Reviews for We Laugh Indoors
Sono-Koji chapter 1 . 4/5/2015
I love this story.
For years now, I've been reading all the tabloidshipping fanfictions out there over and over again, and never came across this peache before. I wonder how that could even have happened since I fought my way all through the web for something of those two
I should defenitely write something like that again! I would love to read it.
PitterPatter chapter 1 . 7/10/2013
Beautifully written.
Allie chapter 1 . 8/25/2012
This is absolutely beautiful. Not many fanfictions will do this to me, but I actually felt a pit in my stomach from the intense emotion in your writing. I love how you portrayed Seto as being mentally and emotionally locked in a perpetual state of tug-o-war between lusting over and wanting to push Mokuba away. Perfect grammar, spelling, syntax; gahhhh, everything is just absolutely sterling. I would -love- to see more from you (Especially on the subject of tabloidshipping!). Your writing style is so unique; this has got to be the best tabloidshipping fanfic out here. 3
Red Scars Hurt chapter 1 . 8/16/2012
I had read this before but never got a chance to review...but I will now! Warning:I tend to write a lot!
I do adore tabloidshipping and I know how some people find it very repulsive (I certainly did when I was first exposed to it) but after really thinking about why, I understood...sort of. I hate it when authors pair the Kaiba brothers with other people. When you think about Seto Kaiba and everything that's happened...he's not one to openly allow other people to become so significant to him. Mokuba may likely have a better chance at something like that but lets not forget the kids been through hell as well, he's just a good actor even if he doesn't realize it as a child he will once he's older(and I'm so glad how you wrote he's been acting for Seto his whole life) however, I don't think Mokuba will ever leave his brother and find someone else , and then Kaiba either ending up all alone or by some miracle finding someone and falls in love.

Authors do it all the time drives me insane! But I LOVE how you portrayed their...possibility of this nature of a relationship. (Because I woudn't be surprised one day when they end up falling in love, because the chances of that are likely) One of the things that you managed to pull off which makes me very pleased is how much your Kaiba seems so in character...(Both brothers actually) I've always wondered what Seto's reaction would be in a situation like this and it's very similar to how you created it. He need a reality check and time to think all this through and take in what just whether he can handle it or is ready. The way this flows is very admirable and seems very life I can definitely seeing this happening... I've always thought that when they'd actually *ahem* fucked, alcohol would be an influence somehow.(it's like the sprinkles on the ice cream)
Many fics with an older Mokuba piss me off and make me depressed, but you make me want to praise and thank you so much for having him in tact! I hate when he's made into this play boy who acts like a cheeky pimp and flirts with all these girls, parties out late, rebellious (not in the good way), makes it appear like he and his brother are on rough terms because the kid is growing up. That, or he's this weak lesser Kaiba or just a plain spoiled brat. Many people don't understand Seto Kaiba but they overlook Mokuba (Always) and don't seem to realize that they don't understand him either which results in not very good Mokuba characters. But you've made Mokuba into this adult whose not changed drastically but just enough for when he was younger...he's come far but still his Nii-sama is and always will be his everything and his world, and they'll be together...always. (which is why I loved the ending, he didn't want to let him go...and I'm sure Mokuba wouldn't want to let go either) Mokuaba is a clever, intelligent independent individual who is vey capable but his brother is like his other half,they complete each other. So again,I love your adult Mokuba...he's cool and mysterious but at the same time real...and their relationship is strong and fragile but can withstand anything in the end(sry this sounds cheesy)
I also believe he's very attractive if not sexy. He has some feminine features which is why I believe he looks like his mother. But I mean, cute kid, hot older brother, the kid would definitely be very appealing when he's older. You should not stop writing, you got talent there and I want to see more of this pairing form you! You capture their emotions and personalty perfectly! And last but not least-I am very sorry for writing so much oh we'll I hope you like my review! _
Jonouchi Katsuya chapter 1 . 6/29/2012
This has got to be one of my new most favoritest fics of all time. My favorite Tabloidshipping. The writing was so beautiful and eloquent I have no idea why you would even consider my stuff to be half as artistic and wonderful.

The flow of this fic... just amazing. I loved how in character I felt Kaiba to be. Both Kaibas actually. To find a fic that goes into this shady topic with the care and... love and romance even that you did. The meloncholy. It was all so beautiful and tragic. I adored this fic to the highest amount. I wish only that there were more fics like these. To have more beauty in writing...

This is a brilliant peice. Please don't doubt your own talent. I adored this. Probably the best first person fic I have read on .
Jade Crimson Tears chapter 1 . 6/28/2012
Oh honey, what a beautiful piece of writing. I'm a sucker for imagery, and you've drawn out some dark, compelling images. I love the punch-lines at the end of each segment, they are so clever, and so so pungent. I can't tell you how much I adore this fic. Why does it not have more reviews? I protest! Your have a superb way of controlling language, and you, a gift beyond words.