Reviews for Perchance to Dream
Emily Marie Salvatore chapter 22 . 8/14
I loved this too! I love all your stories.
kimminnee chapter 22 . 6/14
If only the show had taken at least part of this direction.
But, it didn't, except for her winding up with Damon. Sleeping with him. Her ultimate declaration. No wedding though. They better NOT cheat us out of that in the Series Finale, Season 8.
This was an interesting take on Delena's direction. I liked it. Thank you for entertaing me.
kimminnee chapter 21 . 6/14
Stefan's human. Everyone is over coddling him. Elena hugs him after he finally wakes after two days. He's okay with being human?
Bonnie explains what she did to the spell. And that Elena drinking Vampire blood after transitioning made the reversal impossible. Lie. And what ever species attacked the other would turn them both human.
Caroline let Klaus bait her into that cell to kiss her. Did he just bite her to get Vampire blood? Will Stefan turn to? Or did she just bust her lip? Unlikely.
kimminnee chapter 20 . 6/14
oh noooooooo. Why did he steak Stefan? Does he really think Damon, or anyone else (aside of Elena) would blame Elena because Klaus just had to have revenge and steak a brother? I sure hope Bonnie has some kind of protection on the Vamps, except Klaus!
I am so glad Elena could not be turned back to human! And that their love was so strong that Damon could not be compelled into killing Elena by bleeding her dry! Or did he take Vervain? IDR,. How selfless of Damon to draw up all the vials for everyone. And then he was the one most brutally attacked by Klaus.
Please tell me Stefan is not dead. That Bonnie did something to protect them!
kimminnee chapter 19 . 6/13
What the hell? Damon and Elena finally made love, expressed all the feelings they feel for each other. They have done everything to bond themselves to each other leaving only marriage.
How could Klaus expect her to kill her brother? And why steak Damon? Where's Matt? What are his intents? Why come before time?
From total bliss and paradise to a total nightmare. Damon, Elena, Jeremy & the crew need to catch a break break! I hope Bonnie is up for this task. And I hope everyone has drank their vile Damon got them.
kimminnee chapter 18 . 6/13
Okay, so Stefan's informed. They talked it out, and not only made it officially over but ,he also knows about the engagement. Why does Stefan always have to guilt trip her?
What was with the underground cavern under a church? Why is the water special? Why did Jeremy go along? And why the hell didn't Damon take her call? To show her she misses him? It's cool that Jeremy gave them the address of their secret destination. Buy why didn't she go home with him or have him stay with her!
kimminnee chapter 17 . 6/13
Oh, you scared me when Elena called Stefan! Then Caroline arrived trying to take over. And when Jeremy made everyone leave, and Elena let him... Elena's lame excuse that she was tired.
Then there she was, in Damon's window. Assuring him that everything is okay, she loves him and wants to marry him. The note in her bra, nice. BTW, why haven't they had been sex yet? They had gone there by (4x7) on the show...why make us wait?
Stefan just needs to STFU. He was unable to help Elena in any way when her mortal death came. Now he thinks Damon can't make her feel alive? Blaming the curse that changed Elena's behavior on Damon, instead of the ring.
D&E are going on a date! Woohoo, please tell me it ends in bed. They should have already been there, and would have if Klaus, then Stefan and Caroline hadn't of shown up!
kimminnee chapter 16 . 6/13
Okay, Damon got help. That dreadful ring is gone. He was maimed by Elena and kept her from killing anyone else. He got her back home and safe. Abbey said the original engagement \daylight ring helped counter the spell of the other daylight ring. He has taken such good care of her, when we was at her worst. So WHY is she calling Stefan?
kimminnee chapter 15 . 6/13
Poor Damon. He had to snap Elena's neck to get control back. This sucks. She's finally with him and Klaus totally messed her up. He made her a murderous monster so she will want to turn her humanity off so she will want to turn it off. Plus his spell makes her hear the words.
The only thing that has changed is that damn ring that Caroline just insisted she wear because of her petty feelings about Damon, and him getting her engagement\daylight ring. Damon's smart. Why hasn't he figured this out? I feel so bad for Elena. Her compassion is her Achilles heel. If this keeps up, she will turn it off. Aided by that nasty spell!
kimminnee chapter 14 . 6/13
Ha! That's what they deserve! This is actually Caroline's fault for insisting Elena wear that tainted ring! Just because the other came from Damon! They turned into crows and flew away to get away from the two worst judgemental people in her life! Damon had her in a good place!
Someone (Damon) please realize all this started after the conflict with Klaus, and that damned cursed ring!
kimminnee chapter 13 . 6/13
I guess this is some weird ring trip? Or did she just kill someone? She didn't feel like this before. Someone chunk that ring far far away!
kimminnee chapter 12 . 6/13
She needs to take the Bonnie-Klaus ring off now!
She loves Damon. I'm sick of Caroline's judgy interference. I feel bad for Stefan, but, Elena be was honest with him.
She and Damon belong together. He loves her in any form.
kimminnee chapter 11 . 6/12
Well shit, first Klaus poses as Tyler, right as Damon and Elena were about to get to the good stuff. Nearly burned them both in the sun. (Gentle reminder: Daylight Rings only work for the Vampire it was made for. The spell is cast specifically for them. No other vamp can use it. It only works for it's owner.) But, they both wound up burnt anyway.
Then Mrs. Flowers is a Witch, thank God, that arrived just in time to hold Tyer-Klaus off.
Now Caroline has brought Stefan. And can't take a hint! Elena better tell Stefan right off. She's engaged to his brother! Thank goodness that ring was spelled into a daylight ring! Because Klaus jacked with the one from Bonnie. This is going to be unpleasant. Especially when they tell Elena Klaus's terms!
kimminnee chapter 10 . 6/12
An Engagement ring! Yes! I love it! And they shouldn't go back! They need to stay in their romantic bubble until thy are ready to leave. Tyler or Klaus shouldn't be at the door. Caroline and Stefan should not have convinced Jeremy to call. And they shouldn't be coming!
Elena will not be able to take a human life to become human just so she can be Klaus's blood bag for hybrids again. Damon will never stand for it.
kimminnee chapter 9 . 6/12
OMG! Finally! Someone brought up the Crow and the fog! I always wished they'd of kept it, or at least explained it! Thank you! I sound like a teenie-bopper being all excited about that. I just hated the way it was ignored after the pilot.
I am so glad she put her big girl panties on and admitted what she wanted. And that she's in love with him.
Too bad Stefan's on his way to heart break. I'm really concerned about the daylight ring, and what Klaus did to it. Just don't let it separate Damon and Elena. Or take her humanity away...
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