and other side since he had to argue they could roam the country and they were ready he would make sure of it quite year ago. So he is preparing them for something and getting them ready for something but what? Is Dave so engrossed in Roswell six and his plans with them that he is missing other things important things like not sensing danger?
He was worried from the get go about the gang not keeping secrets from each other and why was he so concerned about max not going to Paris if it was a romantic getaway for the two?
Such an odd statement about as long as Liz keeps max human enough Dave wouldn't argue either way. Wouldn't argue what that Liz is the current queen and not tess or someone else etc...? Dave would do anything for Liz's safety because she is max anchor to this world is another. I remember Jake's thoughts from last book about wondering if Liz is strong enough especially strong enough to keep max heart.. thus chapter got me thinking about it and thought why wouldn't she be able to keep it? Did he think max would love another or remember loving another and choose that person like if tess was alive he would choose her and not Liz etc...?
I always thought Liz would be a natural queen because the best are those that don't want it in the first place and does the right thing.
I am hoping Liz's dream doesn't reference or symbolize the death of max and his and Liz's love and zan survive and take over. I guess dreams have many meaning and death could be one side and the emergence of the other ... would max worse fear come true? How would the sunset fit in? The setting of a love and connection?

Why is it important for Dave to keep max human and be max and not deal with zan. He thought about this during max interview in last book and it has kept me think what would make something so important to be needing to deal with Max and not zan? Is it because max believes in choices and sees the world differently and had different experiences or something else?
I am still think and debating and trying to come up with the answer but haven't found a conclusive answer yet.
Was Dave betrayed years later especially to have him be captured by his worse nightmare? Why couldn't Dave take care of that end because I'm sure he wanted to but couldn't for some reason why?

What was it about zan that through Dave off including his plan is max was more zan and alien than human? Is he afraid zan would influence max too much and too much on the wrong way?
Wow Henry's rose formula made max sneeze and will he get sick and how did the formula do that? Will they research this too because all intense and purposes the aliens can't get sick. Did Henry do it on accident or on purpose? Did the stuff disrupt max powers and the dying flowers? A beautiful sunset indeed...
Wow they can feel him from thousands of miles away that's awesome. Max rose seems incredibly beautiful and very romantic...of course max wants its name to be Liz like.

Why did max get such a reaction from a scratch on the thorn? Is it a allergic reaction but how? Is it the formula but how and why did it affect max so? This should be interesting for max and Jake to learn. We know what alcohol does to max so what did this formula do to max and why and was it on accident or purpose? Is Henry a good guy? What could cause such a reaction especially from a simple cut? Wow that is some connection if Liz felt all of max symptoms in Paris. Unfortunately she had things in front of Dave. Do they use the healing stones to heal Max? Will max have lingering affects from this sickness and or whatever it is or was?

That could be the name of the rise true love... I liked max thought of what the rose represents that true love can survive anywhere and anything. What caused max to be allergic to the flower or spray or both.
Funny how Michael thought he couldn't get out and help max he thought he couldn't get out and help his king. Not max not zan his king. I always find that interesting but glad Michael's first thoughts on the safety of max and screw if people saw him use his powers. I guess that didn't help with trust not knowing the doors where made of depleted uranium and he couldn't get to max in a crisis. That us some connection all three have to max. Will Jake learn about the seal story now? Wow Maria feeling Michael in Paris that must have been something but also make bad if Michael wasn't consciously keeping her out. I understand Liz's dream now...
Wow did Liz utilize max powers through their connection or were they her powers that blew the lights. Wow so much stuff unplanned that happened through their connection and unfortunately in front of Jake and Dave. If max dies would the seal go to Michael or Liz? Will this get the Jake, Dave Ray trio trust points or more suspicions? I'm glad Dave seemed worried and took action even if feared max name being overheard or displaying powers. Wow it must big big if Michael walls came crashing down and flooded Maria with his emotions. I'm sad this had to happen near Liz's birthday and max gift to her and the spray was sort of the cause.
Did Liz do things on her own or were they done through their connection? What will Dave and Jake think? Will they know why max doesn't want to heal etc... Will they know' about Kyle and Liz's powers and their healing connection? Of course they kept things from Dave and Jake why would they think they wouldn't but why did Dave care and sound accusatory because he was keeping things from the group too. What a display of power Liz showed and was it her powers or max powers or the strength at least. of course Michael wants to tear down the walls he can't get to his king to help and feeling like a caged animal not a good combination especially with Michael and his power.

