Reviews for Mass Effect 3: Fate of the Galaxy
raven1066 chapter 95 . 6/18
Another amazing chapter. Finally got around to reading it. Can't wait to read the end.
V-rcingetorix chapter 95 . 6/6
Well done sir. Well done indeed.
mac55tyler chapter 95 . 5/20
You can respond via the email about my request mind if I join in on beta reading and suggesting content, I got some good thoughts on this.

I did think of something on since Miranda is infertile, and how Shepard Is wanting to start a family, set in 5 years post-war. Shepard and Miranda get strong armed by Hackett to help rebuild the galaxy and work with the alliance.
There's the gist of it I can work on it more tommorow
Respond ASAP
I am also coordinating with a modding team at the moment so I don't have a whole lot of time to sit around.
Heron-Of-Sparta chapter 95 . 5/15
This story is amazingly detailed and well written, it shocks me how little attention it has gathered from the rest of the community, but I sincerely hope that you continue this work into the post-war and rebuilding of the galaxy, the political problems that will follow and the wars that may very well happen apart from war against the Precursors(think I wrote that right, the Leviathan race).

Do keep going on, I dearly hope this is not even close to the end, but just the closing chapters of a first "book"
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 10 . 5/15
Petrovksy's POV on what was happening to his soldiers here was appreciated; showing how the non-Husked operatives felt
LucasA chapter 95 . 5/11
Damn, this was great. I have to highlight the writing over Miranda. That was really engaging. The tone itself worked very well. You don't know how hard the feels were once Miranda lifted the girl into her arms. Definitely my favorite part alongside the whole procedure to retrieve Shepard. It was worth the wait, it always is. You never cease to impress. Now, still hoping for a satisfying and somewhat good resolution for these two, and everyone else. Great work. I literally can't wait for the next update, literally. I'll try. Thanks for this.
PauliCN7 chapter 94 . 4/19
Oh god I've been crying for the past 2 hours catching up... awesome work, the part where Miranda fights Shepard's decision of going alone with the Mako was really emotional, and I liked the change of the conversation with the Illusive Man. It surprised me a lot that you said No to Liara, but it was understandable.

Thanks for updating! I'll wait paitently for the next chapter. Have a nice day!
RatCatcher chapter 94 . 4/2
You got some serious skills. The characters...oh my! The action. The progression as a writer you've done from the first chapter all the way here is astonishing.
Trojan20 chapter 94 . 4/1
Wow that was...powerful! Excellent chapter and of course excellent story, I absolutely cannot wait for more!
Zacharti chapter 94 . 4/1
Ha! Star brat! Glad we get to have Vendetta rather than that star child. Having the feels come on this chapter!
raven1066 chapter 94 . 4/1
Powerful chapter! Was very interested to see how/if you would use the "Prime Construct" (my term) aka star-brat, I know for many that was of the the biggest problem with the ending of the game. I think not including it works very well for your version of the story. As always, looking forward to seeing how it ends.
Coveting Raptor chapter 93 . 3/30
Fanfiction has a lot of stories in varying qualities. There are good, average and obviously subpar. This story is above the cut.
spiral83 chapter 2 . 3/30
a bit too much information that we will not retain unfortunately; i felt like i was reading a Codex about the composition and organisation of the Alliance. all the explaination about the different commands should be in the note at the end of the chapter, it will clear up the chapter and not break the story too much by "infodumping" things; the fact that you actually have 2 paragraphs explaining it and then reconnect to the story disconnects us a bit too much.
darkerego chapter 93 . 3/22
Great chapter, looking forward to more.
raven1066 chapter 93 . 3/20
Damn that was good! Really made me feel, that last scene with Shep and Miranda and the rest of the team. Looking forward to seeing how you end it all.
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