Reviews for The Cow Races
The Trinity Tree chapter 1 . 6/9/2012
Hahaha Ange! This was brilliant! No way are you rusty, I laughed out loud more than once at this.

I love how Alain degenerates from relatively normal guy to absolutely obsessively insane throughout the fic. First off it's just an innocent little wager, but then he's spent all the caravn's cash and is flogging his stuff in the inn and yelling about cows? I was half expecting him to start spouting "My precioussss" until Meg dumped that water over him, haha. Always knows what to do, does Meg :P It's just twice as funny because Alain is so decent and not crazy in the RP. Best to keep him away from the races, hmm?

I know the fic was about Alain, but you did a really good job on everyone else too! Elinor being all cute and idiotic, Jackie cracking jokes and Rox being casually racist about how all Clavats look the same. So great, especially since, well, they DO all look the same in game!

Perhaps the best bit was when Layla threatened to beat Morris up, although the part where Morris assumes Layla would want a bracelet and Alain is like, "Bronze knuckles!" is a close contender. Silly Morris, get with the program - knuckledusters are the new girl's best friend. (I wonder why we all portray Morris as slightly evil and corrupt, haha!)

This was a fun read! And I can see from Sas' review that she enjoyed it too, so congrats on delivering a great birthday present :)
SasukeBlade chapter 1 . 6/4/2012
Aww, thanks Ange! I loved it! I've heard it said that the details make the story, and it's certainly true here. I loved all the tidbits you threw in, like using my penname (:D) and Alain buying Layla bronze knuckles.

Your Rox is perfect, with his mental complaining. I love how he's a little racist, what with all Clavats looking the same! It was funny that Alain was so cow-crazy even the Fum people thought he was strange. Guess he was going through withdrawal on the road!

Overall, a silly and wonderful story that made me laugh! Thanks for the birthday present!