I can understand the frustration of displaying powers in public and at the workshop especially when things have to be covered up. Dave shouldn't be angry for withholding stuff since he is doing the same. Will this be a problem for his plan and will he and Jake get answers to questions? Dave not letting Liz out of his sight. I liked Ray comments about Michael and also showing his nervousness and annoyance about max being quarantined and having a tensed caged Michael.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 7 . 4/7/2014
Did max and Michael use their hands or just their minds to destroy the cars. Shouldn't max and group face their fears about Liz's vision and such like he did when he healed Liz? How and why did max healing Liz's headache take away her powers?
How after thirty some years did the man mackay who Dave is frightened of find him and catch him and why? it has to be more than just what Dave knows especially the time and place. I'm assuming he is at the empire state building? Is the military guy working with the enemy? Will Dave die from the asthma attack or be saved or healed by max?
Did McKay kill the agents of the special unit so Dave wouldn't know who was part of the new one because Dave had an inside person to it and I would assume Dave wanted the unit dismantled and discredited and not kill the agents because that doesn't seem like Dave especially when he seen death as a child.I think Dave's kidnapping, message, Daniel, texts etc are all interconnected...
How did someone just jam only Dave's cell network? Where is Daniel and why keep Daniel Dave? It sounds like Daniel did something similar that Dave did he made a deal that took years to escape. Why did Daniel want out Dave's deal? What other deal did Dave make with Daniel and did both sides keep it and did Daniel tell Danielle about the term network keepers?
The enemy must know Liz's importance on so many levels. Are the enemy trying to capture max and using Dave to do it. I'm liking that they practiced powers and learned a lot and could do more with less effort and not always using their hands. Why the specific timeframe for max to meet at the empire state building and will it be enemies of both kinds or ally? What's happening to max and if the enemy is doing it how are they doing it? Or is it something else like zan or memory? Or is it something discovered by Allan Liz's mentor?
I'm sure the pod squad and co. Will help because they may not like the deal or Dave or trust him but they would never consciously not help someone if they could. Ray to the rescue sort of. I'm liking Ray protocol for Jake and nice diversion too and wonder what that person was messenger or someone else? Did the people who took Dave know the group would be there too? Yeah Michael and Maria married and yes don't piss max or Michael off because like before and what Kyle said those would move heaven and earth to find and protect their wives. I can just imagine Michael and Maria being too intense to not sense each other's direction and their emotions too... are probably wild. Why didn't the group follow itinerary? Ray is concerned because he didn't send escorts for Maria and Kyle and will anyone get the messages at the hotels?
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 6 . 4/7/2014
Is the end of the world coming in the coming years? Will Jake finally learn about the seal? The repetition of the dream Liz has should tell her something isn't right and analyze it.
where is the sunset is Liz dreaming about and on what planet.
Why is Dave worried about the safety of the group but mostly max and worried about max powers why? Why is Dave also concerned about max and Liz's relationship and if they are having problems weird. I'm assuming Liz and Kyle's powers get discovered by at least Jake? Shouldn't Liz talk about dreams with Jake and Isabel?
Especially if she is having prophetic dreams.

Wouldn't larek know the importance of the group as a whole and what they mean to max since he had contact with Max through Brody in Roswell. Dave used max blood for healing stuff bad I'm glad Liz was also on the research team if for anything to make sure the donor remains anonymous but also to make sure nothing fishy happened and it's good for her to use her natural skills.
Ahh the perfect rose for Liz's birthday sounds wonderful and romantic. Why does Jake want Max to go to Paris so badly even if a romantic getaway? he want both max and Liz to go because he has to be more than just a romantic getaway for them especially if Jake tried thinking he could get the group to go.
The hacker guy years later only sends text messages to max and Liz and no other why? I guess Jake's pride might be hurt later by the mistrust of not being included in on some stuff.
I thought Ray was the group go to guy for stuff but it seems like Jake is more in that element especially arguing things with Dave and what's up with Jake discussing other places etc..?
Plus like the alien trio Liz and Kyle could practice. I guess max trusts Jake but only with so much. I am glad Mac can talk to Jake about things like his memory flashes ...

