Reviews for The Other Side of Memory
TheFantasyTrain chapter 2 . 9/23/2015
So, I was looking through your stories and found this, thinking it looked interesting and that I would enjoy it, but I didn't expect to love it this much!

Young Ienzo was simply adorable, and sweet. :) You did a great job writing him and portraying his emotions. Zexion too, was written perfectly.

Thank you for writing the more cheerful omake as well, the interaction between Ienzo and Aeleus was simply too sweet for words. :)

I can't give enough praise to this. It was wonderfully written, I literally have zero complaints. Great job!
Rosialette001 chapter 2 . 11/6/2013
bkwrmnlvnit chapter 2 . 2/3/2013
Aw, man...That was so cute! I like the idea of Zexion with the younger version of himself, and telling him to do something in the past from a standpoint in the future. It's a cool idea. The ending was really interesting with Aeleus, and I feel bad for Zexion, with his younger self disappearing, and knowing he's just a little bit away from losing himself to the darkness. It's so freaking sad! But this is still one of those fics that just makes you sniffle and smile. Guess you know I'm not a Heartless/Nobody...Thanks for posting- this was amazing, as usual- and bravo!

Sora Tayuya chapter 2 . 12/27/2012
Yup. There it was: my eminent death. However, I was resurrected just for the sheer amount of wonderful cheerful-goodliness saturating the air.

It was very sweet, in a canonological way. Which is the best way.
Sora Tayuya chapter 1 . 12/27/2012
You've just about destroyed me with feels. It is too much, too much...wonderful, excellent feels. The way you conducted an accurate and plausible time travel experiment. I particularly enjoyed the responses from both sides of the man Zexion himself. Each characters was excellently canon as well.

I personally loved it. I really like young Ienzo, and am so hopeful to see more of him in canon and fiction alike.
Ybs chapter 2 . 10/1/2012
Tokio Amarfi chapter 2 . 9/15/2012
Dying of cuteness!
xAkiraxTenshiix chapter 1 . 7/16/2012
I wanted to let you know, that this fic made my day. It was just so adorable. Thank you for writing this.
FireWolfHeart chapter 2 . 6/9/2012
Awww... That was so cute... But why was the experiment a failure? I never caught that...
Mirae-no-sekai chapter 2 . 6/7/2012
Time warp :) Interesting idea you had here, and pulled it off really well. I liked the most how you created the characters, and how they animated pretty well. Ienzo scribbling everything really stuck to mind, or how he checked up on Zexion's 'health'... oh, and seeing him around Vexen and Lexaeus was oddly adorable. With the latter more- smiiiiiles! And careful with that notebook... or not, if the data is _that_ illegible to most people ;) And the little details were incredible- gummi-peanut butter, the color green or having to read a little story. Made Ienzo seem real, and having Zexion just analyze it was a good (if really jarring) contrast.

Mwhahaha, Saïx's sarcasm. Demyx's interaction- sure, Ienzo, please don't go blowing labs around or whatever... again. Else we might get a rehash of Xehanort's freaky evil stuff and that's bad. And Axel kidnaps/gets along well with little kids- aww, Xion's clueless. Funny cute moment- I imagined everyone else went 'what the-' mentally.

And the non-omake'd ending was... okay, deserving of a sad emote. So :( There. Although Zexion might have set himself up there, with the 'won't hurt any more' comment. Darn. As for the omake...

Yaaaaaaay! Cute :D
The Layman chapter 2 . 6/7/2012
Again, aw!
The Layman chapter 1 . 6/7/2012
Aw, Zexion's got a soft spot for his past self! It almost reminds me of First Blood, only Ienzo isn't experiancing the "facts of life" for the first time.
Taliax chapter 2 . 6/7/2012
Aww, I love the Aeleus/Ienzo! :3

'"Th...Thank've done for me." Ienzo shut his eyes and exhaled a long breath, his expression relieved.' D'awwww! :D :D :D

'Then he drew the boy into his arms, and Ienzo hugged him tightly. "Thank you, Ienzo," he whispered. / Ienzo patted a tiny hand against his massive back, and when they drew back again, they were smiling at each other.' Yay, ending it on a happier note! :D
Taliax chapter 1 . 6/7/2012
Yay, Zexion/Ienzo! When you mentioned that to me earlier I thought you meant 3D!Ienzo since he's still like Zexion somewhat. I didn't expect this. XD Ienzo and Zexion in the same place! And time paradoxes! XD

"'He's so small,' Zexion thought. 'I don't remember being that small at the time.'" XD That reminds me so much of whenever I look at videos/pictures of myself when I was younger... except I'm still really small, just not quite as much... *sweatdrop*

'He particularly recalled the fascination with how long his hair had gotten.' Heh, Zexion and his long emo hair. :P

'It was strange, now experiencing the opposite side of the memory.' Oh yeah, I really like the title. C: That would be so weird, having the same memory from two points of view...

