Reviews for Let Me Be Your Wings
Guest chapter 7 . 12/2/2015
I love it
kagandome then what will happen?
please update soon
I want to know what,
and who save her.
Chibiabyss chapter 7 . 1/5/2014
Those b******s
please update soon
Nightsong1771 chapter 7 . 6/4/2013
Love the story please centinue updating
The.Pumkin.Qween chapter 7 . 5/9/2013
Poor kagome
Lilith Strome chapter 7 . 4/9/2013
wow I can't wait for more chapters I have an idea why they attacked her though... *thoughtful face*
TearsDrippingDown chapter 7 . 3/21/2013
YunaNeko chapter 7 . 12/16/2012
Love It! Can't Wait For The Next Chapter!
YunaNeko chapter 6 . 11/4/2012
Love It! Can't Wait For The Next Chapter! UPDATE SOON! GOOD LUCK;D
Mystic Myra 8 chapter 6 . 10/26/2012
need to do...

ill be reading, so keep up the chapters

Sesshomaru'sGinstuki chapter 6 . 10/26/2012
Alright. I think that this is very interesting, but there is one major problem. It is called the wall of text that you currently have going on in each chapter. It makes it very hard to read what you have written. Maybe you could go through and fix it up so that it is easier to read.
Mystic Myra 8 chapter 5 . 10/16/2012
ill be reading the next chapter. this story is quite interesting, and i hope u don't end it so soon

*hapy face*
Mystic Myra 8 chapter 4 . 10/16/2012
loki and thor should both be in love with her and they kinda fight over her, but not really fight fight.
but kagome should love loki. and hor be jealous or something
that just a little idea

Jerrico's Pain chapter 5 . 9/4/2012
Oh Please update! :)
- Jerrico
heathermh chapter 5 . 8/10/2012
I'm really enjoying your story.
I don't want you to think that I'm writing to complain or just criticize your writing. I'm glad you fixed the line spacing. Just don't forget to separate the paragraphs. I am no expert on writing but I do know what I like to read, and no matter how good the plot or well done it is expressed, if I have trouble just being able to read the words themselves I will stop following a story.
Once again I really like your story, so that is why I hope my suggestions are not offending.
Colinodonewithyou chapter 5 . 8/6/2012
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