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Mystery Dream chapter 30 . 9/30/2012
please update more.
WinnieTheFatPooh chapter 29 . 8/25/2012
You're back :D And I'm glad you are out of your writer's block :)

I know how you feel, Sasori :( Being the shortest of my friends, they keep calling me Sasori...(not that I complain, of course XD but I don't want to be short! :U) but it was cute how he had to actually climb XD

LOL TOBI. Candy XD And Sasori and Deidara falling in the trap was hilarious.

WHY U NO TELL?! :U I need to know what this story is about :O It's killing me. D:
WinnieTheFatPooh chapter 28 . 8/12/2012
You're sick again? D: I'm lucky I have immune...

Pein is shy around Konan? So CUUUUUUTE! :D And Hidan is uneasy and pissed off around Kakuzu? :o Why is that, huh? ;D Maybe he realized that he is in love with him! :D

I love how Kakuzu catched Hidan when Madara threw him *Q* SOOOOOO CUUUUUTEEEEE (Fangirl-attack)

MADARA STABBED SASORI?! :O NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And it would be cool to actually have purple blood XD

The ending was pretty creepy o.o I always had some sort of fear for letters written in blood XD Which made me paranoid whenever I look at the backside of my school (people had drawn and written all over the wall, and most of it was in red paint. Eurghg e.o)

Writers block; the nightmare of a writer? Wrong. Correction: Writers block; the nightmare of a READER. I'm left wondering who had written that letter in blood D: Maybe it's Sasori? Or Madara? Or someone else? :o

And I hope you gwt better soon! :D
WinnieTheFatPooh chapter 24 . 7/31/2012
They should make sure that no frying pans appear in sight when Konan is around o.o 'cause that was scary...

Lol, love how Pein was so scared of her XD Well, no wonder... I'd be like that too... o.o

BAHAHAAHHA! I know exactly how that feels! When you say something but the other don't understand, and then you go on and on explaining it, but they still don't get it. It pisses me off everytime XD Love how Hidan's little correction managed to do the trick XD (pissed Sasori off x3)

Awwww so cuteeee! That last part when they were going to sleep... IT WAS ADORABLE :D Especially Zetsu and Tobi! They're so cuuuuuuute!

Loved this chapter. It was so...fluffy. God, they were so cute! x3
WinnieTheFatPooh chapter 23 . 7/28/2012
Sasori! FINALLY YOU SAVED THEM! But I have to admit that it was so sudden that it was funny XD I thought it would be more emotional, but the way he told them was hilarious XD

NOOOOOO! Hidan is straight ToT But don't worry Kakuzu! Moyasu will make sure he will love you in the end... (it takes one to know one, and we all know how forceful and manipulating we authoresses could get XD)

Deidara is such a cutie C: Love how Sasori blushed XD

Madara caught them! D: and you're right, it was scary o.o

Darn, you saw through me! DX I was drooling...(still is :O_) I still remember how I turned into such a pervert. I was reading a KakuHida fic that HAD NO WARNING WHATSOEVER! I read a few sentences until I realized what it was. But it was too late...The damage was done! D: (and I ended up reading the whole thing, snorting and giggling.) And thus, I turned into a creepy closet pervert... .
themadara'slittlesister chapter 21 . 7/25/2012
they were a little dumb in my opinon to go home with him anyway but the story line is good and it will keep me reading.
Akasuna Twirl chapter 19 . 7/21/2012
Le gasp! This is getting more exciting by the chapter! Sorry, I couldn't get on ff until now, I know you updated a while ago, but still! This is getting me hooked!
Akasuna Twirl chapter 17 . 7/17/2012
Hey, epic story! Your idea for this was very creative! And I didn't see it until now! D8 Aww, I feel bad for Sasori and his backround. It looks like from that other chapter that he has to kill to stay alive, according from that dark figure guy. My little sister says the 'evil guy' should die in a hole, apparently she really hates him now. Well, this was updated recently, and I hope for an update soon! Keep going, writer!
WinnieTheFatPooh chapter 17 . 7/16/2012
Don't worry! Everyone is late sometimes :D And I don't even think that you are late. I mean, there is authors that update once in a blue moon. But I'll tell you, my grin stayed on my face a long while when I saw that you updated. And it's still there -insert my traditional Goofy Goof Grin here-

I LOVE how you write Konan. And I LOVE that you even have her in your stories. Most people that writes stories about Akatsuki don't even include her there. (and it's pretty easy to guess why) but yeah, as I said, I love how you write her, because, even canonly, she IS stoic and seems emotionless, but she still worries about her teammates. (in the anime/manga, there is some episode/chapter that shows you that she was worried about Pein)

And now I feel sorry for Kakuzu :( Why doesn't Hidan realize it DX KAKUZU LOVES YOU! LOVE HIM BACK OR I'LL CALL Mr. Pine apple! (Shikamaru)

CDJKDUEICKDSUJ THEY FINALLY ARE STARTING TO BELIEVE HIDAN! But now I feel sorry for Sasori :( They will think that he was originally evil for no reason, when he was only trying to get revenge because they hurt him...

And I'm starting to get worried about Mirrored :( I hope you update soon, but take your time! But the most important thing is, NEVER GIVE UP ANY OF YOUR STORIES BECAUSE THEY OWN! Really!
WinnieTheFatPooh chapter 16 . 7/12/2012
I know how you feel about all of the things you have to do. I hate being busy, because that would lead to lack of my daily lazing on the couch and watching the hero of some movie get his ass kicked by the villian. And I flied to Happy Land when I read that you consider it important to review my crappy stories Q_Q You're so nice to me! (unlike the sorry excuses of siblings I have that ganged up on me and voted for me to go out with Mom to go shopping, which we all dread since it will end up with the entire day getting wasted since shopping with Mom takes more than forever.)

