Reviews for Questions, Quandaries and Quarry
Raberba girl chapter 4 . 1/7/2013
I've been a member of FFN for eleven and a half years. Soon after I first joined, FFN did a sweep and completely outraged many of us; the one I was most upset about was the script fic ban, which I STILL feel is completely unfair. Then they kind of went to sleep for a decade, then they started up again a few months ago. So...yeah. This is nothing new. :/

You could publish on DevArt... DA's way more geared toward pictures than writing, and lately they've been having issues with , but, unlike with every other non-FFN site I know about, at least the admins are active. MediaMiner, for example, seems to be running on autopilot, and from what I've seen of other fanfiction Web sites, they don't seem very stable; if the admin gets busy with real life or disinterested, the site gets neglected.

I'm glad that you're at least not abandoning your FFN account, even if you don't plan to update anymore. :) When I get a chance to read the other chapters of this story, I guess I'll review through e-mail.
Raberba girl chapter 3 . 1/7/2013
I really like the relationship between Vexen & Zexion - they're both scientists, more so than any of the other apprentices; they understand each other.

Lol, of course it would be fourteen chapters... X3

Awwwww, they're picking on Roxas for being a zombie. :(

Gaaaaahhhhh, I hate those stupid baggy pants, makes those boys look like IDIOTS when they can't even walk without having to hold their dang pants up. X(

LOL, I like the thought of Zexion giving Seifer's gang nightmare hallucinations to save Roxas from their bullying... XD And so cute, Zexion bonding with Roxas over both being short. X3

"The poor Nobody didn't blink. Probably didn't know how yet." ZOMBIE-ROXAS ILU.
Raberba girl chapter 2 . 1/7/2013
Hee, if this is Zexion, it'd be cool to see fanart of him dressed like this. X3

I like how the Roman numerals tease the edge of his memory.

Of course he needs a book, he's not right without a book... Though it's a little amusing to me that he feels "unarmed" without one. ;)

Eep, those are not pleasant memories...

I'm a little confused about the setting; it makes references to canon, but is it still an AU?
Raberba girl chapter 1 . 1/7/2013
Hm - I'm kind of at a loss about where to read this, but since it's not on AO3 and I can't review on Ficwad, I guess I'll read it here on FFN for now.

Heh, I get kind of a nostalgic feeling about this, your writing style is very recognizable. It's neat seeing it in a fiction context rather than e-mail. :)

Interesting prologue; is this describing the creation of individual Nobodies? Sounds like it's Zexion narrating! :D