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Nike Scarlet chapter 29 . 5/29
I am on chapter 29, but my god this is terrifying and awesome. The way you write it is I have no words. How can you write this GOOD?! I don't think I can compare. I applaud you. WELL DONE! And now I'll go back to reading... *hums happily*
anaisntonfire chapter 53 . 5/12
Ooohhhkaaaayyy... First of all, let me say this - this story is a mindfuck and a half! Since the beginning, since the very beginning, I was trying to solve the mystery of what the actual fuck was going on. I came close. I came so damn close. I saw some things coming - consciously or not - and others didn't even cross my mind as a stray thought. As more and more of Wonderland was revealed my brain went full-on analytical-mode. Long story short, I ended up being awake at 5am reading this and contemplating existence, mortality, reality, 'mind', 'self' etc., even though later I had to run 300 meters or I wouldn't graduate (I slayed it, btw; turns out, sleep isn't that important). As I'm writing this, my maths teacher is going on and on about the Pythagorean theorem and I should probably pay attention but your story is too awesome for me to care right now and I wanna finish this review before I forget how I feel about it. How do I feel? Well, like I said, this is a mindfuck and a half, so it feels like someone deep-fried my brain cells and then lat me wander around Wonderland.
I love your writing style, it's detailed and interesting and makes me wanna read more and more. I love that ending because it seems very fitting even though the other one you put in this not-chapter is equally so. Basically, my mind is blown as to how you came up with all of this. This was a really wild ride that I'm glad I got onto. Thank you for writing this. Even though, I probably won't read the sequel... Or if I do, it certainly won't be right away. My brain has had enough psychological horror and mind games for a while, thank you very much. I'll probably come back to read it when I run out of things to read, which happens way too often...
Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. This got quite lengthy, I think.
Ana, Out
anaisntonfire chapter 21 . 5/11
Oooh look. Psychological torture. Just when you think you can't possibly hate someone any more and then it gets thrown into the mix! Hahaha... Ha... Haa... ...
*Please excuse is, we seem to be experiencing technical problems. We will return once Ana has stopped imagining the 1001 ways she could make Hare DIE*
Angellious79 chapter 52 . 3/29
Like, my 6th or 7th time reading this fic over and over again. Well done, your first story reached 1000 reviews. That's not something many can boast about.
Jay chapter 53 . 3/14
Okay, so I read all of this again. for the second time. and I'm so, so, in love with your AU and EVERYTHING despite the fact that I usually abhor stories with too much gore or shit. But yeezus this fic is so GOOD.

I was wondering, though: what happened to the sequel and Sing? This story is several years old (so I'm kinda hesitant in sending this review) but I'm thirsty for more of this AU xD The teasers you have at the end here are amazing!

I'm not signed in but you can reach me at . Thank you in advance if you do decide to reply.
her chapter 1 . 2/21
Ooo! I forgot to mention ( happens when i don't review a fic immediately after i finish reading it) that i loved that fear mantra ace used. I kno u borrowed it from Dunes but it still fit perfectly! I repeated it aloud a few times ćuz it sounded nice
her chapter 1 . 2/21
I'll admit it. I had forgotten about this fic for ages. I read the first few chapters months back. Back then i didn't feel inclined to read further ( as i was in a mood for a different genre altogether) but suddenly i started reading it 3 days ago and... Wow. Just wow. It's brilliant. I loved the Wonderland you created. N i loved the ending too. No one can escape whatever hare did and stay sane. I kept wondering how your planning to make ace ok with everything that happened. I expected it to b unrealistic ( well as unrealistic as the get up after a thousand beatings idea that one piece follows) but nah! Shot those thoughts out of the window with the last chapter and i aint complaining about that ) . The twists n turns and suspense... Gosh it was really really nice. I finished reading the fic yesterday. If i had reviewed it yesterday itself you no doubt would have had to read a way longer review ćuz i was just jittery with excitement then.. But i had to review. Also i am eagerly for Sing, the new fic of yours. Was disappointed you hadn't posted it but eh it's ok. Hopefully you can write it. I do wanna see your take on what happens in the void century. Keep up the good work!
calypso tchaka chapter 52 . 2/14
Still liking this story, it's different :) The Goth wonderland feel is still there, and it's nice to see how your writing has changed as story progressed. Thanks for sharing it, have a great week.
calypso tchaka chapter 12 . 2/14
This story is interesting so far...sort of a Alice in wonderland Goth meets OP...with silent hill or something thrown in. All in all, entertaining, so thumbs up for this. A small critique: which character says what is confusing for the reader.

For example:' "...we need to talk". Thatch and Marco exchange a glance. Thatch spoke.

"You know what it is?" Serpent nodded.

"...called a black widow". Marco spoke next. ...'

I'd suggest keeping what one character says and his/her reactions on the same paragraph. Otherwise it becomes needlessly frustrating to read and keep up with their reactions and speech.

All in all, interesting to read. Thanks for sharing and hope this helps.
Elliot23 chapter 53 . 2/8
Oh god I just re-read this entire thing! Even after all this time it's still one of my favorite stories ever! I've thought about it several times in the time since it was finished, it really stuck with me :) I have a really good memory when it comes to reading, so I almost never re-read anything, but I felt the intense need to go back to this. I'm glad I did, it's so good! I read it originally chapter by chapter as you wrote it, reading it here all at once was a totally different experience. I've just been sitting in bed staring at my tablet for the past several hours reading this, but I'm practically shaking with adrenaline! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I loved this! I really hope you write that one-shot sequel some day, I'd love to read it :D
emygrl99 chapter 52 . 1/15
Okay that's all trippy af, but I gotta admit that even I've been screaming at Marco for being stupid for a while now.. THINK, BIRD-BRAIN! But FINALLY things make sense again. This entire time I've been wondering how the hell Ace is a functional human being after all that, even after all this time, and it turns out you had an actual, logical reason for it! Most authors would've just brushed it off into 'he recovered' so I'm actually really really happy how this all turned out (not even including the fact that Hare is dead, which is a lovely bonus) I really fucking miss Serpent though
emygrl99 chapter 51 . 1/15
Just kill them already. Kill all of them. This suffering is too much
emygrl99 chapter 50 . 1/15
Ugh you don't even understand. Serpent's death has just screwed. me. over. Way worse than Gabriel. I am in honest to god mourning right now, I want to go curl up and cry. That sounds like a fantastic idea actually. I should go do that.

After I finish the story
emygrl99 chapter 49 . 1/15
Ahhhh things finally are starting to make sense now. Praise the Lord sweet baby Jesus etc xD this story has been a million years long and I'm almost free (assuming I don't try to go back to reread it immediately after, which I have no doubts will happen eventually) (though I don't know if I'll be able to stand seeing Ace suffer again... rereading my reviews will be fun though)
emygrl99 chapter 48 . 1/15
Ugh my stress levels have just gone completely above breaking the chart. I don't know if I'm even thinking coherently at this point, and there's still 4 chapters left
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