Reviews for Harry Crow
OmaBlack chapter 106 . 11/23
Loved it, had a hard time pursuit down.
moi- yet again chapter 49 . 11/21
trolls and a basilisk, what's next, Dementors?
once again, really good foreshadowing or parallelisms or whatever they're called
moi - again chapter 21 . 11/19
Harry took umbrage at this witch's attitude.
Was that a coincidence or clever, clever wordplay?
moi chapter 3 . 11/19
"He could have grown up in a cupboard", nice insert there hehe
alixlouise chapter 106 . 11/20
This story was so amazing ! Very original, I really liked it ! Thank you so much for writting it and made me have such a good time.
Alejandro Arturo Ferro Figueroa chapter 36 . 11/19
I understand that you stated this is for free and for fun and blah blah and I agree, I cannot give criticism because honestly I don't believe myself having the skills to do so, saying that your writing is great is an understatement.

Having said that, I will ignore this utter trash of a chapter and plot over the Dan situation.

1st - 12 years old kids having arguments like they have done all this time with an adult mindset, a thing I'm ignoring.
2nd - Dan is a responsible parent of a 12 year old witch who happens to be in danger time and time again, and by logic a 12 year old shouldn't be bonding or marrying with nobody
3rd - Practically telling a responsible father that he has no choice over the matter of his 12 year old daughter having practically married into a goblin is really low.
4th- Downgrading Emma's intelligence is not doing any good, generally mothers think logically and put their offspring's security first and foremost. Also understanding that a 12 year old girl couldn't possibly know any better about her future with a 12 year old child destined to kill someone. If anything, both parents have the right and duty to stop this nonsense.

I'm sorry but this is the worst chapter to date that I've read in this whole site in the Potterverse.
Pixie8859 chapter 106 . 11/19
Once again i get to the end of Harry Crow. Once again i feel like this should have been made into a film. Thank you xx
Alejandro Arturo Ferro Figueroa chapter 16 . 11/19
Madre mia, pedazo de capitulo. BRAVO
xLotus chapter 106 . 11/18
my heart. thank you so much for this story. it was so long ago that i first read it—i remember my excitement as chapter after chapter was released. now, so many years later, it is still something i return to for comfort, familiarity, and the knowledge that something good will be at the end and i just get to enjoy getting there. so thank you, once again. thank you.
MissWM chapter 106 . 11/17
This was quite different. and amazing. really great!
thanks for sharing

ps. i HAD to say this: dumbledore's return to hogwarts was a genius move. caught me totally unaware! loved it.
Guest chapter 106 . 11/15
this is literally the best HP fic i have ever read.!
Hedwig chapter 106 . 11/14
Great Story.
Well Done
H Max Marius chapter 1 . 11/15
Have you considered revisiting the opening of this story...

I think a 'Harry Fortescue' story might go well. :)
KatrioneSnape chapter 74 . 11/15
You are making me... Like... Rita Skeeter. I am not sure how you accomplished this fairly amazing feat.
Guest chapter 11 . 11/10
Not really a fan of damsels in distress. Sorry but stopping here
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