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Rahne-Aamar chapter 1 . 5/27
I love this story! Please keep it going!
Hannah Palindromes Rock chapter 12 . 5/20
That was perfect... Disrupt class, tear apart the teachers points, and get away with it because she thinks you're in apanic. Brilliant.
Angstphilosophy chapter 14 . 5/4
I truly am looking forward to future updates. I have already read the books, and it's all the more reason to anticipate what's going to happen next... especially when Umbridge kicks things up (which, assuming that I still remember what I read years ago, will be just around the corner). I know the story is going to be mostly from Danielle's point of view, considering the book itself never left Hogwarts much, but seeing that this is a crossover and anything could happen (namely, that inversion with the locket), it'd help somewhat to shine some limelight on Danny's time being a member of the Order. You have my fullest support on this story, but it's understandable if things were to happen and you find yourself unable continue or do so with a pace that you were hoping for. You are a talented writer, and no doubt has gone very far. I'm not sure on the problem with there supposed to being two chapters extra, but it may have something to do with your doubts. Good luck and thank you.
RandomCitizen chapter 14 . 4/26
Welp. And the night had almost ended on a decent note.
Zaqhirix Cheshire chapter 7 . 4/25
Meme time.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/12
Hi I know that I haven't reviewed before but I just want to say that I LOVE THIS STORY! I get email updates every day from other authors and the second I saw an update for this story I literally screamed. I really love this story and this idea(I also loved The Return of Dani Phantom and The Clash of All Time) and after you kept me in suspense with the Danny vs Dani argument I WAITED FOR THE NEXT CHPTER for like the LONGEST TIME! I honestly thought that you had fallen off the face of the Earth then I get an update that is new and recent and I just finished reading it and it was amazing! THEN I get another email talking about how you updated two announcement chapters but I cant find them I have no idea what the announcement is but I am really hoping that it isn't the fact that you are giving up on this story. PLEASE DONT! I understand you have a life and such but please update soon, I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH! DONT LET THE PHEONIX PHANTOM DIE! SORRY:)
HalfaWitchPhysicGirl chapter 14 . 4/11
HalfaWitchPhysicGirl chapter 9 . 4/11
YAY! Now this may sound totally weird but every since you mentioned the boggart I wanted Dani to face it! You are an amazing author!
FFTGOYfan chapter 14 . 4/10
OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN! I love this fanfic and I have been waiting for the new chapter! This story is AMAZING!
Danny: You got that right.
Danielle: Yay! Flying is epic!
Harry: Really? You have been flying before!
Danielle: No...
Ron: Lay off her.
Danny: Mess with her, mess with me.
Harry: FINE!
Danny and Harry: *starts fighting*
Danielle: *facepalm*
Ron: Cookies from the kitchens! (::) (::)(::) (::)
Me: Um.. Bye! *goes to stop fighting*
GriffonSpade chapter 14 . 4/8
It's really disturbing to me how few people seem to even consider that someone could just be impersonating Voldemort, using this 'resurrection' hoax to convince everyone he's the real deal and getting a springboard to his own rise to power. It's not like Voldemort was the first 'Dark Lord' ever, and ultimately, Harry's story boils down to 'Someone claiming/believed to be Voldemort killed Cedric'. But wizards are stupid.
GriffonSpade chapter 3 . 4/4
Considering that Danielle is a ghost clone, I doubt she's even five years old, actually. So her given age is completely made up anyway.

Seems interesting so far, on I go.
LupinCriss chapter 16 . 4/3
I love it! Please update it soon.
Death update chapter 16 . 4/2
The reason you got so many reviews is because nobody wants it to stop even if they don't review
Blazingfyres chapter 16 . 4/1
You never know a good thing till it's gone, I guess - or in this case, until it is at a risk of going.
Good luck on your story.
SilverSea123 chapter 16 . 4/1
Hi! It's been a long time, I wonder if you remember me, lol! I tried so hard to find the time to review the chapter the day you put it up, but I've been having a crazy week haha then I saw your author's notes!
I feel terrible that you're doubting this story, but I just want to let you know that if you decide to continue this story (which I seriously hope you do), you have loyal readers here who enjoy your writing and love this story. It always makes me so happy to see an update for this in my inbox. I know it's frustrating sometimes and I'm sorry for that. I think I've said before, I haven't read the Harry Potter books so it's all new to me! And even though I haven't read them, I would love to help you through whatever you think is blocking your ability to throw the twists and turns you think you're lacking into the story.
I think one thing I've learned as a writer is that every character placed in a story can alter the outcome, however big or small. In this case, Danielle and Danny are two very incredible characters to work with. They have amazing qualities that can influence the events in the story in many ways.
I would love to talk about it with you if you are still having doubts or worries. You have a loyal reader and reviewer in me, and I hope that you are happy with whatever decision you come to. As one piece of advice, coming from an author who has also been discouraged by reviews and a seemingly redundant story: I wish I had put more thought into my story and finished what I had started. Everyone has the ability to alter a story with their individual traits and skills, they just need to be given the chance:)
If you need help, please don't hesitate to ask!
This is a great story, and you're a talented writer, and I hope that you'll believe it and not let anyone convince you otherwise!
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