Reviews for Johnlock A Study Into The Heart
Guest chapter 24 . 2/19
I'm glad I chose to just binge read the whole thing even though it's now 3:00am :)
stacyslvr09 chapter 14 . 5/30/2016
Wow I love that John says he's never been with another man earlier in the story, and now he's like yeah I was lol.
Beatrice Holmes chapter 24 . 12/12/2015
Parent lock def. Damn your good at writing
TheUsagi1995 chapter 24 . 11/16/2015
Ohhhh this was sooooo very nice! I wanted to post a comment in earlier chapters, but, to be honest, i didn't want to stop reading the story! So, here i am, (2:30 at night) having read 24 chapters non-stop, posting this review...The story was really nice, loved the way John and Sherlock are ever so slowly moving on to the next level of their relationship. I love the love and romance, the nightmares( i really, really love it when John has one and Sherlock towers over him, with his tender, long arms,shielding him from all those 'demons'that hunt him!) I adored their love making( by the way i hope your trip was worthwhile!) and i liked the slight Dom/sub we saw, even though i usually avoid such stories. But, what i loved the most, was Harriet. Even though this was sooo out of canon, i loved the idea and the way you wrote the last two chapters...!
It was a really nice story, and i hope you are still writting fanfiction! I will read your other stories as well!
Please forgive any mistakes, it is rather late and i am not dubble-checking them!
Once again, thank you for posting it! So very very much!
So, until next time, hope you are well!
harrypotternut91 chapter 7 . 6/6/2015
I laughed so hard at the McDonalds scene! I cant even deal right now...
Guest chapter 24 . 4/1/2015
This is the sweetest saddest smuttyest. Funnyest fix I have eve read I absolutely love it
Tasha chapter 24 . 3/21/2015
Great fic. Really surprised me who the mastermind was. Please write a parentlock sequel.
Guest chapter 24 . 8/16/2014
I saw what you did there. That reference.
naughtynati chapter 18 . 8/2/2014
These two are likely to spontaneous combust...they are so freaking hot. So when is John going to ask Sherlock to pleasure himself orally while he watches?
Qoheleth chapter 1 . 7/18/2014
Dear Sabrina:

"Johnlock". Have you ever reflected on how odd it is for a slash pairing to be called that? Considering, I mean, what the original John Locke had to say about "Adultery, Incest, and Sodomy" in his First Treatise on Government. ("Sins, which... cross the main intention of Nature, which willeth the increase of Mankind, and the continuation of the Species in the highest perfection, and the distinction of Families, with the Security of the Marriage Bed, as necessary thereunto.")

WingsOfDuskAndDawn chapter 24 . 7/6/2014
I totally loved this. It was beautiful. You really came up with something beautiful here.
Eminaux chapter 24 . 6/27/2014
Best Johnlock fanfic I've ever read. You, my friend, are truly amazing! I actually heard Benedicit's and Martin's voices in my head reading the dialauge, it is just a beautiful piece of writing! Thank you and keep up the good work!
VGFANFOREVER chapter 5 . 6/18/2014
Haha I love your idea linking Titanic and Sherlock Holmes.. And this is the best Johnlock fanfic I have ever read :-)
WHYtheHELLnotBP chapter 24 . 5/13/2014
thanks for not putting a part where they get old and died that is something I can appreciate
johnlock over chapter 11 . 5/9/2014
i already read this like 5 times... I STILL LOVE IT
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