Reviews for Island of Hope
rigger42 chapter 21 . 6/17
I'm kind of surprised that he didn't mention that they had to remove the infant bindings on his magic, to prepare the other teachers for differences in his magic and control.
sarahnifsaangel chapter 38 . 6/12
This is one of the best stories I've ever read and trust me when I say that because I have read so many stories here on fanfiction:)Please update(:
Guest chapter 10 . 6/2
wow i was crying when harry woke up. Only really talented writers can put so much love and emotion into a story. Good job on being able to do that
Silver1 chapter 38 . 5/18
I really love the way you have portrayed Sirius in this story - as a more 3dimensional figure than as an overgrown teenager that others have. He is a bad ass! I also love the relationship between Harry and Sirius and the way Sirius used the law and positive propaganda to get rid of Dumbledore. In this chapter, I am unsure who or what is speaking through Harry, but I would think it was the spirit of Hogwarts itself - or a remnant of one or more of the founders. I'd like an explanation soon. speaking od soon, please, please, please update this soonest! It has been a little over 10 months and I am concerned that real life has gotten in the way of you updating this or that you have lost inspiration.
mrrp01 chapter 38 . 4/22
I know it's been years but I really like this story and humbly beg you for an update :)
Red Death chapter 38 . 4/21
I hope you pick this up again someday. I was liking where it was going.
elly264 chapter 38 . 4/17
Your story is fantastic! I hope you update soon because I cannot wait to read more! .
Dolphelecat chapter 38 . 4/12
This is very exciting!
PHOENIX FURY chapter 38 . 4/8
I love this story. I like that you have Sirius rescuing harry, the way you've done Sirius, more mature less impulsive is well done, I think Azkaban would have changed him like that. Harry being embarrassed to tell people because everyone sees him as a hero would have made more sense to me then him being afraid they'd leave because of the durables treatment. How you did Ron and Hermione confronting him and the scene filming of explaining wasn't quite right for me. But overall written well. I like how Sirius took away dumbledore power, making the public want to make things easier by giving other people his job and giving him retirement.
Please don't make this a harry/Ginny fix that was the only thing I hated about Rowling plot. (She worshipped the boy who lived and didn't actually know harry.) What are you going to do about the horcruxs and the Dada professor curse?
More please.
magicaltears chapter 38 . 4/6
I just re-read this entire story today and I cannot wait for an update!

DaughterofAthenaPotterhead chapter 38 . 2/23
ERMAGERD! PLEASE UPDATE! This story is so amazing. i love it so much! I need to know what happens next. please update!
fraewyn chapter 38 . 11/30/2014
Love it! Any chance of an update soon?
lynn1974 chapter 38 . 11/29/2014
Please update soon!
christine.kagak chapter 6 . 11/10/2014
Qi Eclipse chapter 38 . 11/8/2014
Are you going to update anytime soon?
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