Reviews for Caught Looking
VryUnique chapter 26 . 9/24
It was the right decision. She should have made sure Phil knew he was in or
out, that he can't disappear or change his mind later.
VryUnique chapter 25 . 9/24
LOL... embarrassing! I hope there are no kids present.
VryUnique chapter 24 . 9/24
Poor Seth. I hope Esme and Carlisle will eventually be called grandma and
grandpa. Is Phil's parents still around?
VryUnique chapter 23 . 9/24
If he has changed than she should call them.
Someone needs to smack some sense into Rosalie, at least
set her straight about the cheating.
VryUnique chapter 22 . 9/24
I'm not sure how I feel about Phil. Is it fair to keep him from Seth?
When Seth turns 18 he will see him and tell him Bella wouldn't let
him see him. I would need more details about past Phil and who he
is now. They would also be monitored visits.
I was waiting for Bella to tell Rosalie off, too bad she didn't.
She should have at least thrown out a "I feel sorry for you."
VryUnique chapter 21 . 9/24
Uh Oh!
VryUnique chapter 20 . 9/24
Ohhhhh! I was wondering if Phil was going to make an appearance.
VryUnique chapter 19 . 9/24
Poor Emmett! I guess Rose is under the impression that he was fooling
around with groupies. Maybe the skanks gave her that impression.
She should have talked to Emmett if she had a problem.
VryUnique chapter 18 . 9/24
Delusional freshman! It seems highly unlikely Edward would ever go
for one of them.
VryUnique chapter 17 . 9/24
Did Bella cum? I assume she did but it didn't actually say, she enjoyed it even
if she didn't. Birth control?
VryUnique chapter 16 . 9/24
Ugh! You don't bring a sick kid in your car without something to throw up in!
VryUnique chapter 15 . 9/24
I hope nothing is wrong with Seth.
VryUnique chapter 14 . 9/24
Thanks for the Edward pov!
VryUnique chapter 13 . 9/24
VryUnique chapter 12 . 9/23
Alice is a riot!
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