Reviews for If Only for a Moment
LaCoquette chapter 1 . 2/11/2013
Scandalous is hardly the word i would use to describe this, poignant and lifelike would be more fitting in my humble opinion. Despite your initial doubts I am much grateful that you chose to share this with us and to me this is your most beautiful work to date. Having loved fanfiction for over a decade few stories have moved me the way this has and even though i've read it numerous times it never fails to take my breath away and cause an ache in my chest that is nonetheless relieved at the end. I came upon this many months ago but failed to leave areview since I was much too moved and even now i'm weeping as I type this.

In this story you've created a balm to the psychic wounds of the ones who have loved deeply and unconditionally to those that could never be theirs and brought pathos to the suffering called unrequited love which in the eyes of many has been viewed with skepticism, mocked or dismissed as a passing fancy. The current generation says that love unreturned cannot endure, it is a weakness, a disease, an anomaly, a demon and writers often choose to tell only of its tormenting passion and paralyzing grief, its madness. Many have forgotten and fewer are accepting of its tender and gentle nature and the possibility of beauty springing forth from such sorrow, that Love's failure need not be bitter and its emptiness can still be fulfilled.

Despite the sombernessof this fic you were still able to make me smile at the skillful and well placed moments of heartwarming humor that enhanced the storys poignant quality. Your Hiei was so charmingly playful and tender so unlike in canon yet somehow fitting that he who was noble and honorable in spirit would do his best to ease the last moments of a dying comrade. What made me cry the most was that he allowed her to love him and call him a friend, respecting her feelings by never questioning, mocking, or doubting what she spoke, and accepting with grace and humility the gift of her unselfish love.

It was awe inspiring Genkai's magnanimity in forgiving hiei for never loving her the way she wished and herelf for continuing on loving him, content to fill in with friendship what love left empty and seeking not to destroy what was good, and beautiful inside of her thru pride and anger. Thus ultimately she heals herself from her life's wounds and failures by honoring her souls desire to forgive and love without condition.

To the eternal she travels with love inside her heart and friendship by her side with happiness leading the way.

Thank you this was perfect.
AlyssaLies28 chapter 1 . 7/2/2012
This story was so heartwarming! You write very fluidly; everything flows together to form the most vivid scene in my head. There's just the right amount of detail, while still leaving enough room for the reader to plug in their own experiences with the world. Makes for an incredibly captivating story. I've always held the belief that Hiei is more attuned to humanity, and its emotions, than he leads everyone to believe. I've never thought of this pairing before, but Hiei and Genkai just seem so tender with each other. Beautiful job!
Just 2 Dream of You chapter 1 . 6/8/2012
I...just...died a little inside...from jealousy. I've always liked the idea of Hiei/Young Genkai. I thought I was alone! Guess not, lol. This was wonderful. Favs.