Reviews for Gwen's Reflections
Jeis chapter 1 . 5/18/2014
I totally agree with your assessment of the situation about Arthur/Gwen and Arthur/Merlin dynamics. I think within the series boundaries that outcome you write about is more than possible – Gwen being outside of the relationship despite being Arthur’s wife. Their relationship seems meaningless, artificial and forced. I truly don’t see the sense in their connection. Not like in Arthur/Merlin bond. And your story shows the difference very well.
HeadinHands chapter 1 . 6/11/2012
Beautiful, poignant, bittersweet story. I loved how skillfully you brought Gwen's innermost thoughts and securities to light. This is also my point of view about the characters too-you'd be surprised how many Merlin fans see things the exact same way and many of us aren't even slash or "Merthur" fans. Ignore the stupid little dumb bitches who are romance fans. God I can't stand them! If you don't like their ship then they have to attack you right away for it. Talk about moronic haters. You just keep on writing, mshutt, and don't pay any attention to those who jump to erroneous and ignorant conclusions. Arthur & Merlin together are a million times stronger and more believable and more enjoyable to watch than that pathetic attempt at a romance, and that's with Arthur & Merlin as just brothers.

Did I mention I loved your story and your talent?
hopewell86 chapter 1 . 6/10/2012
OH author, this is wonderfully written and it's all very very true. Thank you for posting I really loved it and it's completely canon.

For all those who posted (quite ignorantly, stupidly, cowardly, immaturely) arguing that the author is just jealous, that this story wouldn't be true-for chrissake grow up,you can deny it all you want-even if Merlin & Arthur aren't lovers they're still far closer and have a better and closer relationship than Gwen and Arthur. Gwen and Arthur have no chemistry, and just because they say they do, they don't actually show it. That's why they have to enhance all their scenes together with laughable Disney lighting and music. And shame on you all for going off on what you want to see than actually commenting on the story the author has written. If you don't like it you don't have to read it, and this is the author's opinion which everyone is allowed to have-believe it or not, even if it's not the same as yours! There are alternate universes all over the place, no one says you have to read it! My god, romance fans are such stupid little children. You must feel terribly insecure to be so defensive about it, and I can understand why-it's certainly not believable. Now stop harassing the poor author and go read some of your own fairy tales.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/10/2012
For the record no ones homophobic love, coming from a family where I not only have an aunt that's a lesbian but to also have my very best friend who is also my cousin a lesbian as well. My cousin told me her feelings when she was 12 years old. Attending and participating in our University march when I attended BGSU, for the heinous inexcusable and down right disgusting murder of Matthew Shephard. Being an african american female I know full well what it means to be treated differently or considered not as smart based on what you are. My comment about Arthur and Merlin's homosexual relationship is an observation. I will put it in the form of a question: lets say in the legends Arthur married Merlin what would be your first reaction to find out the show paired Arthur with Gwen or anther female? Its out of character and that's my point. And you guys call us "fangirls"?
Isabellec chapter 1 . 6/9/2012
Lovely author, I loved this work-it is insightful and so very true and very well written. You have no apologies to make-don't listen to the silly, mindless, homophobic little Arwen girls who insist that if you don't go along with the ridiculous A/G romance that happened almost over night, that you must hate Gwen or be jealous of her! Bwahahaha! They are just showing their ignorance. There is not hate whatsoever present in this fic-just honesty. Gwen of the show is a 1-dimensional character, very dull, lifeless, cardboard. She is written as utterly perfect, never making a mistake. How can anyone think that's an interesting character? They turned the legends inside out and upside down to show how "Pure" and without fault this character is, almost to the point of making her a parody! And I certainly wouldn't want my daughter to behave like her, a martyr, a doormat for a man who doesn't treat her well, who has broken up with her three times, banished her and contemplated having her executed. As Bradley James has said, Arthur's bromance with Merlin is far stronger and there for everyone to see. I know this is hard to take, all you homophobes, but the chemistry between Arthur & Merlin is far, far stronger than that between Gwen & Arthur. Their silent conversations, the way they look at each others' mouths when they talk, the wrestling around on the floor while half naked-plus the fact that Arthur can truly be himself around Merlin, not this polite, careful version of himself as he is when he's with Gwen.

Like I said, Author, the ones trying to put you down for pointing out that is there for all to see are just blowing smoke out their butts and showing how absolutely fairy-tale-entrenched they are. They're not realistic, but you see clearly and have the guts to write beautiful prose on the subject. Well done, and I hope to see more fic by you.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/8/2012
I don't understand all of the Gwen hate, its truly ridiculous. I personally thought Gwen was a bit boring but that is due to the horrid writing this show seems to have when it comes to female characters including Morgana, since when was constant smirking sinister? So many get so upset about Gwen and Arthur...since when were Merlin and Arthur a couple? I have never heard nor read that one. Arthur and Gwen are canon, deal with it.

Its also cool to know that the whole Lancelot snd Gwen affair was never written in the original legend.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/8/2012
Just because arthur has friends doesn't mean that he will be in love with them i think you don't like her because you want to be her
lilahri chapter 1 . 6/8/2012
This was perfect! I loved your take on how Gwen would feel about Merlin and Arthur's relationship. And I must say that I agree completely with your assessment of Gwen's character. I do not like her, and up until the last few episodes (when they made it clear that Lancelot was dead for good) I held out for the hope that she was eventually going to leave Arthur for Lancelet like in the legends and just let Arthur and Merlin be best friends forever. Alas... No such luck. Oh and to top it all off, apparently Gwen will be playing a more prominent role as "Arthur's confidant" in season 5 (according to Merlin wikia). Dumb.

Anyways, I loved this oneshot! Great job :)

TheImpossiblePen chapter 1 . 6/8/2012
You know, I ALMOST feel sorry for her. But not quite. She seems pouty in this piece, though I suppose if it were me in her shoes, I might feel the same way...Hmm. Good job, though, taking her out of her vanity state!