How does Liz see herself in her vision? does Dave and co. Live because I would hate to see them die especially at the alien enemies hands.
I'm liking Michael compromising with Max and that he learned something from his memories about both max and zan. Funny Michael still being afraid of Maria and not wanting to tell her she can't go to Paris and blaming max for not having the heads up. An all girls trip should be fun and bonding too. Is Jake and Dave and max and Liz wondering about children or being safe? Does Dave have it in his plans for Liz to get pregnant so there would be an heir. ?
Wow putting the car into a heap in two minutes is impressive and learning a lot from Ray and Jake. Did Dave count on his plan the group continuing to keep things from them like how max and them can scan the prints and have the knowledge. I like that they are learning about their powers but also practical stuff like learning about guns and cars etc..
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 5 . 4/7/2014
Who could get Dave and why? Is the elusive hacker using Dave name to lure max to the empire state building and Liz out to and why? I liked that Michael got to work with Ray and on his protection and other skills as Ray would be perfect teacher. Who could jam the entire network? Why go after Jake too and how did they find everyone and why did Kyle and Maria come early something Ray didn't know about. Why did Dave years ago want to know about max progress and such? would it have changed something if Dave knew about the memory flashes max and co. We're having.? how did Kyle here Jake's distress and thinking he is cornered? Will max and co. Help? it must be something big to find and capture Dave but how? Who is coming to the empire state building is it friend or foe and is Dave been kidnapped and by their enemies etc...?
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 4 . 4/7/2014
Did max ever go search for his son in the years or tell Jake or Dave he is alive etc...
I think the memories getting out is good for a couple of reasons, one they know what happened and two they can process it and move on because it may have happened years before but the brain doesn't know that and make it feel as is something happened yesterday but the thing still needs to be processed and dealt and their mind is thinking they need to do it and it is time and they can handle these memories. I liked Jake's reasons and arguments about max and xan and their memories and yep xan memories can be useful and be allies and not lose himself.
Prove they are ready how Dave? for what? Wow a hacker better than Dave and eluding him for two years how? what's the point the timing is too perfect so it must have to do with Dave and Roswell group.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 3 . 4/7/2014
Is the hacker that Dave had years ago playing with Dave and the group now. He has the knowledge and know how it seems but what does he gain from things unless he is the one working with the enemy. I like that they seem to trust Ray and that Ray is making sure all security plans are a go. The hacker seems to be having his own plans by blocking their phones and network, sending text messages to max and Liz is fishy because why text and not call especially if the matter is urgent?
That tells me the person doesn't want their voice heard. If the hacker also has the signal messages from the files then he could make his own plans etc...
The hacker knows who is close to Dave and knowing susset would find things. Deduction speaking this hacker from years ago must know a lot about Dave even his past. Why target Dave because it must be a personal one to target Dave and not entertaining as the network keepers like to do in regards to tracking Dave.
Is Jesse really okay because it is talking too much and being open about things and he went through therapy. I can understand all the loose ends Dave tried to consider and work into his plans so hopefully this won't be a mistake with jesse. I do like it that Jesse is with the group so they can have a lawyer on their side with legal and money stuff. I guess with everything the group is still waiting for the shoe to drop and bad things happening because that is what they are used to happening and with their past experiences they would be silly not to think about it. They got lucky with Liz and gang but everyone else not so much including Jesse although he did come around.
Did Dave ever get the alien book translated and what did it say, was it the same or different from the one they already had.
Wow max has half zan memories back that is quite something and how did that happen and fast especially in the same time frame tess had very little.. zan loved ava okay but who is ava was it Tess or did he perceive it to be tess and such because that us what he had been told? Who was ava really and what did she look like? With the two sets of pods tess and ava were the most odd out in so many ways. I can understand max fears and fear was Liz might think especially if he thinks he may not love Liz like he does if his past self takes over. I think it us because of Liz and his love for her both sides that is making him remember and do stuff more.
He never had anything clear with tess so factor in what's different now is Liz being the key especially when she helped find the orb.
If max hadn't changed then he won't probably.
I still think they need to merge both sides of themselves...
The memory flash of zan mourning ava must have been something and glad Isabel was there and saw max reaction. I still think merging and accepting they are both is the correct choice to do and be able to move forward and not having to hold way side or another at bay. I think that is what's up with their memories flashes because their side wants to be heard and is pushing so a balanced merge approach seems best.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 2 . 4/6/2014
I am glad Michael isn't letting max out of his sight and protecting him now that they accepted the deal. I like Michael being Michael like max being max and would love it even more if Michael was told he couldn't be in the room or to leave max alone. I could just imagine Michael's response verbally and non verbally I would have to ask. I can just imagine Michael as rath too with zan. Michael and his determination to not fail max again.
I also think Jake helping remember their past memories could help to and further explain tess lied or something when saying they needed to connect and such to retrieve them. What else did she lie about? Did Jake find out about Liz and Kyle and study them or did Jake study max and Liz's connection. Did they discuss flashes etc..
Zan was glad he didn't have a choice where max thrives on choices they had a decent life on earth...
I liked Michael hovering and making sure nothing bad happened to max and not failing max. I liked Michael had a vision like max and it was of him making zan aka max laugh especially during a time where he needed to laugh. Michael and I guess rath have their moments. I liked that it's max birthday etc..
I liked Michael and max conversation and their thoughts and fears especially of their past selves taking over. I think Michael should be calling Mac Maxwell because out everyone he is the only one to call max by his full name. I like it it gives respect to max.

