Reviews for Harry Crow
mike3308 chapter 38 . 12h
Hermione's message to her parents was quite touching. It will bring all of them back together. Sirius will have to do some legwork to bring Barchoke in, but that will solve all remaining problems.
mike3308 chapter 37 . 12h
Harry and Hermione have done a lot establishing a bond, their parents will not break it. They will just have to talk to Hermione's parents.
mike3308 chapter 36 . 12h
Dan made a mistake, it can be overcome but it will take some time.

The book about Dumbledore will not help his reputation. It might be enough to fire him as Headmaster.
mike3308 chapter 35 . 12h
Snape will be much happier with the goblins

Harry did well in the duels.
mike3308 chapter 34 . 13h
Dolores really stepped into it with the duel against Harry. There's a good chance she is reassigned by the Minister.
mike3308 chapter 33 . 13h
Let's hope that something can be done for the condition of Frank and Alice Longbottom.
Ginny coming to the party is a questionable decision. Bill might have been a better choice.
mike3308 chapter 32 . 13h
The talent drought Harry talks about seems like it is a problem for both magical England and the goblins under Gringotts. Let's hope Harry and his allies can fix this problem.
morcheller chapter 105 . 15h
I've said it before, I'll say it again; Great story. I've now read it three times and still loved most every word.
mike3308 chapter 31 . 17h
Ginny would have been a good idea for the scholarship, but Arthur is set to financially be successful with help.
Dumbledore and Snape are set for trouble if Harry ever gets evidence against them.
mike3308 chapter 30 . 18h
Rita is doing a good job of tracking Dumbledore, but he and Snape are working at crosshairs. They are headed in 2 different directions.
mike3308 chapter 29 . 18h
The duel with Master Sharpshard took a lot out of all 3 participants, but the goblins did a good job of healing all parties.
mike3308 chapter 28 . 19h
Hermione will make a good girlfriend for Harry.
mike3308 chapter 27 . 19h
Remus and Sirius renewing their friendship bond just like it should be.
mike3308 chapter 26 . 20h
Flushing potions will be the key to avoiding further love potions in the future.
mike3308 chapter 25 . 20h
So everyone had a good Valentine's Day, once they dealt with those that used love potions in chocolates.
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