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Matthew Staigle chapter 3 . 11/20
Woh Woh Woh Woh wait since when was Danny 18 and Danielle 15?
Otherwise it's a good story and I appreciate you writing this. Peace...
M.v.j.M chapter 16 . 11/3
I can't wait for the next chapter :)
Eeveelutions chapter 16 . 6/30
Hi, I just wanted to say that i saw how some people have been raging on you for putting Dani in Hufflepuff. I disagree with those people. I'm a hufflepuff myself, and I can see how Dani fits with the loyal and hardworking people who stand by their principles and by their friends. It also helps her not stand out (as much as such a thing is even possible for her), and that was her original goal during the sorting. For the whole school year really, since she is in an undercover mission.
Guest chapter 13 . 6/29
You've gotta stop comparing her to Vlad to get a point across, it's your fallback every single time Dani does something remotely awesome. We get it, she doesn't wanna be like Vlad. Not to say that anything she did here was Vlad-like, not at all. Malfoy is a bully; Dani does not like bullies. He also said the magic words, and so she put him in his place without really hurting anyone. No that does not warrant being compared to Vlad... again. For like the twelfth time. About the only time the Vlad comparison was properly used was when she was about to kill the Guys in White in the first book. Other than that it's been completely unnecessary, but we know you're gonna do it anyway. You put her in Hufflepuff to avoid being predictable, but you still fall back on the Vlad comparison every time she snaps a little bit? Priorities!

The actual scene with Malfoy was wonderful, by the way. Exactly what everyone knew had to happen and were loudly wishing for. The following scene with Momma Danny the Unbending Moral Compass of 3 Killjoy was obviously going to happen given how it... always happens when Dani does something we all want her to do, but y'know. Heaven forbid she not be a paragon of virtue at all times, right? Apparently stepping on a few bullies means she's on a path to being evil. True, Danny's start on the path to darkness happened when he cheated on a test, but we all know that's not how things actually happen. Being somewhat rough with some school bullies does not magically lead to trying to take over/destroy the world, and it's very tiresome that it's still being implied that it could. What's next, Momma Danny shows up when Dani's eating a tunafish sandwich and is all "Vlad liked tuna too, Dani, you don't wanna be like him! Also Hitler drank water so you're like 80% Hitler too, stop being so evil! Never use your powers for anything remotely satisfying or you'll end up growing an Evil Goatee!"
Kezu chapter 10 . 6/29
"not strong enough in one of the three real character traits to merit being sorted into a real house"
Kezu chapter 9 . 6/29
The boring house? Really? Clever, studious Dani is in Hufflepuff of all places? Where nothing interesting ever happens because they're like the spillover house? "Loyalty" my foot, Rowling had to find somewhere to put everyone who wasn't Brave or Smart or Cunning. Diggory was the only thing to ever come out of that house that wasn't bland as dishwater, and we saw how well that worked out for him. Ravenclaw was clearly the best fit, and if not that Gryffindor. Honestly, Slytherin wouldn't fit her at all but would still be a better choice based purely on the fact that it isn't Hufflepuff.

Predictable is not bad. Boring is bad. Nothing is more boring than Hufflepuff. "Loyalty" indeed. It feels like you completely ignored her actual character traits out of this continuing fear of being predictable. Well congrats I guess, you did technically manage to surprise me. I never would have guessed you'd put her in the sleeper house.
Pokemonster2 chapter 6 . 6/14
What about the parents?
Guest chapter 16 . 6/9
I would like to see how Dani gets her first broom and what type it is. Also Maybe get an owl as a gift from someone. She can name the owl BOO. Get it? Boo, as in ghost. I thought it would be helpful for her to talk with her "parents" by using Boo.
kjirstin.bjurnberg chapter 16 . 6/6
I loved it. Your style hasn't changed too much to be jarring, it just feels a little more mature. The Ministry's theft of glory was spot on! Fantastic. As well as Dani and Danny's reactions. I'm excited you're continuing the story. This is my favorite HP/Phantom - none of the others I've found keep so well in character while maintaining character growth; it's a great accomplishment. Looking forward to more!
emeraldcris chapter 16 . 6/6
YOU'RE BACK! And honestly only took me this long to read this chapter because I wanted to go back to the beginning and read from the start... still such an excellent read tbh :p anyways: I think... the story still flows pretty well even with this new late chapter that yes is slightly different from the previous ones but not that different, although wow Dani is an angry little fire cracker sometimes :p I'm glad to see you're back, I love how you kept Umbridge's uppity "the ministry is superior and you need only rely on them" attitude, and ... I'm wondering if Dani bringing up Danny Phantom is going to cause some of the muggleborn to start asking questions... or anyone else for that matter o.o eagerly awaiting the next chapter :)
chicaalterego chapter 16 . 5/31
Nice chapter! Cant believe I didnt bet a notification for it, but, the again, I might have accidentally deleted the following alert in my menu since I was cleanesing a fic or two that grew unbereable. Anyway, glad to see you back :D
Krusher chapter 16 . 5/30
I'm glad to see this story isn't dead. I look forward to the next update. )
As for Umbridge, they should just obliviate her and dump her somewhere in the muggle world where nobody will find her. That's the nicest solution I can come up with. The second nicest solution is to lock her in the trunk of a car with devils snare, a blast ended skrewt, and Klemper.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/30
I'm so glad you've updated!
Gravity Phantom chapter 16 . 5/29
oh i've so missed this fic! i would've reviewed when the chapter first came out, but i thought i'd spoil myself with a little reread as i have the time now! "She indicated back to the castle where the hag Umbridge was sitting comfortably in her social status and stolen reputation." I AUDIBLY LAUGHED DANI CAN GET HERRRR
also, are people actually nasty to you in reviews? that seems a little harsh seeing that a) fanfic is free to both the writer and the reader b) your style is INCREDIBLE holy shit i wish i could write like you do and c) it's not? their story? it's yours? they can literally click out of it lmao.
anyways, sorry this review is so long. i've missed you! glad you're back :D
DevotedReaderForYou chapter 16 . 5/29
I lOVE IT! Your take on Danny is amazing! I love how he's an experienced hand and his and Danni's relationship. how multifaceted it all is.
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