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commandocucumber chapter 82 . 4/29
I love the long relaxed scenes of this chapter. Your story doesn't have half the reviews it deserves. Please keep it up!
V-rcingetorix chapter 82 . 4/28
Excellent chapter, but there are a few typos:

"Some operations went rouge"

"escape father from years"

"suitable adaption for you"

"Hackett have enacted"

"worthy noting less"

"Miranda and me are"

"Randa have told me"


"One he had done this"

On the plus side, you have some good conflict going on. Frankly, I've wondered at the PTSD potential for operatives in Moussad/KGB/CIA groups. It's very possible, but brings up the question as to whether all soldiers get PTSD. I've known WWII vets that didn't suffer from it ... so is that indicative of a standard percentage, or a unique mindset?

Regardless, thanks for putting up another chapter. Keep up the good work!
darkerego chapter 82 . 4/28
Good chapter.
LucasA chapter 82 . 4/27
Here we go again :)

As ever, I was climbing the walls for this update. Unsurprisingly, it was a damn good one, your writing style is great, you obviously chose the right rating to tell the story in the best way possible, and it shows. I really, really love how you write Miranda and Oriana's moments, you're giving Miri's sister so much personality that I can't help but feel that she's a very major character, she's not one dimensional, it feels 'organic', and that applies to the entire cast. The romance, oh god... the romance, it's so beautifully done, every line of dialogue between the pair feels appropriate, it's loving, mature and passionate. That applies to the love scenes as well, while Miranda likes to tease Shepard for being her sex toy, we know that it doesn't really work like that, it's something much more special than sex, and those loves scenes are a blast to read, the love is, without a doubt, in the air. What was really surprising, was the whole Liara and Garrus approach, I wasn't expecting that, and I'm still figuring how to feel about it. I guess that I should, and I will, read this chapter again as I finish this review, it will most likely make me have a bigger comprehension about that specific moment.

You're making playing ME3 again harder as I read this fantastic story, but I don't really blame you for it. The setting is great, the action is great, the characters are well written as ever, you nail pretty much everything. One, if not the best, Mass Effect story that I've ever read. While it sucks to know that the story is now on the final run, I'll slowly appreciate every last bit of it. And for Blastos' sake, make that little Shepard and Miranda's girl happen. Stay strong!
TamaGokue chapter 82 . 4/26
Amazing chap as always!

Love that Ashley is irritated with the Lawson sisters. Love the callback to Yvonne Strahovski. Love everthing!
raven1066 chapter 82 . 4/25
Know I keep posting this but it's true, another great chapter. This time especially like the interactions between Shepard, Miranda and Ori. Amazing stuff. And once again, looking forward to the next chapter.
Guest chapter 81 . 4/11
Nice story
Guest chapter 1 . 4/7
Hi, newer reader here, I read the whole story in a week because I couldn't stop reading. Your interpretation of the universe is so refreshing, the story feels full and purposeful under your guidance. I love Miri and Shep's romance and how it was truly allowed to blossom here in a way that ME3 didn't do justice. I can't wait to see the rest of the story unfold, I refresh the page every few hours hoping that the next chapter will be released. Keep up the amazing work.
darkerego chapter 81 . 3/24
Good chapter. Looking forward to the next one.
DeltaSandman chapter 81 . 3/23
Happy ending to this chapter! Yay!
LucasA chapter 81 . 3/23
Okay, I've been anticipating this update for a while now, and I can't help but to say that this was definitely one of the greatest chapters that you have written for this story. The dialogue is spot on, it flows so well, and the physical interactions between the characters, mostly Shep and Miri, are absolutely amazing. The military description is also spot on, Shepard feels like a real soldier, you give us that feeling of determination and courage that is all over his aura.

The best of it? The romance parts, so well written. I can't complain about anything. You're one amazing writer, writing one amazing story. Keep going!
raven1066 chapter 81 . 3/23
Yet another great chapter. Was really looking forward to this in terms of Shepherd and Miranda. Can't wait for the next installment.
TamaGokue chapter 81 . 3/23
Ahh. They finally made up!

I love the dialogue between Ori and Miranda here. Just perfect. And the confrontation scene between her and Shep was just great!

It was also very cool to see your take on the Tali being drunk and then Shepard was insulted by this. (Oh please make Talibrations happen)
V-rcingetorix chapter 80 . 3/1
Where do you get your terminology? Particularly the things like SSE, Winchester and MSR? Either you have former military experience, or close association with those that do?

Adding Collectors is logical, especially since they were retconned into the game via ME3 multiplayer dlc. I have to wonder, would the Reapers have kept a few Collector vessels too? The ME2 visible versions looked like they were castoffs, so maybe not?

EDI blocked from the autonomous platform, I can see that. Adds a little depth too, never a bad thing :)

One minor problem, with the space battle. It looks like the frigates are able to drop their Mace mines (excellent usage of eezo, very well done there) after engaging a head-on collision with the Destroyer-class Reapers, so far so good. However, why would the last ship be unable to be out of the range of the blast, if the other two can be? Were they not traveling at maximum velocity, and therefore able to outrun the shockwave? I understand the Reapers were headed "into" the field, and therefore the very center of the blast, but the Alliance ships were headed "away" from the field, and therefore had a head start on the shockwave.

Unless ... the gravity wave was instantly applied everywhere within a certain distance? As far as I know, gravity doesn't travel like light ... which opens a few possibilities. It's a tiny thing, I know, but now I'm curious.

Keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 80 . 3/1
Oriana and Discovery are okay! Now all we have to do is Miri and Shep to repair their relationship
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