Reviews for The Savior, Child of the Tardis, Son of a Mad Man
TypewriterGirl13 chapter 14 . 11/1
Everything about Jack and Salazar is perfect.
Mechconstrictor chapter 24 . 10/29
Great story so far and I look forward to reading more.
Keronshara chapter 24 . 10/27
This story is interesting so far. I look forward to future updates.
Keronshara chapter 14 . 10/25
Error: Jack met Harry when he was about 2 years old (Harry still being at an age where he didn't mind being held), the Doctor had being raising Harry for almost a year at the point Jack met up with them (Harry being just over a 1 year old when the Doctor got him from Dumbledore). Harry was a little older than 3 when the Olympians screwed with his magic, mind, & body (so Jack had been with Harry & the Doctor for about a year before the run in with Zeus & co.).
Keronshara chapter 12 . 10/24
The last Doctor Harry shifted to was described as having reddish, slightly blonde hair. The Doctor has never had red hair yet. (You also referenced this in your earlier chapters when Harry's magic gave the Doctor doctor orange hair). Since the Doctor hasn't ever been a ginger yet, then the Doctor Harry last shifted to had to have been a future regeneration of the Doctor, as such the Doctor would have known who Harry was, just like the 11th Doctor did.
Keronshara chapter 10 . 10/24
Error: Last chapter Harry was only 5 years old. This chapter you are having him be 7 or 8 years old, but only a couple weeks, a month at most, have passed in Harry's experience, so Harry is still only 5 years old.
starstrike141 chapter 6 . 10/19
i'm loving it, wish you'll write more.
Lee chapter 12 . 10/12
Didn't the Doctor say in the earlier chapters that he had never been a ginger? Doe's red-blonde even count?
JMLuna chapter 24 . 10/12
The worlds are so well blended I'm amazed and so glad to have found this story. I can't wait to see how Harry hits Diagon Alley. And I can't wait to see how Harry and Hermione interact considering Hermione might be the only one who'd get anywhere near Harry in intelligence, curiosity, and excitement about learning. I wonder if Ron is going to find out that Hermione could have died because of his mean words. Since that and Harry was basically the only reason he and Hermione became friends. I hope he gets some semblance of punishment. It always annoyed me he got away with being so mean. How else is he supposed to learn its wrong if there are no consequences.

Also, will we be seeing Jenny sometime in the future?
LadyTygerEyez chapter 24 . 10/7
I am thoroughly in love with this story. I can see it all happening in my mind's eye. You've done a fantastic job with this. Kudos and thumbs up!

Thank you for sharing this story, and I look forward to the next installment. I have a feeling that the wizards for world isn't gonna know what hit it. Here comes Hurricane Harry - a Category-5 storm. :)
franky figgs chapter 24 . 10/5
Please please please update soon. Ive read this entire store in a week. I love it. And I really hope you get back to it.
Archleone chapter 24 . 9/24
It is time for you to update.
talimenios791 chapter 24 . 9/23
This story is wonderful, I love it so much.
Guest chapter 24 . 9/16
More chapters please great job with the story it actually matcha doctor who
daracorey chapter 17 . 9/15
Not sure when this particular chapter was written (and I should start that I love what you are doing so far) but doesn't the doctor have one regeneration counting his metacrisis and the war doctor? Otherwise I didn't notice anything, again wonderful job and thanks for writing : )
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