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Emmeline Phoenix12 chapter 1 . 11/24/2015
Hi, this is a review from the reverse tag. Thanks for giving me the chance to review this.
The opening paragraph characterised Clove well, I would imagine her as thirsting for blood at this stage of the Hunger Games but this made her seem more human to me. How they would wait out for the other tributes to find them was expected at this stage of the Hunger Games.
The description of the relationship between Clove and Cato really fits into the canon universe and is written beautifully. I can imagine Clove’s parents begging her not to volunteer for the Hunger Games. How Clove and Cato see Katniss and Peeta as people who need to be taken out, and how she decides to kill Katniss or die trying suits the plot well.
I really liked how the romantic evening between Katniss and Peeta was planned in the story.
You could be more specific with Clove's thoughts about if it wasn't for the games.
Overall, the style of the story flowed well. Good job.
mockingjaybrandybuck chapter 1 . 8/1/2015
This story is so interesting. It was much different than I expected, but incredibly intriguing. I was initially angry when I saw just how quickly Cato got to the act, with no respect for her needs (what was I expecting, its Cato), but I love the psychology behind Clove dissociating from the act to think about Peeta and Katniss. Turning her rage from a boy who is more powerful than her, to Katniss also makes a lot of sense, kind of like a bully, who has been bullied themselves, turning their attention to someone smaller or weaker than themselves.
I also like the way you captured the nuances of Clove's character. She became more than just a snotty career, my heart broke for her in the last sentence, when she wasn't sure whether dying wouldn't be a more desirable option.
Finally, the Peeta or Wheat comment was a nice, humorous touch to a story that was so sad.
acctdisabled chapter 1 . 6/6/2015
I was immediately attracted to the title for its ambiguity, it clearly could be referring to many things, and interestingly I found this to be the case throughout the one-shot. The obvious one would act of sex between Clove and Cato, and the other her feeling 'full' due to all of the emotions she struggles with during the act. I also would argue there is a feeling of fullness Clove thinks will attain by either killing Katniss or at least die trying- there is some level of underlying jealousy there she is trying to ignore, for it appears in Clove's mind that is a sign of weakness.

I loved the transition from the "...if weren't from the games, y'know" to the part where Cato rubs his bare hand up and down her arm. I was first thinking, well it could be anything, and then the subtle way you implied a sexual desire from Cato without explicitly stating it was excellent. This scene also reflects the lack of humanity within the Hunger Games, for it really becomes a survival games were feelings have to be pushed aside if you want to survive.

The parent issues of Clove was an interesting idea to plant in the story, as it shows how the tributes really have to disconnect from their previous reality to survive. And of course if her parents end up hating her, it absolves her of having to feel 'full' about how upset they are.

I think the description of the act was well done and focused more on her thoughts, which was great to understand the conflicts Clove is currently dealing with. The part where you describe Clove's feelings about Katniss and Peeta is executed great as well, because I see it can interpreted into two ways: one that is her secret jealousy about the way Peeta supposedly treats her, and the other angry that the two star-crossed lovers still have that 'fullness' she is trying to escape.

Overall, awesome one-shot! Great work!
zanganito chapter 1 . 4/4/2015
/Typically the cameras cut away just as things start getting good, and Claudius gives the at-home audience a knowing wink./ I think this line does an excellent job of reinforcing the main theme of the Hunger Games. Everything that happens is for the audience’s entertainment, and much like modern reality shows, sex is implied and/or censored, while showing brutal murders onscreen is ok.

/Cato handles his manhood much like he handles his sword/ The sword metaphor seems particularly appropriate considering the fandom and how much time they spend training with weapons. The fact that she compares it to weapons (first his sword, then her knife) reflects her apprehension and doesn’t bode well for her experience…

/from her first pet cat she skinned alive in anger when she was seven to the last tribute she killed / This section is an interesting reminder that she’s not a nice person. She’s mean and cruel and has purposely inflicted pain on people and animals. Still, it’s hard not to feel sorry for her when she’s in so much pain.

