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excessivelyperky chapter 43 . 8/29
Considering that I doubt Snape's parents were notified when he was nearly eaten by a werewolf/put into the infirmary dozens of times by the jolly Marauders etc., there is precedent for Luna's father not being notified. Sadly for Dumbledore, Luna has friends, friends who can do something about her predicament. And once the Malfoys think Draco is threatened (since a pureblood was Petrified), the rest of Slytherin is sure to follow.

I expect the rest of the staff will be delighted to see the treats that Snape will provide to celebrate Dumbledore's departure...
KirSuna chapter 106 . 8/29
Thank you for a amazing story, i loved every word. Thank you
moozga chapter 106 . 8/29
This story was simply magnificent! Manipulative Dumbledore, Harry Potter raised by goblins, and his honour and courage, his love for his friends -and his mate... Hermione Granger, who is as intelligent as she was in original story, but fierce and mature from beggining to the end... I could go on and on, but I will just write simply - thank you!
Katrina WinterWillow Ashlynn H chapter 9 . 8/28
Sacrifices for the greater good? YOU are the greater good? What the FUCK do you think your DOING, thinking you're better than everyone? Oh, I am going to murder you with my bare hands, Dumblefuck.
Katrina WinterWillow Ashlynn H chapter 6 . 8/28
For the record, this is a letter to Dumblefuck.

Dumblefuck, you manipulating, sorry, disgrace to wizardkind asshole!

I am very mad at you and I will be there to personally kill you, you sorry bastard. Nothing you do makes any sense and I agree with the Minister; YOU. ARE. GOOD. AS. DEAD. I WILL hunt you down and make you pay.

Besides, you trust Hagrid with YOUR life, but that doesn't mean Harry has to trust Hagrid with his. You can't make his dicisions for him, and it's your fault Sirius got sent to Azkaban. You KNEW Sirius was innocent and your did nothing! You're just a sorry, idiotic arse, so I hope you rot in Hell. You're not the boss, of him, Dumblefuck, and you are just a miserable and manipulating bastard also known as a Bloody Idiotic Need-to-Go-to-Hell-or-Purgatory Fucking Damned Asshole-Faced Bitch. Don't think you are better than everyone, and that everyone listens to you. Go to HELL, Dumblefuck.

I'll be personally writing a letter to Hades about you, and, being his favorite goddaughter, he'll torture you to no end.

Farewell, Asshole-Faced Bitch.

~THE Katrina Winter-Willow Ashlynn Riddle Herondale

For the record, read my story (which I will publish after I am finished writing it (duh!). It's a book by me)
Nate chapter 11 . 8/25
Ugh - fuck this story, full of double standard bullshit feminism.

"It doesn't matter what a gun is, she was right you were wrong."

Fucking Beta Bullshit.
Nate chapter 10 . 8/25
Oh fuck McGonagall's "let the adults handle it" bullshit.

The "adults" obviously aren't handling it otherwise he wouldn't keep getting into these fucking situations. So she can shove her little self-righteous bullshit up her ass and piss the fuck off.
READER51 chapter 106 . 8/26
This story is great. If you ever write a book (not just Harry Potter) please post the title in fanfiction I will be sure to buy it. Your writing is just great.
Guest chapter 106 . 8/24
Love the work you did in this book
theboona chapter 106 . 8/25
Simply a masterpiece! BRAVO! x
LovesDragons chapter 106 . 8/23
I loved it! I can't believe how attached I got to this story, nearly killing Hermione was masterful and scary. I love their family, the goblin influence, how Dumbledore got taken down... it was wonderful.
Bob chapter 59 . 8/23
I think it's kind of funny/cute how the pureblood kids (Draco, Blaise, etc) are reacting to the muggle world. Lol, the power of Disneyland (or wherever they went) shocking wizards yearly. Now back to reading
ROBERT-19588 chapter 74 . 8/24
Same Crow time, Same Crow story!

Great story by the way.
fainfan chapter 1 . 8/21
wow i like this idea, read your previous stories as it was already completed and hope this will wow me more.
Guest chapter 88 . 8/18
I've read your works before (I may have commented before - if so, I apologise if this is not original) and I will read them again. You are a wonderful writer, with a fantastic ability to parse out not just a story, but a tale. I have actually found myself pulling up your work and referencing it in conversations with my 11 year old daughter. Many of the things you write, particularly with reference to bigotry, have found their way into our conversations.
This is to state that the initial interaction between Severus Snape and Sirius Black remind me of what I hoped my high school reunion would be like. Sadly, the organisers of my reunion decided to make it a clique thing and only invited their friends - thus excluding the 80% of us who did not make their cut. Years later, reading the interaction between Sirius and Severus reminds me of my hopes. It was never about being better than anyone else, but about being worth something at all. Though reading this brought me back to being the girl who was closer to being a Snape than a Sirius than is table to admit ( I live in the US, land of school shootings: it can be dangerous to admit that you were ever an outcast), the simply accepting way that you write their meeting was well done, and gives me comfort knowing that, even if the characters are fictional, others have gained that simple self worth.
Should you write anything original, please let me know. As I said at the beginning, you don't just write a story, you spin a tale. I would love to be first in line to purchase your work in Pennsylvania.
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