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Special Guest chapter 64 . 3/28
Read this whole story 3 times already and still won't stop xD update update update ! Love this story sooooo much ! I love EVERYTHING you have done with this story... I just love it(:
Gggrocker chapter 1 . 3/25
Hey i loved this fic and i cant belive are u going to live it like that please continue u even said the name of the next chapter and it has been over a year rally update and i agree u are the best outher of fics in the hole wide world i just started writing becouse of u think about ur fans and reader dont leave like that! Peace out girl scout
Kaitlyn Chin chapter 64 . 3/8
Hey, um, sorry. My phone went crazy and post the review without me finishing it. Well, as was I saying. Many knows that's not true. For me, and others readers, u will do a sequel or continue, right? Just, know that I'll always be on tune for ur stories. I'm the luckiest girl on Earth to know and ur story. I don't have a account. A/N on the story after chap 64? Tell us what ur gonna do, sequel or continue. Remember, Kristina, You. Are. The. Best. Author. In. The. Whole. Wide. World. And nothing, Nothing can change that. :) stay classy! ;)
Kaitlyn Chin chapter 64 . 3/8
W.H.A.T?! Please don't kid me, Inkie. There says u last update on... March 2013? Now is March 2014! Almost a year! And no new chapters?! Oh, u've got to be kidding. Why do u do this? I, Kaitlyn, has wordship a very, very marvelous Zevie author and possiblely other stories, I'm very proud to say You. Are. Awesome. Aren't u gonna update? Please do. And don't say u are a troll. Manh knows that's not true.
Kaitlyn Chin chapter 54 . 3/8
Oh. My. God. Inkie (i can call u that, right?), I can't believe that I've read so much chapters without reviewing! I'm so sorry! I was so eager to read the next chapters that I press next without noticing the review button or remembering to review! I'm so sorry! But, ur are truly amazing. I know u often say tha troll at writing, but that's not true! Don't say that again. Oh, I've read In the Spotlight, and I agree its amazing. I also agree that ZevieObessed2012 is the chosen one. Her stories are also totes marvelous! And I saw that someone said that he/she hated ur stories? Wow, that person don't know LIFE. Its ok, haters are just being haters. U don't have to acknowledge them. Stay strong and stand proud, ok? Well, I gotta continue the story! Sorry for my unnessesary needed long review. :)
Kaitlyn Chin chapter 33 . 3/6
OMG. Hunger Games and Twilight?! Wow. Hey, do u like those movies? I love them!
Kaitlyn Chin chapter 32 . 3/6
Sorry for not reviewing, Too stuck in the story to comment on anything (its a compliment). Anyways, a Zevie kiss in the RAIN (so romantic) and STILL JUST best friends?! What! I'll tell u, I love the sharing session. Its awesome! Ooh, an the alphabetical thing to. God, don't even get me start on how Amazing the Stevie-Barbie-Doll makeover was. You. Are. A. Beyond. Marvelous. Creative. Author. EVER. Oh, and have plenty of fun in Canada!
borntofly-butstill-unwritten chapter 64 . 3/6
Im actually surprised that ive read on the computer 64 chapters and still be up for more! PLEASE dont leave it here i want to know what will happen!
Kaitlyn Chin chapter 13 . 3/5
... O...k.. That was just weird. All 3 guys fighting over Stevie's song. Who is the 'man' in said song. Well, that's new. I am so creeped out by this chapter
Kaitlyn Chin chapter 9 . 3/5
I thought it was Grace King... Why Molly?
Kaitlyn Chin chapter 7 . 3/5
Rags! That outfit of Zander's is from Rags! Ohh... How I love him in that suit... And, "I'm Rags."? Chic, my friend. Love how u made the ball and Molly look like Paris un-Chic!
Kaitlyn Chin chapter 5 . 3/5
Hey hey hey! I'm back again. Just started on this fic. Didn't find anything to review on so yeah. Anyways, I want to ask, isn't Kacey's full name Katherine Marie Simons? Sorry if I'm wrong, but that's what I know. Oh, I notice that this fic has over 1 000 reviews. That's awesome! Guess that 'going down to history 500/600 reviews' has gotten burst!
Z chapter 1 . 2/13
I love u ur the best writer evet but PLEASE finish this story
Brosif chapter 7 . 2/1
Pls continue the storie is the best zevie storie i've read and i read lots of them
spooksvillefan4ever chapter 1 . 1/31
Pls finish I've read this story three times already I love it so pls pls pls finish
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