/She turns her rage from the boy still using her body to the female from District Twelve/ Also interesting that she distracts herself from her pain and the situation that she’s in by thinking of Katniss and how much she hates her and wants revenge, etc. Katniss is a safer target for her anger than Cato, which makes me wonder how often Clove has done the displacing anger thing before. It would explain a great deal I suppose.

/she's going to personally kill the girl from District Twelve or die trying. Clove can't decide which one sounds more desirable./ An excellent ending line, and kind of sad/tragic. Clove may be evil, cruel and malicious, but it’s mostly to mask her own pain.

Excellent character study. Nice work with this.
GeorgyannWayson chapter 1 . 4/4/2015
Hallo Wendy m'dear! Here to give some much deserved love to your gem here (though it took me a few days after first reading it - you'll see why)! I'm not canon blind to HG, but it has been awhile since I've had anything to do with canon, so please forgive me for mixups/misunderstandings.

Love how this opens up with putting us right in the midst of the insanity of the Games and the consequences that it's bearing down on those still alive. One of things that I love that you expanded on in such a short space with so few words is how deeply Clove is affected by what's going on around her. In particular, this line with [...she can't even get herself to feel irritated] leads into a great muse about just how empty she feels in the face of her situation. I think she also just feels so tired of life, of death that both of those things just seem so uninspiring and tedious.

Don't mind me, I'm just rambling. Anyways!

Now, I have to admit, I wasn't expecting what came next here. When I first read the word [Oh], I could feel my eyes widen as big as dinner plates; I was like "oh, gurl noooo this isn't happening right now!" I swear I must be that clueless but dang, you caught me OFF GUARD. But you know, when you really think about it, sex had to have happened at some point in the Arena when the cameras weren't watching during all the Games, whether it was consensual or not. Sex is a natural human desire, so of course it would. This is the first piece of HG fanfiction that I've read that even dares to talk about this and you've really made me start to think about an even crazier side to the Games. I mean, I knew they were pretty messed up to begin with, but this just adds a whole different spin on matters that's making me question everything I knew, yo. By the way, the line [Teenagers will be teenagers] is such a great nugget of truth and I think could apply to many different RL situations /just saying.

Jeez, Wendy, what comes next is just - I can't even right now. It's sick, it's uncomfortable to read (for me at least), it's really awkward and I feel so amazingly sorry for Clove but damn it was GOOD STUFF. Like holy shitake mushrooms. Wow. If anything, I have to commend you for just making me feel that way at all because I think that's a mark of a powerful piece of literature. This was really raw and in your face with the message, but at the same time, you wrote it so tastefully and wrapped it up in such a beautiful package.

And oh, how I love that Clove connected it all back to Katniss and Peeta and you can feel the hatred that courses through her very veins in the words that are on this screen right now and I just want to find Katniss and tell her to run fast and run far. The title now means so much more to me than when I first saw it. Here I actually was silly enough to think this story was about food LOL!

I really wish that I could find more words to say about this story, but just trust that I enjoyed it and I'm so sorry it took me so long to tell you about it. Great job, Wendy! I'm so impressed with this!
Madam'zelleG chapter 1 . 2/17/2015
Hello, m'lovely! Definitely been looking forward to taking a proper look at this one. The HG fandom is one of those things that I usually love the fanfiction way more than I ever liked the books. Especially when Wendy writes it. :)

The fast pace of this story draws me in right away; seeing things from the perspective of these characters who feel they need not fear the others around them really changes things. Rather than a cautious feel we'd get from another tribute, this shows us how into the games these two really are. The quick, detailed sentences just show that they are so ready for all of this to be over. They have every confidence that one of the two of them will win (why wouldn't they believe that much?) and it's time for things to move on now. And I love how the present tense gives us every reason to be drawn into the story right along with them. And it's off right from the start, feeding us into the action and it's just thrilling to read.

