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Admiral Emily chapter 5 . 8/21
Hehe, cookie? :3 hahaha, this story is great! This is my third time re-reading it, it's damn amazing! This has to be the best. Story. Ever.
Admiral Emily chapter 6 . 8/11
Angellious chapter 53 . 7/21
YES I'M THE 1000th REVIEWER! I appreciated all that you wrote- it proved to be long and interesting enough to keep me occupied. I keep coming back to this story when I think that the One Piece fanfics are too boring. Thank you for putting in the time and effort to make this story. Hope you make your new stories soon!
Guest chapter 28 . 7/21
According to Chapter 28, Chesire Cat- or rather, Ace, seemed to be scared of the Jabberwocky and said: "What have you imagined, Ace?" Didn't the real Ace make the Jabberwocky anyways? Was he just playing along with the Inhabitant's plans?
Guest chapter 40 . 7/21
I recognize this….you added in some ideas from Alice is Dead. I caught on when the men called Marco "Peaches". But I'm afraid I don't understand why they called Marco that.
Guest chapter 41 . 7/21
Disney's suicide mouse...
pilvenpiirtaja chapter 53 . 7/10
I rather enjoyed the story, it took two days to get through it but here I am at the end. This made me very curious about Marco's backstory, it seems rather interesting.
Did you intentionally kinda quote Gandalf when Serpent was dying? I mean seriously I almost threw my laptop off because that was such a big 'fuck you' in my book I couldn't believe it. For that, if it was indeed intentional, I'd like to say thank you for the additional pain YOU SATAN
Onmoraki chapter 48 . 6/21
This is so awesome! Greatly written chapters and awesome plot. (Btw. Did you know 'Hare' is Rabbit in Swedish? ) Thank you for writing this. Its awesome ㅠ.ㅠ
Frostyfall chapter 53 . 6/11
This story is so fucked up, I can't even begin to tell you, but I'm sure you already know. Normally I don't read fucked up stuff like this but NOoOO I just had to read it.
Stella chapter 3 . 6/4
I'm amazed. I usually write a review after I read the whole story, but this is a new take on my favorite One Piece characters. I am really intrigued. I can't wait to finish this. Also, this might be an absurd question, but is their any male pairings or romance? I apologize if I have insulted or offended you in any way. Please continue.
Angellious chapter 32 . 5/12
So...did Serpent know nothing about Chesire being Ace? I think Serpent represented the humanity that Ace once had before the Inhabitants turned him into Chesire. I'm just slightly confused by Chesire.
After the Q and As, comes the praise.
Kill the Rabbit is a true horror masterpiece that didn't end happily, but ended like real life should. I enjoyed reading this a lot. It's one of the good stories that come in Fanfiction. (unfortunately, there aren't a lot of those stories) Your story is one of a kind. I like it! Thank you.
Out in the Sticks chapter 53 . 5/8
Hello. I have finally reached the end of the story. And I must say, I have a lot of points to cover.

First of all, my first impression of the story was, quite literally, nothing. Why, you ask. It's most definitely because of the summary. There was basically nothing to ponder on except for the title, the rating and the words in the summary: less than friendly. The only reason I decided to read this story is because it was in the horror genre, which is intriguing and probably a lot better than most stories I will ever come across. Did you fulfill this impression of mine? That, you will find out the more you read.

Second, the canon characters were in character and at the same time, they're not. Again, why? Allow me to elaborate. Let's first start off with the main character, Ace. Ace was definitely Oda's Ace: protective, very conscious and insecure of his lineage, and self-loathing. Except here, he was not strong physically or Devil Fruit wise. He was not even strong mentally! The strength I am talking about comes from his imagination, creativity and insanity. Basically, I am talking about Wonderland, both twisted and not, and its inhabitants, planted or not.

