Reviews for A Study in Strength
or-chan chapter 3 . 3/9
Wow that story was amazing! It was really well written and it captured the characters very well.
Wynter Spite chapter 3 . 8/21/2016
Aw. This is exceedingly cute. Friendship for the win!
Meatball42 chapter 3 . 8/15/2016
Loved this so much!
Guest chapter 3 . 11/25/2015
Omg this is really good
Katz4 chapter 3 . 11/23/2015
Heck yes this was awesome! I love how you did Tony and Steve, they were fantastic straight through! I'm also impressed with how you never really straight out explained anything. It was all inferred reading.
A.O.T.I.F chapter 3 . 10/3/2015
Well written; great characterizations. Loved it.
BookDevourer chapter 2 . 7/19/2015
I like how EVERYONE underestimates Tony. And I'm actually not being sarcastic.

Also, how Tony deems Steve his new best friend, and how Tony can get things going his way almost Because of his sarcastic manner.

I agree with Tony - Never let Steve fly the aircraft if you can avoid it.

Really enjoyed this!
BookDevourer chapter 1 . 7/19/2015
Steve, Tony's adaptability is among his top talents. I am ashamed of Captain America. This is sad.

The story, by the way, is really good.
I like how Steve follows Tony's orders (phrased as a request, but still...),
The fact Tony knows how to use a gun,
And Steve's ability to fight when drugged.

Thank you so much for posting this story!
Crystalzap chapter 3 . 7/17/2015
cool, well thought out :)
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 3 . 5/11/2015
I enjoyed this, especially the hint you gave about the water torture.
Camath chapter 3 . 5/11/2015
nessa11997 chapter 3 . 3/14/2015
I like
EllaJuroku chapter 3 . 3/2/2015
Does Tony end up teaching Steve how to shoot?
FenderBender chapter 3 . 12/9/2014
Good stuff. You should post it on AO3.
Smile Black chapter 3 . 12/7/2014
You know, I don't really like those 'Like' buttons, but on this page I wold really apreciate it, cause I suck at writing reviews and always using the same three variations of 'I like it' is totally frustrating but I want those poor authors to know, that they did good and I know how much happiness one little comment can bring so here I say it again for you:

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