I'm always fascinated by the dynamic of the relationship between Cato and Clove. I almost feel like they're a pairing you don't exactly ship because they're just such an unusual "couple", but they show so much of what makes the games what they are. Sex of any description makes sense for something like this situation, consensual or not. These really are hormonal teenagers who know that they probably don't have very long to live. What else are they to do? And it's pieces like this that show the serious, gritty nature of the games that absolutely intrigue me. There's something that feels way more real than canon ever did to me. /Wendy will rewrite all the HG books and it will be glorious yes, yes

And in this kind of situation, how can you determine even for yourself if it's consensual sex or not? This isn't a consensual kind of situation; you're forced into the arena itself mentally and physically and spiritually, and it's not anything like what you'd experience in the outside world. The fact that we don't really know what she thought about what's happening to her works very well; she doesn't even know the real details. She has to think about everything that's happening here, and I love that she remembers her parents. Even if she does win the Games, she knows that nothing is going to be the same anymore. She's already been destroyed by her very existence in the Games at all.

And the title drop is absolutely haunting. The general population love the Katniss/Peeta love story because of the traditions, the way that it makes the Games themselves feel normal and okay with everything. Nobody is going to be talking about this sex scene with the same level of fondness. They have to face the fact that there is no sense of normalcy in this Game. There shouldn't be. It's dirty, it's painful, it's disgusting. And it hurts everyone else who's playing this game.

This is a very effective story, and while I probably shouldn't say I enjoyed it, I have to say that it's just... fantastically done. You're underlining so much social commentary here in such a short piece, and it's really amazing. Really well done.

Cheers, dearie!
Trisa Slyne chapter 1 . 2/17/2015
I get what you mean by not consensual. Clove only gives in because she doesn't want to get raped later, not because she wants sex. And for anyone confused about that, the fact that it hurts and she says nothing completely gets that point across, 100%. Even married, sometimes I need some help getting into the mood. But Cato doesn't bother to check that Clove is enjoying it or ready. Clove doesn't bother speaking up either bc she knows Cato doesn't care.

My only thought is tbh hubby has mentioned that situation hurts him as well... so if it's hurting Clove that badly it might not feel the best for Cato either... unless he likes the pain...

I do like how Clove uses this as just another reason for why Katniss should die.
Kandros Fir chapter 1 . 2/13/2015
Well, I'm kind of confused if that was consensual or not. I'll go with it doesn't really matter, since it is barely important to the story, or rather, I should put it that, Clove's musings on Katniss is more important. The sex is used as a means to drive Clove's thoughts towards Katniss. Though it does accomplish one other goal, and that is to highlight just how much of a brute Cato is. He doesn't care for anyone and takes what he wants when he wants it. So this demonstrates that perfectly. I love the line "He's left her with an incomplete thought dangling from the middle of a forested nowhere". The metaphor works really well. And the ending was perfect too.
MissScorp chapter 1 . 2/10/2015
Hi there! Apologies in advance but I am utterly fandom blind here in regards to the majority of anything in the Hunger Games. However, while I admit to knowing next to nothing canonically about the Hunger Games fandom, I have read a lot of stories in the fandom to know that it is quite a bloody and violent one. While this piece focuses away from the actual battles and the scenes of death… it’s still violent. Only, the violence in this piece is a much different one from that found in the Games themselves.

I associate it the violence in this piece as violence against the self. Clove admits that ((She just feels empty, and even that doesn't bother her because she's been void of emotion for a long time now, anyway.)). She is basically dead inside and doesn’t care about what happens to her. Even at the end when she vows to kill (The Fire Girl) she blithely adds or she will ((die trying)). That shows that she’s lost a connection with her own self and with the world at large. She’s stopped caring about living and dying, just knows that she’s there and going to take as many of the other tributes as she can with her before she goes.

I knew right here: (("If it weren't for the games, y'know," is how he starts…)) just what Cato was going on about. He’s restless and he’s horny. ((It isn't until he silently begins rubbing his bare hand up and down her arm with his haughty sneer that she gets it.))

I honestly loved Clove’s reaction to what Cato wants here: ((Oh.)). Again it works to show the disconnection she has with the rest of the world that she doesn’t automatically get that he wants sex. And then her reaction to it shows she isn’t necessarily interested in the act or in Cato specifically. That she agrees to give him what he wants, that she gives in to his advance, is just another act of violence against herself IMO. She knows that he isn’t interested in her, that she’s just the warm body that is there and if she was anybody else he’d still want to do it. But she does it because it’s a huge middle finger to the people and because she doesn’t see any other point in saying no and doesn’t really care anyway.