Following "Inside Ace's Mind", we see Luffy. Luffy was definitely in character, hands down. Next comes, Makino, who was also in character, and again, kudos. After her is Shanks and the Red Hair pirates. I don't have any complaints about him or his crew except for the fact they took too goddamned long to find Ace. I get that it's part of the storyline but it was just...baffling. They were in the same island Ace was in, no? So, why, if I may ask, dear authoress? Why were they late in saving Ace? I don't think Shanks would stay in the shadows when Ace was literally being dragged away from safety. Away from his family.

Moving on. We arrive at the Whitebeard pirates' ship, Moby Dick. Let's start of with the captain, Edward Newgate, also known by Whitebeard (even though he actually sports a white mustache). He, as deduced from the manga and anime, is protective of his family and the islands under his control. He, as shown in the manga when he fought Shanks, is very stubborn and too proud of his powers and position to actually listen to anyone else besides himself, no matter how beneficial it would be to him or his crew. You got him right except for one teensy whittle bit. He was weak here and he never got the chance to show just exactly why he was called "the most powerful man and the closest to obtaining One Piece" in this story. How sad.

...Well, except for the part where he, despite Marco dying a few meters away, decided to defeat Mr. Savage alone. That should have redeemed him but nooooo, despite that amount of resolve and fury, he didn't win. Also, was he always that stupid and naive? I don't think so. Even if what the inhabitants of Wonderland said to him were just taunts to get him to fall for the traps they have set, I highly doubt he would get tricked that easily. Shouldn't he have been more careful knowing it was his children's lives on the line? No matter the reason, even if it were the truth, I doubt Whitebeard is stupid. He wouldn't be the strongest and most powerful man if he were stupid, would he? He was so bad ass in the Marineford Arc. What have you done to him? ;_;

Marco, poor poor Marco, was also very in character. Laid back, analytical and composed are the traits I have seen in him in here and the manga/anime itself. There are many moments in the story that I absolutely adored: 1) when Marco told Whitebeard to "win", 2) when he, mentally, stayed with Serpent while she took her last breath, and 3) when he tried his hardest to keep Ace away from Edward Hare. Those totally redeemed him as the big brother everyone looked up to. ...Except, he was hated-not-exactly-hated by Ace-not-Ace in the end, which severely upset me. Didn't he prove himself enough that he was Ace's family and definitely not someone who would wish him harm despite the fact he told Hare about Luffy only because he didn't think Hare was the enemy? Again, like Whitebeard, he kicked so much ass in the war yet you made him look like he was nothing. T_T

Thatch was absolutely the light-hearted, friendly and jovial cook that I came to know and love, in the fanfictions anyway. He was definitely in character. However, you have added some things that made him not Thatch anymore, like his fear of being alone in the dark and how he couldn't seem to stomach the horrors of Wonderland. I know they were, indeed, horrifying but he was supposed to be better than that! He's the Fourth Division Commander, for Pete's sake! And his fear is totally unexpected, which made him not Thatch anymore in my mind.

Jozu was also in character. I really don't know if he's like that but his reaction to hurting younger Ace, still one of his brothers, was definitely what I think anyone of them would have, despite who it is in Whitebeard's crew. However, I think it was a bit too much. I think he would've been more emotionally stable than that. Sure, he hurt Ace but it was entirely unintentional, was it not? So why was he so fucking down?! Which, may I remind you, led to him being tricked by Queen. During the time Whitebeard and co. were in Wonderland, they were being attacked, right? Isn't there a high chance an inhabitant would come looking like Ace in whatever age, albeit slightly altered? And wouldn't that mean one of them would figure it out and, since it's too dangerous to go out, tell the others through their transponder snails? Besides, he's also one of the commanders, which meant he should be level-headed enough to know it wasn't his fault. He was only trying to help, albeit failing wondrously, but that was only because Ace DIDN'T tell them he was oh-so-fucked-up, in every sense of the word.

