Reviews for The Rise of a Dark Lord
maiqsmail chapter 11 . 8/29/2023
Finally Tom is here, took him only few years.
maiqsmail chapter 6 . 8/28/2023
Moldypants wetting his mouldy pants and salivating turban seeing twink femboi shota? Sign me the heck up.
maiqsmail chapter 3 . 8/28/2023
Hat: "I can't reveal student's secret after his sorting"
Also hat: (Proceeds to deliver personal psychological dossier on said student)
Katherine-Alvers chapter 21 . 8/21/2023
Sometimes I go back and reread this fanfic and lament over what could have been. But even unfinished this is by far one of my fave fics! Thanks for the incredible entertainment 3
DeiOlympi chapter 8 . 8/6/2023
It sounds like any Tom, Dick and Harry can become a dark lord...
Mamy 83 chapter 22 . 7/29/2023
Pourquoi les meilleures histoires ne sont jamais terminées, c’est assez frustrant de se dire qu’on ne connaîtra probablement jamais la fin. Dommage
Matheus chapter 22 . 7/25/2023
Shadowgirl246 chapter 21 . 7/21/2023
Hey there! I wanted to know if you would be continuing this story! I’ve been re reading it since it was last updated because of how obsessed I am with the characters, the story, the development, and obviously Tom and Harry’s relationship! You’re such an amazing writer and I really hope you continue!
ArkhCthuul chapter 1 . 7/21/2023
Hmmm, very half n half start.

Good atgmo, but Dumbledore effectively telling Harry voldy is alive and HANDING HIM HIS GRINGOTTS Key is not something eho thinks he's talking to Tom riddle 2 would ever do.

So, either he has dominated both professors, or you made an error or your Dumbledore is demented and your Snape already befuddled enough not to notice...
Fanonepiece chapter 22 . 6/28/2023
Hello or good evening?
Just a quick note to say that I love your story, and I can't wait to see how Harry and Tom (and their alliance) develop, and also how everyone else reacts.
I hope there will be a sequel in the meantime I'll be reading your other stories .
Good bye !
Ningyouin chapter 22 . 6/1/2023
Hello, I am the one who got astonished from your fic
ehehe, and more than happy that the story ended there, cuz we may think of the cruelty of Lords and fierce war with Phoenix.

Afterall, Dumbledore isn't a fool or he wouldn't be able to oppose Grindewald or Volan-de-Mort, also, he has experience of such situations. In my opinion, it wouldn't take much time for him to realize. Multiple reactions of Severus would give him a hint, as well as Bill Wisley... Also, Persie, I'm sure, is to be revealed to be dead.

I have some questions...
What about the rat? Why did Luna help Tonks? Will Tom make Harry immortal or would Harry be against of this? And if how would Harry act when all of his nearest and dearest Ouroboroses die?

Ehe, I would be happy if there was extra about after-war times... just 2-3 pages of what their life became... may it be a tragedy or may it be the happy end... but it's okay if there isn't. Afterall, at least 2 years passed

my disc: Банеро#1983
Baelorfan chapter 4 . 5/16/2023
I rather like tgis Harty even though he has tortured Muggle orphabs at the only bwcause they hurt him and his possessions, including a pet snake. He has a rather dry sense of humor and a passion for knowledge but also interest in practical applucations. I can see this Harry picking up and using Household charms, industrial or manufacturing charms and so forth.
Sapphire Paire chapter 22 . 4/22/2023
please update soon!
SereneQueen92 chapter 22 . 3/27/2023
this is a wonderful story. I basically binged this all the way through and would very much appreciate it if you would update soon. just keep up the awesome. no rush or anything but my army of vicious attack swans have been dispatched in the event that you need persuasion lol I'm kidding
Guest chapter 22 . 3/25/2023
nice story :)
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