I really like how you explain the title here: ((Oh, the irony of finally feeling full.)). It’s not a feeling of satiated; it’s a personal feeling that occurs during an act that Clove essentially tunes out of because it’s nothing but a violent intrusion of her body. While her mind wanders I do love how Clove compares what is being done to her (which she labels as sex) to what someone like Lover Boy would do to his Fire Girl. She ((…bets Lover Boy would plan the most romantic evening for his Fire Girl before ever trying to make love to her. (What she's doing with Cato can only be called sex, and nothing more.)). She knows that there is a difference in sexual acts and that not all are like Cato (just taking what they want and not giving a care about the other person). However, what she calls sex is not even sex. Sex requires participation and she’s not a participant… she’s just a vessel. Again it shows her disconnection from the world. She knows this isn’t right, but at the same time she never once acknowledges that she deserves more or wants it.

In all, this was a very sad and tragic piece. Great job!
Surburia chapter 1 . 2/6/2015
Hi Wendy! Congrats on SOTW.

So I thought this was quite riveting, and I applaud your ability to humanize a character that we only see in the books as bloodthirsty. She’s probably one of the most hated characters in the stories for what she did to Rue.

But when you present her this way, I can come to understand her a bit more. We see from her own perspective from where her hatred for Katniss stems: the need for the love and respect she sees that exists between Katniss and Peeta.

And it’s interesting that there are things the capitol will even censor. Though given how violence is awarded a much lower rating in most films than any mention of sex it makes sense. As long as what is shown is sensationally violent, and yet remains chaste it is allowed and celebrated. I thought that was an interesting bit of commentary.

“from the first pet cat she skinned” disturbing little detail that keeps in mind just how psychotic Clove really is. But I also liked the implication of violence to both “Cat”o and “Kat”niss.

And we see how the rage that she feels towards Cato is transferred to Katniss. And you make me believe her motivation.

Great writing!
Ersatz Einstein chapter 1 . 2/6/2015
There were some grammatical errors ("District Two, Five, Eleven, and Twelve," "it'd be... for anyone who tries," "scarier side to"), but they didn't detract too much from the narrative.
On a more positive note, you picked a fascinating and terrifying premise for a one-shot. The details were neither too vague nor too graphic, and the emphasis on pain lent the experience a necessary realism. The wink to the "at-home audience" seemed very much in keeping with the cavalier attitude those in the Capitol took towards characters' lives.
Miss Kells Bells chapter 1 . 2/3/2015
Okay, so I'm pretty canon blind. I saw the first hour or so of the first movie and I've learned about the series through cut Ural osmosis but I've never read the book or seen anymore than that. Despite that, I still enjoyed your story.

I'm not at all familiar with Clove or Cato, but the sex between them was awesome. I love how you compared them to the couple from district 12. Is Clove the foil of Jennifer Lawerence's character in the actual series? I would assume so based in your writing. I love how you said it was sex, not love making. And I love how it hurt Clove. She was clearly tense up and even admitted in the narration she was partly doing it because she didn't think Cato would listen if she said no anyway. IRL sex often hurts if a woman is tense, so you have some real world elements and facts.

You also really painted an interesting picture of the character of Clove when you described she use to skin her pet cats. That's a sign of a budding sociopath. Your writing around this point it sound like she's almost enjoying being in the Hungry Games. She enjoying the killing. But Clove clearly has some emotional depth that you've conveyed. She's somewhat scared. You highlighted that slightly when she said Cato would rape if if she denied him. She's jealous. The entire imaginary scene between the two characters from district 12 shows this. She also angry, but I get the sense that might be her primary emotion in the series anyway. :p I think you did a great job showing character depth and getting into Cloves head.
infiniteworld8 chapter 1 . 1/30/2015
This was similar to a missing scene and something that the hunger games needed. in this storye you let the readers see the humanity in the other contestants. That was an issue I had with the original series. in this series we see Katniss Peeta and a few others as humans but the others are made out as basically killing machines. what are there motivations? What are there loves and motives ?

