Reviews for Gajeel and Levy: From A to Z
Midnighttear chapter 11 . 5/17
Oh. My. Gosh. In K is for Killer, During the fight, I decided to listen to the fairy tail soundtracks, BIG mistake. I was freaking crying my eyes out, picturing the fight and Gajeel talking. I don't regret it though. Just goes to show, music adds ALOT to a scene. Fantastic job! You really know how to pull at people's heart strings. This is seriously, the first fanfic that has ever made me cry.
Its Kare Bear chapter 17 . 4/30
I love all your stories, keep up the good work!

If you're still looking for the letter R might I suggest: Radiant, Ravishing, Ruthless, or Redeeming.
Guest chapter 17 . 4/16
I'm so happy you updated! I've been following this story for a while, you have one of the best writing styles. Can't wait for the next chapter!
Inorganic One chapter 17 . 4/16
Please, Please, Please update soon! This has got to be one of the most absolutely best GaLe stories EVER, love it! And my guess for the word R is something like Relax or Redemption, something like that. lol
Rikkiemerson chapter 17 . 4/15
I love all of your A-Z fics. The way you do your character development is inspiring and different and you have this weird (in a good way) style that I really enjoy reading. So R is... Relax? Actually with this one I'm pretty sure it is. Update soon!
Guest chapter 5 . 4/14
*cough* M is for marriage *cough* P is for Proposal *cough* I love this. So much. Keep writing!
Hikari Rea chapter 17 . 4/4
Perhaps... R is for "Relaxing" or something like that?
Good stories. I've read each chapter, and I think you made a wonderful job at keeping the characters. *thumb up*
Damn, it's the first time I wish the alphabet was longer, so you could write much more about them XD
I just love this pairing *o*
Guest chapter 17 . 4/2
Beautiful chapter! I loved it!
R is for Relax?
BatmanOtaku chapter 17 . 4/1
R for Relax?
alexag0923 chapter 17 . 4/1
I'm guessing the next chapter is gonna be called relax
nagini.and.ace chapter 17 . 4/1
I'm think the world is relax.
maldita-chan chapter 17 . 3/31
My first guess since I started reading your story, and that was last year :) hehehe..

I bet its Rest.

And I will take this opportunity to thank you. I first read this story on C is for Complicated. I feel in love with president Gajeel. hahaha. But really, when I read your other fics, they are just awesome! whenever I have the opportunity I always check if you have already updated or made another fic, like This Scars of Mine, its the work of a total genius! anayways, keep on making amazing story, that brain of yours have so many story stored on it, I'm sure of that. and best wishes to your wife and daughter.

Thank you !
KatSingKat chapter 17 . 3/31
I'm gonna guess R is for relax
zoeB chapter 17 . 3/31
r Is for rest
p chapter 17 . 3/31
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