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PantherPatronus chapter 50 . 1h
I just wanted to say that I absolutley LOVE this story! I don't usually ship Harry/Hermione but you've made them so perfect a couple it's impossible not to love them together. The idea of Harry growing up a goblin is one I've never seen before; not many writers I know would be able to make the plot of Harry Crow work, but you've given life to an amazing story. The side stories, especially the ones involving the Ministry of Magic and the goblins/Gringotts are brilliant. I love how you portray Harry and the rest of the characters. Your ships are unusual but you certainly make them work. I've already given a few of my Harry Potter loving friends a link to this story, and hope they love it just as much as I do. Harry Crow is definitely a story I will read again and again. :) PP
Concolor44 chapter 1 . 13h
A fabulous beginning. It seems that the Goblins' opinion of Dumbledore matches my own rather closely.
Guest chapter 74 . 15h
I live in a place called Crows Nest so I find this quite funny.
pedrokotii chapter 106 . 4/25
Wow. After reading that story that was my first thought. 750k words, an enormous piece of work - and it kept me there, in front of the screen, from the first chapter to the last.
I have read many works, and they either end or lose 'The Thing' before reaching 300k barrier.
Some authors also take ridiculously long (current record: 3 yeats for 5k word chapter).
None of that happened here.
The plot was gripping, original (I for one hadn't had pleasure of reading anything with any close likeness to "Harry Crow"), and very entertaining.
The characters were well developed.
And the work managed something I didn't expect.
It knocked the scribbles of J.K.R. down straight to the 'Likes of Twilight' shelf. She might have written HP first, but... oh well. Pussy incoming.
Harry really needed some class. And spine, NEVER forget spine. For this, I thank you.
The Review Man chapter 106 . 4/24
A good story but there are many things that are a bit unbelievable. One of this is in the early chapters where harry and hermione had a relationship at 12. Imagine that, having a relationship at that age and also with the muggle parents just accepting it. You also gave harry too much power. One does not really give out power to a preteen. They are children not even having hormones yet. Lastly, harry just recieves everything just for the sake of being the main character. Anyways good story but lessen the powers next time ok? Don't make a harry sue
Azeroth the Second chapter 37 . 4/24
I don't necessarily like the happenings of the last chapter but it is you're story and I realize life isn't perfect. I don't know if it shows which chapter you review from so I'll say I'm on chapter 37
Markus Ramikin chapter 8 . 4/23
Basically, you edited the whole world (how Goblins work and how much pull they have, the Hogwarts Champion stuff, the degree to which laws work in Harry's favour, even the way people think and the amount of intelligence they have etc) for the sole purpose of letting Harry dominate every scene. "Black Hole Sue" is a term you might wanna look up.
Guest chapter 48 . 4/20
This story is fantastic, phenomenal, absolutely amazing. The writing is flawless (it better be, for 700k words) and the story is equal parts adrenalin-inducing, tear-jerking, hilarious, and adorable. It's an absolute joy to read and definitely worth the time needed to get invested in it.

There are a couple things that cause me concern, though. First, dapper!charming!Harry pretty much only shows up in the first couple of chapters, it could just be personal preference but I really liked that characterization of him when it first showed up. But that's a very minor thing. What I'm truly concerned about is the timing of this. The pacing is great! Important stuff is happening and while there's a lot of potentially less-significant details and interactions that could probably be summarized or skipped over entirely, I like them. I think they're charming. No, the issue I have is that at this rate they'll have entirely defeated Voldemort by the end of third year! It just feels awkward to me that so much is happening in such a relatively short period of time.

Other than that, though, it's fantastic. I have a problem though, I ship Harry and Luna so hard that any time they're in the same chapter I reflexively try to pair them together regardless of what's actually happening, haha. But anyways, beautiful story!
Henri chapter 1 . 4/20
Awesome story. Rereading it. It is by far the best fic out there.
Alpo chapter 1 . 4/20
In this moment i read jour story in french. I like very much it. Your fanfiction is great.
Arthurdent chapter 106 . 4/20
Excellent story, very well written and a lot of good concepts thrown in to make it interesting.
Guest chapter 106 . 4/17
Just as good the second time. Thanks, again, for writing it.
lindsaygb88 chapter 105 . 4/17
This is by far the best fanfic I have ever read. It made my days so much better when I got to read it. Thank you for writing it.
purpleMurex chapter 106 . 4/17
I've absolutely loved reading this fic :D
thank you very much - I much prefer this outcome to the canon :D
It's great that you're epilogue ries up all the loose ends :D
I'd be very interested in any one shots or sequel featuring Zack :)
serena221 chapter 106 . 4/15
This was a great story. As bad of a person it makes me sound/feel, I always like it when people get what they deserve. The Dursleys and every dark wizard/witch got what was coming to them. And you wrote it beautifully. I could hardly put this down, I was so entranced by your wonderful story. Thank you for writing this.
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