I think very few if any of the kids were just killers.

The characterization of Clove and Cat during this intimate act closely matches their personality .

Cat is single minded and brutal taking what he wants without caring about others. Clove is acting brutal and uncaring but actually wishing for
gentleness and something different than what she has experienced.

The skinning of her pet cat is a great way to show her mind. I think on of the reasons she did that was because she wanted to cause something else as much pain as she was feeling.

The way you have Clove thinking of Katniss and Peeta makes since when you think of the vehement hatred clove has for Katniss.
Luna Rapunzel chapter 1 . 1/28/2015
So, basically, holy shit I'm in love with you.

First off, your title oh my god. Like, when I first saw it and knew what this fic was about, my brain immediately jumped to feeling full of MAN and I thought I was just being immature and that it was going to turn out to be related to some metaphor about feeling empty or something - and plus from your summary I thought this was going to be a Clove and Katniss fic - but then when the line actually came up it was like tragic and beautifully worded and jesus christ woman.

Legit only part of this I didn't like: [Cato handles his manhood much like he handles his sword: with ease and confidence. Something tells her she isn't his first, and if he makes it out of here alive, she won't be his last, either.] The sword comparison made me giggle, which obviously isn't the desired emotions you're trying to instill in people here in order for the fic to be effective, and then the second sentence felt sort of obvious because only one person comes out and he's young enough that it seems radically strange (at least to me) to treat it like a noteworthy thing that he's probably going to have sex at some point throughout his lifetime if he makes it.

The premise was super believable, for one thing, because it /does/ seem odd that in the series you never see anybody going at it under the circumstances, and it fits so well into canon the way you described how it would probably go down, with fading to black and Claudius winking at the audience. Clove's reasons for initially going along with it were so sad and such hallmarks of how twisted her life is, although the one bit I didn't understand was the part about how this was in part her screwing over her parents: how does that fit in, exactly, and why would she be resentful of them when all they wanted her to do was /not/ see her put herself in this situation?

[from her first pet cat she skinned alive in anger when she was seven] - Holy crap. CLOVE. That's some insane characterization right there, and the moment you worked it into was just OH MY GOD.

[It hurts it hurts it hurts oh god it hurts, and if this is what that mythical act of sex is – if this is what adults do for fun – she can't even imagine what it's like to die.] - THIS OH MY /GOD/ WENDY. Like, I don't actually even know how to articulate myself here or all the reasons I loved this line so much, but it was just crazy powerful and wow and /wow/. Might be one of my favorite sentences from you in your fics ever.

Love that Clove makes a crack at Peeta's name even while she's in the middle of half-fantasizing about dating him to distract herself - that was such a great touch to show how she's still the same vicious Career even in such a helpless situation. This bit - [she'd be free to stand on her metal plate as long as needed in their games] - yes. Yes yes.

Not knowing if she'd rather kill or be killed at the end - that just said so, so, so much about how traumatized she is by what Cato's just done, and honestly probably also everything she's been through with the Games, probably including growing up training for them. UGH WOMAN YOU HAVE TALENT.
eSJa chapter 1 . 8/1/2013
First, the rating is fine. You allude to plenty and it's more than enough to justify the rating.

I don't know why this wasn't hinted at or mentioned in the books, it's obvious that it would happen and the way you portray the events not only nails and fleshes out the characters but gives that much more weight to the Games.

All you really get from Clove and Cato in the books is a sense of arrogance and fatalism, but here you've manged to give Clove a real sense of person. Especially when thinking of her family, it would be interesting to explore her life before the Games and why she was so intent on being a player.

Cato is perfect, until the last scene in the books and movie all you know is he is a killing, brutal beast and his "love-making" reflects exactly that.

Also you've manged to give a great insight as to why Clover hates Katniss and it makes the duel between them have so much more meaning.

Honestly it feels as if you wrote a missing scene that was sadly cut to make the word count meet the editors request.

As usual I can't find any grammar or spelling errors, so I'll just say I love it!
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