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KuramaTheSage chapter 1 . 19h
At first the concept of the wife and children being property of the husband was idiotic at best but further thought reminded me that not only was the year 1981 but wizards seem to be at least a century behind muggles so it is not too unbelievable to think that such a thing exists. I hope other see it that way.
Guest chapter 65 . 7/16
Whoops, why is Parvati (not to mention Ron, because we all avoid mentioning Ron) scheduled for a double period of Divination, when Divination was dropped from the courses offered, one of the reasons Harry mentioned that might cause Care of Magical Creatures to have its coursework revamped as he didn't think the school could afford to lose another elective course?
eva.mestric chapter 106 . 7/18
Here ends one of the best fanfictions I have ever read. I understand you were writing this story for yourself, however you made me and many others very happy finishing the story. Thank you.
jamies-lady chapter 1 . 7/17
hi, this story has made it to the semi finals of the Granger Enchanted awards...
in the Creative Genius (Original Plot) “Harry Crow

as we are sending real prizes, please PM me .. i hope you win
Guest chapter 15 . 7/15
You've got a great story here in my opinion. I've read the reviews and some of them were super rude and horrible. Just ignore them. They are very, very wrong.
SSheffer chapter 1 . 7/16
Fudge is an easy villain. Making him competent and caring is far more impressive and interesting to read.
Nightwalker14 chapter 75 . 7/15
This is good
Jc11o chapter 1 . 7/15
I love this story
stylo1 chapter 83 . 7/15
killing a basalisk with a sword only to then use that sword for blood bonding. seems very unwise. good story, just dont believe goblins to be this nice.
really well written, nice time line its long but not to long. thsmks for an awesome story
kobejackcheese chapter 1 . 7/12
this doesnt deserve to exist
Guest chapter 42 . 7/9
I really enjoyed this chapter and I'm not just sucking up to this brilliant author. He had me on a roller coaster of emotions. First crying with the scene of Neville's parents then laughing at how Harry and his friends took down the marauders finally in shock with the discovery of Luna and Moonlight being petrified. I hope that as I read the rest of the chapters I will enjoy them even more especially considering that I'm reading and reviewing this year's after it was published.
AlexiCyn chapter 105 . 7/11
This is still one of my all time favorite Harry Potter fics. It's rich, and detailed, and makes for a most wonderful escape. I've read this more than once because I tend to notice new things each time I meander through.

I've recently read some of the comments. *Le Sigh* You've got the patience of a saint. Despite the nay sayers, I adore this, and I'll continue to recommend it to people. Thank you for taking your time, a most precious commodity that it is, and sharing it with us. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Thanks to you for a great escape! :) (posting here because I commented before a few years ago...)
Mannagryn1 chapter 88 . 7/10
Why am I not surprised? Just, why? *sigh*
SX74 chapter 106 . 7/9
Great story, masterfully plannes and written.
joanne.hill.1466 chapter 96 . 7/8

Just wanted to say I have read nearly all your stories and each one has had me hooked.

Keep up the great work.

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