Aww, Zexion describing his heartlessness in a roundabout way... ;;

'The pose was interestingly reminiscent of the way Zexion wielded his own weapon.' That's interesting. It makes sense, but I don't usually think to add little details like that when I'm writing.

'After being cornered and nearly killed by Unversed, he knew better than to underestimate creatures of darkness. ...Or to try to pet them, no matter how cute they looked.' XD XD XD I was so not expecting that last line; I nearly burst out laughing. Ienzo's so adorable. X3 X3 (And those Floods really are too cute for their own good.)

'Ienzo stared. Zexion knew - remembered - that he had expected to see a great gaping wound where that Neoshadow had struck him so brutally, or at the very least some bruising. "We need a better way to measure and store the damage we take in battle," he continued. "It's very inefficient for our injuries to be reflected in our physical bodies. Therefore, Vexen-" He paused. "That is, Professor Even discovered a way to take damage using 'Hit Points' rather than flesh and blood. It's remarkably useful. For example, I can drink a restorative item such as this Hi-Potion to immediately regain HP, rather than have to slowly recover at a natural rate before being of use for future missions."' F&M reference? Makes you wonder about Sora and the non-Org heroes who also don't show damage, though.

D'aww, that's so cute that Ienzo's worried about his older self, and that Zexion's trying to assure his younger self that he's fine. XD

'Ienzo was starting to look slightly helpless, the pace of his scribbling desperate.' Poor Ienzo, Zexy's info-dumping him. X3

'He stood there afterward, feeling a little ill and with his ears ringing, both signs that his health was dangerously low.' Would the ringing ears be that obnoxious siren noise that blares when you're about to die? :p

Ienzo is still being adorable and helpless... ;;

Huh, that's interesting about Zexion's reasoning in giving Ienzo the coat. What did you have in mind as the main reason?

'Ienzo seemed to be almost swallowed in the heavy black fabric.' Heh, that would make cute fanart. :3

"So it has a face," Saïx observed in a mutter, "unlike certain other small hooded figures wandering around this castle..." XD XD XD That reminds me of that 'Dolls are creepy' picture I saw on your DeviantArt favorites. XD I completely understand Saix wanting nothing to do with Xion in canon, even though he didn't have to go and make her and Roxas try to kill each other. *pout*

"Professor Ev- That is, Vexen's time travel experiments from about nine years ago. I was the test subject for the final one." *wince* Even wasn't the safest scientist...

'"Good. We are not running a daycare here-" His voice dropped to a mutter again. "-no matter how much Axel and the Keybearers might make it appear so..."' XD XD XD Saix has barely been in this 'fic and he's already amusing me.

'And happened to join after I did, but why quibble about that.' Lol, Zexy sounds a little jealous. :P

'"Yes," Saïx said very flatly, "I simply stand here all day mindlessly distributing mission briefs and signing people in and out. Amazing how I can act as second-in-command with such a dull job description." / "Don't be sarcastic with that monotone when he's trying to take notes," Zexion told him. "Ienzo, don't write that down, it's inaccurate."' XD XD Saix likes sarcasm a lot in this universe. :P Poor confused Ienzo. XD

'the combustibility of an average set of boxer shorts' XD XD XD XD XD *dies laughing*

"Someone threw Xion in the wash and she shrunk!" Oh, Dem. *facepalm* That does sound like a conclusion he would jump to, even though it's obviously dumb.

'"That's not Poppet," Xigbar laughed, "it's fresh meat."' That sounds like my headcanon Xigbar, alright. *sweatdrop*

"Don't listen to a word they say." Good advice.