Yeah Kyle the mind reader that can help I guess...
I guess Jake is a good person to learn things about themselves and powers and their past and memories etc..
I am also curious if their two sides can be severed by anyone or anything...
I wonder if they are humanizing their memories because that is what they know now and have lived around or if what they look like now is what they looked like before. it seems not everyone recognizes max as zan on sight and they did hide in plain sight for years and if their enemies knew what they looked like or going look like wouldn't the search for them be easier? it seems like another thing the enemy didn't have was a shape shifter traitor because why all the bouncing around and such nasedo did and the less knowledge khuvar and Nicholas had of max and co. It wasn't until later that they got more information by observing or inside knowledge meaning tess. Why kill nasedo if he was the inside man and such and they didn't know where the pod chamber and granilith were. nasedo himself didn't have all the knowledge but knew max was king and had to follow orders and before coming he did observe the group.
nice birthday celebration...for max and nice they got to go out and celebrate.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 1 . 4/6/2014
Something I have been curious about since last book...
Khivar already has people on earth and it wouldn't make sense for him to send messages to earth and if he had it would be understandable for Dave to intercept it but the thing that makes me feel the message is from allies is the message itself and the way Dave handle been worried for the group's safety especially when having flashes and him hiding them but his biggest worry and concern was max and protecting him. Hence Dave hiding them and preparing them and giving them Jake. I also thought why didn't Liz study max blood or such because max would have done it for her and she is the science whiz. Hence she could have found them some answers so why not use that talent as well as not using Alex's computer talents. I guess Isabel decided to bring in jesse I wonder why. I wonder how much that was a good thing and what changed in Dave's plan for it because Dave told her he thought jesse shouldn't come. Wow breaking level six codes quite a feat...
No wonder Dave would be worried if those were broken.
Eight years and still don't trust Dave...
I guess Kyle and Liz have their powers and the trio's powers have grown a lot especially if Max could sense Liz already. If Dave is knowingly or unknowingly working for the enemy than with the years of research they did with Dave he would have ample amount of information that wouldn't be good in the hands of enemies. I still think Dave and co. Is a good guy. Funny Kyle falling for sybelle I thought that might happen.
Why not have max and co. Go with Max to empire state building why go alone? Who are following the group and why? Why follow Jake and such and how did they find him? What's up with their phones?

Who is coming for max and why? How could Dave send a message to max phone and is it Dave sending the message?
Who was the network keeper who cracked Dave level six codes and why? Can they trust the network keepers and what happened to Jeremy and Samantha and their time at the compound. How long were they in the compound and do they have careers now? they want away from Dave but want to make sure he stays on his side of the fence...
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