Okay, that's about it for the in depth review of each of the canon characters. As I have said at the beginning, they are also NOT in character because they weren't actually Oda's characters anymore. You shone them under such a whole new different light that I hardly recognize them as Oda's. If they were, they were supposed to kick ass, to instill fear in their opponents' hearts and come out victorious. Obviously, they didn't. Thus, they're not Oda's. They were weak and powerless. They weren't dependable. They failed. They didn't really save Ace in the end. They are, in a sense, your characters now because Oda's would never be like that. They. Kick. Ass.

Wonderland and its inhabitants come third. Wonderland and its inhabitants, before and after, are absolutely terrific. I just love how horrifying they are, even before they broke. Remember how the Red Queen and the White Rabbit changed when Ace took out the key from his pocket? Amazing! The change was instantaneous that it left me stunned and speechless. It was horrific and beautiful all at the same time even when the Jabberwocky appeared and tore the White Rabbit's arm that one time when Ace was in the Rose Garden. I was also shocked and couldn't believe my eyes when the men and women attending the banquet Marco and Thatch were watching tore out their faces! I stopped reading for a few seconds. With wide eyes, I realized it was the truth and kept reading. That was perfectly astounding! I wouldn't even know you were new to the ever gory horror genre if you didn't explicitly say so. Congrats! The gore was absolutely magnificent, if not a little disgusting and unnerving.

The character representation also falls under this bullet. Although I do not remember who exactly represents what, I assure you that it was as much intriguing and interesting as the horror, if not more. At first, I thought Dormouse represented innocence. I also wondered why the hell the March Hare was like that. The March Hare was innocence, right? And the Dormouse was trust, if I remember correctly. So I guess that explains it. *shrugs*

Regarding who Mr. Savage is, I actually initially thought it was either the March Hare or the White Rabbit. Again with the never ending question of why. It was actually because when I was first trying to figure out who he was, guess where I turned to? :) I turned to two things: 1) Edward Hare's name and 2) the title. That kind of gives everything away, doesn't it? It was March Hare first because of his last name and the title kind of suggests the White Rabbit. Seeing as both hare and rabbit are the same, I hovered between the two, uncertain.

However, that was all thrown to the gutter when the Cheshire Cat acted suspicious and hostile. Think! Why would he willingly help Ace then Marco, Thatch and Whitebeard when they first entered? Why did he ally himself with them? I could only think of one thing, an ulterior motive, and ulterior motives are always to the ultimate downfall and betrayal of the allied party. Also, the thing with "who among the Wonderlanders has blue eyes", I only thought of Cheshire because he's the only one I remember with chilling blue eyes, so that solidified my guess as to who Mr. Savage is. I don't remember if Rabbit also had blue eyes but I think he does have them because I can picture him having them. And when a green-eyed Ace came and slapped Marco, I instantly thought, "Who has green eyes?" Serpent, of course! But then I thought, didn't she already have a body? Specifically, a cat's body? So, I quickly dismissed that thought.

I wonder. Why did the White Rabbit embody fear? Wasn't he the one with the clock and the one who was always adamant on being on time? Thinking about it, it's just right he's Mr. Savage because of the bloody TICK TICK TICK in Shanks' ship, which I believe and checked to be called "Red Force". I don't know about Shank's previous ship though, if it were ever called "East Wind". Going back to White Rabbit/Mr. Savage, why haven't I noticed the similar traits before? Seriously. Mr. Savage takes his time because he believes he will win in the end and so does Edward Hare. Also, he was the one shown to be slowly getting closer
Philosophical Petunia chapter 52 . 4/26
Holly shit! I love this story. It has such amazing writing and is super creepy, you did a great job in writing everything and the ending was perfect. I don't usually read horror stories but this is up there in my absolute favourite fan fictions I've read. I hope you continue writing because your amazing at it! Thank you so much for writing such an amazing story and COMPLETING it.
damnit chapter 50 . 4/24
silver chapter 41 . 4/23
She looks like a creepy girl with plaited black hair, gaping black holes for eyes, and a schoolgirl outfit. What the heck? XD
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