Reviews for Lost
adorkablereader chapter 1 . 3/23/2014
Amazing story,really glad I found it
bahnannah chapter 1 . 6/9/2012
i hope you haven't given up on writing for glee. cause i'd be really disappointed in never finding out what's going to happen next in living for the first time.

that being said, how on earth did this story violate the terms of service? seriously, i am confused. this story isn't in the least bit smutty, it's not a real people fic, and isn't a book that the author requested not be fanfic'd about. seriously, those little tweens that are going around bitching and moaning about every little thing need to be put in a garden or a hay field for the summer without access to a computer or cell phone. they'll change their minds real quick. been there, done that, have the callouses to prove it.

i'm a grown adult and i'm not ashamed to admit i love glee and reading fanfiction about it and several other genres. i think you're a terrific author. i currently have all of your glee stories on my kindle and enjoy them all immensely.

i will add this version to my collection. i'm sorry they picked on you. it was utterly ridiculous.

sorry for the rant. hope you have the best success in the world. you'd make my week if you were to update living for the first time. i can understand completely if you aren't into glee anymore, though. no pressure intended. thanks!