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SDGhalo chapter 18 . 5/16/2020
now that is one cliff-hanger. looks like Fred and George are going to find out about Danielle's Secret and Peeves is going to be on Danielle's bad list for a bit lol great job on the chapter cant wait for the next one .

Guest chapter 18 . 5/16/2020
I had almost forgotten about this story. Glad to see it's still chugging along.
Jebest4781 chapter 18 . 5/15/2020
This was rather good to see here
KuriMaster13 chapter 18 . 5/15/2020
AWESOME! An update! :D :D :D :D :D

Yeah, everything on how this flowed looked good to me.
Primsgirl89 chapter 7 . 2/15/2020
I feel as though I am one of the few people who are shipping Harry and Danielle...
Guest chapter 6 . 11/29/2019
for chapter six, why didn’t danny test out the wand too? it would be interesting, and i haven’t read the other chapters past six, if he would also learn a bit of magic as well. it also doesn’t really make sense that they would possess magic in the first place. but I am willing to make an exception for the plot and fantastic writing ability :)
PhantomWorks- Stories division chapter 16 . 11/28/2019
Enjoying the story, I do have a thought about the whole 'Ministry stealing credit for the disasteroid' thing.
As other reviews have said, Muggleborns, certainly younger ones will know about Danny (as I believe you hinted previously with Hermione the wizarding world has a way of distancing Muggleborns from the real world) and what he did. More than that it was doubtlessly WELL DOCUMENTED given the way that it was a massive, multinational operation and Danny was given statues all over the world, so the Ministry trying to claim they did it could backfire on them, and the Daily Puppet, oh I mean Prophet, if Dani and the muggleborns were to conclusively prove their claims as a lie it could easily wreck their entire credibility.
Vi-Violence chapter 17 . 10/11/2019
This is great.
Fizzbee23 chapter 17 . 5/30/2019
Hey, hi. I love everything about this
SakuraKoi chapter 17 . 11/15/2018
So good
Guest 907 chapter 10 . 5/6/2018
I just realized something- with Danny's invisibility, he could sneak Sirius outside the house any time he wants and keep him from going stir-crazy. I don't know how much it would affect the climax, because if Harry's in danger Sirius probably won't stay behind, but I think cabin fever was given as one of the reasons Sirius left the house to help.
Wolfsrainrock3 chapter 17 . 2/12/2018
I love your story! Dani and Danny are being just loveable! Dumbledore doesn't creep me out and Ron is still a jerk so you did great! I cant wait to read the next chapter!
Followsyourstory chapter 17 . 1/17/2018
Yay update. I like the story, plz continue.
kjirstin.bjurnberg chapter 17 . 12/30/2017
I'm so happy you're still writing this! It's a fantastic story and I love your style. Danielle meeting Umbridge in the village was a brilliant scene. I really enjoy the way both twist the other's words around to suit their plots. And encouraging Luna's heliopath theory is wonderful! Especially with the jab against Zackarius. Hilarious! I look forward to more when you can write it! I hope you have a happy and productive New Year!
RandomCitizen chapter 17 . 12/27/2017
Gotta be proper undercover. Can't actually appear like you're not supposed to be there.

(Gosh, now I hope she gets them to change the name. Dang, calling the group Dumbledore's army when the enemy are afraid of Dumbledore having an army. 'XP Always have a plan in case of being found out. )
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