Reviews for Harry Crow
Guest chapter 106 . 13h
This is one of the best stories I've read in ages! I love it! Brilliant plot line and character development! I cannot express in words how much I enjoyed reading this!
carick of hunter moon chapter 101 . 16h
when you re-read a story you pick up on little gems in the story you misted the first time
Now a story still hold your intrest when you re-read is a good sign that a story tell has master his craft well doen robst
Guest chapter 2 . 16h
very good first intro of Harry & Hermione good hook at end of chapter to hold reader intrest.
Guest chapter 1 . 16h
nice idea
Guest chapter 102 . 7/29
WOW! Cant believe I've never read this before - THANK YOU! 3 Really enjoyed the character development and that its SO DIFFERENT to all other HP fic I've read, honestly super sad its over now (
Guest chapter 1 . 7/28
Fucking garbage, can't believe this type of cliche nonsense passes for quality writing in most people's eyes these days.
deathjester3 chapter 106 . 7/28
Wow! What a great story! Well done for sticking with it to the finish - looking forward to reading more of your tales, BTW, what happened with that new school?
Fallow52 chapter 106 . 7/28
Excelent completed story KUDOS : )
mimisherry chapter 106 . 7/27
I absolutely love this story! I have read it 3 times so far and have told others about it also. I love being able to have Sirius and Dobby alive and well and members of their own family. You are a very talented story teller and I would love to be able to see how your story would look on film. Parts of this story beat the original greatly. Thank you so much for the entertainment.
juan chapter 103 . 7/25
disgastin sick lesbians should rise kids and espaslly girls
juan chapter 102 . 7/25
good thing in my story will never get a boyd he will be hit with spell that qill relive every person he killed by him reliving their pain
juan chapter 90 . 7/25
good thing in my story harry's name will never be enter anyone who try to enter his name no materr iff their evil will blasted
juan chapter 59 . 7/25
good thing in my story that coward rat will never escape he will be killed and askaban will be seal somewhere that no man can enter and no one escapes tom will not have no one to take care of him in fourth year they will be a seal anyone who nears him will be dead and his home will be seal to make sure no one enters that is evil
colormeconfused chapter 2 . 7/24
I tried to like this story but it's just not going to happen. All the hugging was annoying but I can get over that, lots of fics make that mistake when they want to build connections between characters. What got annoying was the character bashing, this is a 10 year old boy who was raised in a community of people who hate him whom he did not resemble. He is now exposed to wizards and you turn him into a petty grandpa? Where is his struggle over discovering his heritage, coming to terms with the failure of adults is never an instantaneous event and should thus not be treated as such. I could continue on but just like this story, it is not worth my time and a lot of other comments have really done the criticism nicely. In other news, a decent population of people seem to enjoy this story so you must have done something right. Never stop writing, this story has flaws but the fact you got it out shows a skill writers always need.
Aureleis chapter 106 . 7/24
Wonderful. You write in such a well thought out style that the entire story just falls together. Props to your believable, political, action, romance, but mostly family-oriented fic. Thank you for sharing it!
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