Reviews for Percy Jackson: Anarchy
lordxposeidon69 chapter 14 . 11/6
This story isn't what I would call perfect and it definitely has has some imperfections to it, but it is still entertaining and well worth the read. I'm already looking for the sequel.
emeraldz23 chapter 14 . 10/8
Irelandlover chapter 14 . 6/22
Yay I'm finished and it was amazing!
neko-chibi-faithkitty chapter 14 . 6/17
This a-freakin-mazing! Loved it!
Axcel chapter 12 . 5/29
Eyes don't close when you die, they become lazy.
Axcel chapter 7 . 5/29
Now that feet were mentioned, the bottom of one foot (your non-dominant one) would be a good place for a mortal point. You wear shoes, so the odds of something hurting it is next to none, as you'd be standing on the point when fighting and stuff. Just have armor between the show's bottom and it's insides and you'll even be protected when you prop your feet up.

About mortal points, Achilles died from the poison that ones on the arrow, not from his skin being penetrated. I'm not sure why Luke died from a non-poisoned knife wound to a kidney. That wouldn't kill you, it'd just cause mind-numbing agony.
Axcel chapter 3 . 5/29
If the news anchors are so stupid they can't tell the difference between Roman legion armor and Greek hoplite armor then they probably need to be replaced.
Axcel chapter 2 . 5/29
This makes no sense. Literally nothing but natural things like fire, water, and long drops, or bare-hands, or celestial bronze or imperial gold is capable of harming a monster in the Percy Jackson books. The Avengers (other than Hulk and Thor) harming them makes no sense. If they've been equipped for it, say so in the story.
Axcel chapter 1 . 5/29
Yeah, you can totally handle those monsters on your own. Ignoring the fact that only the Hulk and Thor can actually hurt them at all. Hulk through beating them to death and Thor because duh.
consultingsorcererof221B chapter 14 . 5/16
So Loki WAS involved! That's refreshing, this was awesome by the way. I don't know why but a lot of the fanfics in the Avengers/Percy Jackson crossover genre suck
consultingsorcererof221B chapter 6 . 5/15
Just out of curiousity, does Thor actually know he bares the Curse of Achilles? I mean none of the Avengers have said anything and being immune to practically all forms of attack...seems like the kinda thing they'd mention
bigdogcop36 chapter 10 . 5/4
bigdogcop36 chapter 7 . 5/4
i love that ending
bigdogcop36 chapter 6 . 5/4
really? i think you could do better and with something watter related
bigdogcop36 chapter 5 . 5/3
ok seaweed man yea that's a good one
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