Reviews for All's Fair In Love And War
suziq968 chapter 8 . 5/21
This was fun. I'd love to see the next year or so sometime.
Snape is a shit chapter 8 . 5/20
Yes they have a lot to do. Snape's discusting existence of hate is still there and planning even though he's mugglefied. Lucius is pissed off again and Targeting the Weasleys. The majority of the Horcruxes. That's just part of what's happening.
It's about to get very interesting.
Please update this glorious fic I would like to find out what happens next.
Snape is a shit chapter 7 . 5/20
Dumbles has quite a thing for bad boys (so called leader of the light)he will sacrifice 10 light fighters or families for just saving one death eater. How is it possible unless he's a closet dark wizard himself. Old Tom Riddle just wanted to usurp his position. When real light fighters are not following the Dumbass the light is winning.
Snape is a shit chapter 6 . 5/20
Sniviless Snape is about to lose his Magic... couldn't happen to a bigger shit storm. Sirius and the Longbottoms are another story, with the shit storm of a healer McTavish co-operating with Dumbass Dumb-as-a-dor it's not looking good.
I Love it!
Snape is a shit chapter 5 . 5/19
I have doubts about Sirius, Dumbles will do something underhanded to keep Sirius away from Harry. At least Harry will have a nice Christmas.
Snape is a shit chapter 4 . 5/19
Well that's good for the Greasy Git and Quirelmort. Ronald missing 2 meals, Merlin what a beautiful punishment... LOL! I just love this.
Please keep it going!
Snape is a shit chapter 3 . 5/19
Well that's good to hear that they got the Horcrux out of Harry, now it's just dealing with the rest of them and the Death Eaters. Should be simple they're seemingly first year's with little in the way of magic... LOL
Snape is a shit chapter 2 . 5/19
Snape has got to help out his Slytherins with out his help they would flunk out or worse. Draco is a smarmy little no talent shit, living off what he thinks are his father's glories, I wonder why the fan-fic author's never really call him out on it.
Snape is a shit chapter 1 . 5/19
Ronald is just a little short on brains and not much in the magic department. It's the other side of the Draco Malfeasance coin. A fake bad coin is a fake bad coin. It's a good start keep it going!
Nanyin chapter 8 . 4/19
This was a delightful story. Please continue I so want to see this to the end
Harry63 chapter 8 . 4/13
Dark Lord Cliffy doth ride again and the ride has been tooo long
Harry63 chapter 7 . 4/13
Its a Damn shame Molly hadn't retreaved her memorys of Albuts Dumbass Dumbledore
Harry63 chapter 6 . 4/13
Molly's potions are not going to work out,as for Snape he will not be returning
Harry63 chapter 5 . 4/13
Albuts Dumbass Dumbledore hasn't been stopped yet. They are going to have to use the Squibb spell on him.
Harry63 chapter 4 . 4/13
Now if they could permanently disable Snapeypoo and make it prank worthy.
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