"Hey, Mini-Zex, go back in time and tell these idiots not to blow up the lab, okay?" XD XD XD

'"Ummmm...I think that's Zexy-speak for 'Mini-Zex can't bring our hearts back.' Oh well. Hey, Mini! How's your singing?" / "Chibi Schemer here is mute,"' XD Of course Dem would want him to sing, and Xig calling him chibi is amusing. xP I wouldn't want Xig near me, either. *sweatdrop*

"I tried everything in the book. Jokes, threats, bribes, squeaky toys-" Squeaky toys? XD XD XD

'"I suggest you drop the idea of tormenting him," Zexion advised coldly, "since he can fight back now."' Zexion, ILU. XD I need to write something nice about him after how much I tormented him in WPFF. *sweatdrop*

"Ohhhh, I get it, he can fight back now because his self in the future is bigger - well, not quite so tiny - and he's got his Evil Book of Doom and everything, haha that is funny...!" Dem, you're making yourself sound dumb. ;

"Axel!" Xion squealed, "Can I hug him? Please?" XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD *more XD abuse*

'Delighted, Xion ran to wrap her arms around the smaller boy before Zexion could stop her. "He's so cuuuuute!"' Xion, ILU. This needs fanart. XD XD XD

'"You're so freaking small," Axel laughed, going over to poke at the dark-haired boy. "Heeeeyyy, Ienzo, remember me? It's Lea, the guy who kidnapped you for that Christmas party-"' LOL, that's Axel for you. Great, you've even got me abusing 'LOL', that should tell you how hilarious I find this. XD

'"Can I keep him in my room?" Xion begged, "Please?" / "Xi, he's not a toy," Axel said, expressing great amusement. "Much as he kinda looks like one..."' Man, I just want to c&p everything here, this is awesome. I think if Ienzo talked Xion might understand that he's an actual person. ;;

'Ienzo looked miserable. And simultaneously adorable, which made Zexion realize for the first time what the appeal might have been for so many people to have teased and bullied him when he was younger.' Poor Ienzo, even though I agree that it's way too funny to torment him. ;

'While the boy did so, he opened the package and liberally sprinkled some of its contents over the expanses of peanut butter. The package was back in its cabinet before Ienzo finished his task.' Zexy sneaking sugar? :P

'He found himself foolishly willing hard to feel something, anything, any sort of reaction to what should be recalling powerful memories. Yet there was nothing.' Poor Zexion... ;;

'His father had been a carefree and sloppy cook. Zexion had not discovered until he was eight years old how odd it was to eat peanut-butter-and-Gummi-bear sandwiches rather than ones made properly with jam or jelly.' XD I love the backstory here! It's cute but a little sad, too, especially since his parents are dead now... ;;

'Chewed slowly a few times - then gagged until it came tumbling back out, put the plate down, covered his face, and burst into tears.' ;; ;; *Hugs Ienzo*

I love Zexion's reasoning for wanting a heart again. So sad and sweet at the same time. ;;

Xem is scary. *shudder*

'Zexion could not feel fear or anger. But the spot in his chest where his heart used to be went very cold, if that meant anything. 'It didn't happen,' he reminded himself, 'it didn't happen, stop acting as if it did.'' It would still be scary to think of Xemnas preforming experiments, or getting Vexen to do experiments or whatever.

'"Hello, Ienzo," the big man rumbled, lifting the boy in one arm as if he weighed nothing. / Ienzo stared at him in surprise for a moment - then offered the very first smile Zexion had seen from him all day. It was a small, shy one, but it prompted a pleased beam from Number V in return.' :3 D'aww, the Ienzo/Lex is adorable!

'"The experiment didn't even accomplish its primary purpose, and even if it had, it's not worth the boy's life. He takes everything you say seriously, you know." / "Why shouldn't he?"' Vexen doesn't realize how much Ienzo respects him. :/

'That's right, Ienzo had wanted a green one. So odd, that colors could be so important to human children...' So random and adorable. X3

I'm running out of characters, but I like how Zexion lets Ienzo read in his lexicon, and the thing about the dragon story. :3

"...Did I...really fail?" D'aww, that would be the one thing Ienzo would be worried the most about. 3:

"Thank you. Ienzo, Aeleus would very much like to hear your voice again, even just once more." ;; That's a sweet request for Zexion to make. Do you know why it's hard for Ienzo to talk?

'It was foolish to sit there for so long, trying to feel sad or disappointed or even just mildly dissatisfied, but of course there was nothing. So foolish, he would get up in a minute, yet here he was still sitting and his chest felt so, so empty...' DX That is such a sad note to leave the fic on, but it's sweet, too. I'm really glad Ienzo comes back in 3D. ;;
copycatbandit chapter 1 . 6/6/2012
Funny, touching, amazing! This story is the BOMB!