Was that Madara that was talking to Sasori? :o mjsikdcrjufickshmik;ötsckvurjfkd Go to hell! SASORI WILL HAVE FEELINGS FOR THEM! AND HE IS STAYING ALIVE! We fangirls won't let any of the Akatsuki die again!

I hope Sasori realizes that he loves Dei soon. I wonder if Dei already realized his own feelings? Or aren't they in love yet? DAMMIT! FALL IN LOVE ALREADY! I want to read some fluffy SasoDei romance ;D

KAKUZU YOU OLD (Hot) GRANDPA! You gave me a fangirl attack! And OMJ Hidan just realized Kakuzu was blushing!

I can't wait to see what his reaction will be! Shocked? :O Or happy? :D Or creeped out? D:

I can't wait for the next chappie! Update soon! :D
WinnieTheFatPooh chapter 15 . 7/12/2012
I can't describe the feeling I get when I read about Kakuzu's feelings for Hidan... I feel so...alive...And proud..And strong..powerful...and beautiful...

LOL Jus' kidding XD Bet I creeped you out just now XD But seriously, you totally kick azz at writing KakuHida. Not to mention the addicting SasoDei! Yaoi is such a paradise...Icha Icha Paradise XD

I feel sorry for Hidan, that nobody believes him... But I love that he keeps on trying to protect Dei and his other friends. IT'S SO

I'm just feeling weird today... Probably because of all the Coco Pops I just ate (and still is eating). You're probably thinking 'Who the hell eats cereal at 8 PM?' but the cereal draws me to it like magnet. And, you guessed it, I could not resist...

And, like I said in the little review below, I am DYING to find out what Saso is planning. YOU HAVE TO STOP YOURSELF BEFORE DOING SOMETHING TOO BAD, SASORI! D:
WinnieTheFatPooh chapter 14 . 7/12/2012
Omg. I'm so sorry I havn't reviewed in, like, ages! So now, here comes a row of reviews from me, about chapter 14, 15, and 16 (since I haven't reviewed on them) This one is about chapter 14 :D

Okay, so I don't know if this fact is entirely true, but most people I know, and many writers, and me, uses 'blond' to refer to blond guys. 'Blonde' is usually used to refer to a female blonde. In where I live, this is seemingly very important to remember if you want good grades in the english grammar test (I actually lazed out and just wrote blond to refer to both female and male, and I failed the effin' test just because of that. Hopefully I've learned my lesson, since it's not possible for poor lazy teenagers like me to not get the crap beaten out of them by their psycho sadistic parents if they failed a test) But, I don't if it's the same were you live, so yah..

Now, back to the story :D I'm getting more and more freaked out by Sasori D: All the blood and puppet-making...DX Honestly, for me, the scariest thing there is are puppets and dolls. ( I blame it on Saw and Chunky. These movies had caused me The Unavoidable Pain- lack of sleep. I was too scared to sleep...) Sasori in the anime and manga wasn't really scary for me (more like that he was too hot to be scary) But now I feel the chills... You really rock at making the reader get into the story :D Like, when the weather was stormy, I could almost feel like I am there.

WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TORTURE THE READERS LIKE THIS? I'm DYING to find out what Sasori is planning D:
TheBaga chapter 1 . 7/10/2012
Sweet... :3
Guest chapter 7 . 7/7/2012
Kay, let's get one thing straight; OOC when Kakuzu reacted to Hidan's wound. Still, it does seem like what others would do but in my eyes; Kakuzu seems OOC no offense xD

Pein and Konan make an awesome couple :3 Hoppefully Pein would finally know that she was talking about him xD

U the part where Sasori gives her advice... That was true. They're only 8 yet they have crushes on other ppl.

One thing that I like about Romance stories is when the two sleep together with fluff :) (e.g: wrapping an arm around the other when sleeping) too bad you didn't describe one pairing sleeping like that...

Like always; keep up the good work, always add fluff and if u can; improve on yur grammar and spellings. (Not saying it's horrible!) Also do u re-read ur work? Sorry for the critic but it's to help u get better!

WinnieTheFatPooh chapter 13 . 7/6/2012
What a scary weather o.o I've always been scared of storms x_x Though I've witnessed only one in my entire life. Which I'm grateful for :D

I found it really cute when Pein and Konan blushed at the hand contact x3

Love how Hidan was all like ''Really?'' when he lifted the anchor up with ease XD

Lol, Sasori's ruffled appearance also made me giggle XD But I managed to hold it in (had to because I was in the living room with my siblings watching Harry Potter..) But unfortunately I ended up having a fangirlic giggle-attack when I read the part where Sasori grabbed Dei's hand and Dei blushed and they were so cute in my imagination that I just couldn't help but giggle :L And again, I ended up embarassing myself ...XD

:O SASORI! What are you planning? X( Don't be too evil, 'kay? Dei is too cute to be hurt DX

Seriously, Sasori is getting creepy and suspisious :o Wonder what he's up to...(though I know it's something bad...) Poor Akatsukids :O

And now that they are stranded on the island and with Sasori's plan appearing soon, it's getting too exciting to bear! UPDATE SOON!

But it's also have been a while since you last updated Mirrored...Hope everything is alright? :o If you need any help, I'll be glad to support :D
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