Reviews for Harry Crow
Pathseekerme chapter 98 . 10m ago
This is still one of my favorite stories! Good luck to you on your school situation! (I"m a teacher, and have had one school closed due to funding, and one almost taken over by the state due to low test scoring... I wish you better than that!) Keep writing such good stories, though!

YearOfTheMonkey chapter 28 . 5h ago
This is the best story ever!
I Just Won A Free Toaster Oven chapter 98 . 7h ago
I'm really enjoying this story - I look forward to the next chapter.
Gabbleducky chapter 98 . 11h ago
This was the first piece of fan fiction I read on this site, and is one of my all time favourites, keep up the good work!
reader chapter 98 . 4/18
I have to say robst, or Robert or whatever you want to be called, you have taken jk Rawlings cannon, reinvented it and fixed things, like hermione dropping 100000000 iq points and finding Ron attractive. All the people who despise book 7 in HP series applaud you, sir, creator of marvels. I am not being sarcastic in any way, you have made your own book(s). Seriously man, well done for over 650,000 words and about 100 chapters! Well done sir!
TrisanaChandler13 chapter 89 . 4/18
While I love this chapter, you kept switching the way you were spelling Krum's first name between Victor and Viktor.
AB Feta chapter 98 . 4/18
San Juanita Hernandez chapter 98 . 4/18
This is gonna be great xD
fruitbat chapter 97 . 4/18
idk about that app but i use pocket (read it later) for saving fanfics. anyway great chapter! tho the smex parts make me feel uncomfortable
klone80 chapter 33 . 4/18
It just hit me. You are basing Hermione's parents names on Daniel Radcliff and Emma Watson. Great job ad the main pairing is harry/hermione.
DSwiftblade chapter 96 . 4/18
great story
TxA-GunFighter chapter 98 . 4/17
Awesome chapter and fine story.

Rea chapter 98 . 4/17
Wonderful writing as always. I look forward to more.
Monnbeam chapter 98 . 4/17
Great chapters looking forward to the next one.

Hope you are winning your battle with the council
Mysterious Dark Lord v3.2 chapter 98 . 4/17
So Harry Crow is going to "put on a show" ...

Oh my oh my oh my.

Hold it ... I just noticed that both of Harry's volunteers were, like him, animagi with bird forms.

So how would birds be a "show"?

I am intrigued.
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