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tchoubidou chapter 33 . 6/27
J'adore, même si je suis nulle en anglais et que je doive passer par la traduction google. J'attends avec impatience le prochain chapitre, cette fic est addictive. Bravo !
Rinadarling chapter 33 . 6/23
Great dialogues! :D Thank you for sharing your story! Hope you have a great summer with many relaxing moments!
sorrowsown chapter 33 . 6/24
im all caught up now! i love they Snapes' dynamic . i hope things start getting better for our dear potions master, his employers dont seem too pleased with him and that does not bode well for him.
Lady Genie Louise chapter 33 . 6/22
Fantastic, story so glad you are back. Severus and Hermione are so well written, Cannot wait to see what happens next
Guest chapter 33 . 6/14
So happy this is back! Loved the chapter.
Elliania chapter 33 . 6/15
almost missed this chapter! glad i didnt!

the banter was fantastic! between lucius and severus but mostly between wizard and wife haha. loved it. loved the scene at the griffindor table! i love that not only hermione cannot deny anything too vividly for she is supposedly married to her soulmate, but also that her own mind made her blush which was confirmation enough for her peers, which was hilarious! that kiss and the glitch ginny saw in severus was perfect!

im wary of dumbledore. and that severus is showing too much just how much he cares for his young wife. something is about to happen i just know it.

cannot wait for more. this is such a great story, fake marriage and forced proximity done at their best! thank you for sharing and not giving it up

AliasTesin chapter 33 . 6/14
The continuation of these last chapters is simply delicious! Irony and a hint of anxiety, effective pauses and meaningful speeches. Interesting, really interesting!
Bea chapter 33 . 6/11
I was so excited to see this that I read it immediately rather than falling back asleep for a few more hours; the highest level of praise I can give.

- “made his gut churn faster” - Of course, it wouldn’t be a Severus POV scene if he didn’t have at least one attack of conscience. Silly man.
- “I have gifted you hours of living vicariously through my escapades” A dubious honour, to be sure.
- Speaking of things being raised … I am once again begging the fic rating doesnt jump to M. Severus isn’t the only one being tortured here. Soooo much tension.
- “Everything that comes from me is rich” Lol Lucius is such a prat.
- I don’t expect anything close to BTH’s level of angst, but I’m wondering if Voldie will become suspicious of Severus’ feelings, as Lucius warned he might?
- Jealous Hermione, my beloved! Love when she is trying to be sensible but can’t entirely suppress her feelings.
- “with True Love surging beneath his wings.” Cackling, such a cheesy line. Severus would be horrified.
- You do enjoy torturing the Malfoy’s, don’t you? (I love it). I’ll be interested to see if Severus can bring himself to sabotage their relationship, especially as his own ‘marriage’ blooms.
- Oh Severus, always projecting your own issues and hurting other people in the process. If only he was sensible enough to go and apologise.
- I like to think Hermione might help him devise an antidote to the regenerative potion. It would be nice to see her work on an *actual* master’s level potion.
- Severus’ anxiety attack and suicidal ideation are so well done, especially the way he pulls himself out of it by reminding himself of his duty. Very true to character.
- Loved the great hall scene! Seamus is hilarious. Poor Hermione, very wrong of her peers to intrude on her private life, I guess. But so fun for us. Really cleverly woven with her internal monologue. And what I wouldn’t give for some office action ….
- “Given the whole Death Eater thing …” Lol what an understatement.
- Harry and Ron need pull their heads out their arses, stat.
- I think I like Laria. She seems like a sensible, intelligent, compassionate witch. In fact, I almost wonder whether she’ll connect with Hermione at all (what better way to quash the rumours than appear with his wife?)… and perhaps reveal something about Severus’ youth? *cough* Lily *cough*
- And if not her, Albus is starting to get rather miffed about Severus’ shifting priorities. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lets something slip to Hermione.
- Will Hermione have to be present at the house meeting? Poor girl.
- ‘Lucius Malfoy oyster fest’ Lmao I love it.
- Very cleverly manoeuvred with the tea invitations. You can see why he’s a Slytherin.
- Severus is so protective of her now, and he doesn’t even know it. From Laizment, and Dumbledore. I’m melting. I can’t wait to see his increased tension with Albus if he keeps neglecting his spyly duties.

I’ll be excited to see Laria’s press response. And if Hermione goes to any tea parties. And of course, Sirius is still looming over the plot.

Thank you for another great chapter! I also hope you get lots of time to write but , more importantly, that you enjoy your summer!

PS: Congrats for hitting the twelfth anniversary of this fic (and thirteenth for BTH!) Your dedication is astounding, and I’m extremely thankful that you’re still bringing us so much joy with your updates.
Gingerstorm101 chapter 33 . 6/10
I'm surprised Severus didn't put the balm on himself, but that would be a BtH move before a RiL move.

But ugh! I can't wait for some more chapters to read in the future! Hopefully the summer is good to you this year!
Grace5231973 chapter 33 . 6/10
Hermione and Serverus have had a rough time of it! Both of them having to put up with intrusive friends, scheming bosses and in Hermione's case, teachers. At least Laria wrote Hermione and reassured her.
JJS chapter 33 . 6/9
Such happiness to see new chapters of your stories. And amazing chapter, as always. Thank you so much! Hope you have a good summer (and can write a little more to share with us). :D
Verdillious chapter 1 . 6/10
An update :-)))) Can't wait to read it!
BlueWater5 chapter 33 . 6/9
As always, nicely crafted conversations! I love how the Gryffindors are behaving like teenagers, which they are. I also love how Severus is trying to be protective of Hermione, even though Dumbledore is more concerned with his success as a spy. Please update again soon!
Dannie7 chapter 33 . 6/9
Honestly I was so worried this was being abandoned because I love this and Bound To Him. I'm so happy to see an update and curious how things will develop further as they're now smooching in public! I hope the teas go well for Hermione as I'm sure those women have an agenda.
Halle Alexis chapter 33 . 6/9
So excited to see this update! It was wonderful! Looking forward to reading more.
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