Reviews for Unlock Your Heart
sarah martin chapter 24 . 7/18
Great story , loved it a bunch :D
SarcasticBimbo chapter 24 . 7/2
Good story, I hope you plan a sequel. :-) Thank you for sharing your talent.
SarcasticBimbo chapter 3 . 7/1
I love mafia fics. Edward is always such a badass. Thank you for writing this and thank you for sharing your talent.
boopgirl chapter 24 . 6/15
Nice job
ChristyWIX chapter 24 . 5/2
Really good ending. Glad to hear that they moved away from the old house . . . would've been very strange to stay there after that. Kind of cool that all the women are having babes so close together. I really liked that part. Very happy grandparents! Thank for an enjoyable read today.
ChristyWIX chapter 23 . 5/2
This chapter certainly took a very weird left turn. Edward closed himself off from Bella . . . why? Because it was Victoria as the agent? That made no sense with the character you built. She's pregnant dude, put on your big boy pants and man the fuck up! Making her stress over his weak ass self is bad for his child! Idiot! Was good to see that she had two separate DVD's, to prove she didn't do what she made it look like. What doesn't make sense though, was him being relaxed enough to masturbate while captured and under extreme duress. Constantly being beat up over the weeks, is not conducive to that state of mind. It is very odd.
ChristyWIX chapter 22 . 5/2
Forgot to mention in the last review how wonderful that proposal was. It was very romantic and fantastic in his wording. Loved it. I'm guessing that Victoria is the agent? Now we are going to learn that Edward wasn't raped after all? Caveward was kind of funny, getting all weird in the waiting room and then moreso with the doctor. Why wasn't he in the room with Bella to begin with? Surprised to see Renee being kind to Tanya. I think that really shocked Tanya herself. She better not fail at this second chance she's getting. Loved how excited the family was about them getting married and being pregnant. Looks like all is getting fixed and settled down. If it is Victoria, then she knows an awful lot about this family . . . which is not a good thing or the FBI to know.
ChristyWIX chapter 21 . 5/2
I knew that Victoria was trying to play Edward and especially Bella. Trying to weasel her way out of prison. It sucks that Tanya doesn't get what she deserves for what she's done to Charlie these past years. However, it's great that she heard what she did, when she did. Bella is being awfully generous. And, if Bella couldn't handle those obnoxious children, why would she torment her poor elderly grandmother with them. Poor grandma. The whole Newton family is stupid as hell. Karen tried, and failed, to get her hooks into the brothers Cullen in high school. So, she tried to off both of their wives whilst pregnant. She's twisted! Seriously? Some women thinking they are owed something, when they didn't get what was never theirs, are so freaking delusional. All these years plotting, planning . . . all to fail miserably . . . what a waste of her life. At least it wasn't Emmett's first kill. That would have been bad for him. He's just shocked right now . . . he'll be fine. Of course that wire will work, as you've most likely written it that way ;)
ChristyWIX chapter 20 . 5/2
I wouldn't trust Victoria in this at all! She was with James through it all, even if she didn't know what he was up to. Unless she has a drug test to back her up as well, I don't buy it for a minute. She could get out and take measures to kill them all. Finish what her family set out to do all along. Nope! Keep her in there. Renata was fantastic! Very glad that they got both Karen and Jay. However, they both know an awful lot about the whole family and could both start spewing what they know to lessen their time in prison. They still need to kill Mike too. If they let him go free one more time, I'm going to doubt BxE's sanity.
ChristyWIX chapter 19 . 5/2
Of course he didn't cheat, please don't tell me some of your readers thought that for even on minute. Whether it was Karen or Victoria, doesn't matter, you had him raped by them. Beyond disgusting. Even though we didn't have to read the act itself, you should have a warning that it is in the story. Karen actually thinking that she's still holding any power, of which she never held any, is mind boggling. She's delusional.
ChristyWIX chapter 18 . 5/2
Bella? Let's see . . . she was dizzy when she got up from laying down . . . her skinny jeans were snug and she hasn't eaten . . . she fainted . . . pregnant! Doesn't matter if you kill off Karen, it's not enough. Karen not only stole Edward but has been raping him . . . that's beyond disgusting. That's a new low for fanfic, wow. And, if she wasn't raping him . . . she was milking him for sperm . . . still just as disgusting.
ChristyWIX chapter 17 . 5/2
It will be Bella killing Mike. Since she's the one that has him in her basement. James and Laurent won't be making it out of their church. Doubtful that Jessica has anything to do with it but, wouldn't put it past her either. Smart of Bella to keep her in the meantime. Not a bit of those two taking Edward and keeping him alive makes any sense. They've made no demands. They've only just beat him repeatedly. They haven't asked him a thing. They haven't demanded any ransom. Nothing. I makes no sense at all. Two thugs that are really stupid. And now most lost likely, dead.
ChristyWIX chapter 16 . 5/2
Well then, that cat's out of the bag . . . Edward finding his releases with Tanya over time. Wondered when Bella would find that out. Funny that Tanya actually thought she had any chance with Edward . . . wasn't she aware of Jessica at all? Or, was she too drugged out to notice. Also very strange that the two wanna be's, James and Laurent, are in EVERYthing. Now they are Tanya's children's fathers!? What have these two not touched? How have they been around this much and not have been noticed as fucking the boss over? What kind or organization are they running here? Geez, no wonder Edward's been taken.
ChristyWIX chapter 14 . 5/2
Alright, so Jake found out that Tanya was blackmailing Charlie. What does that have to do with Jake himself? Was it all for him to get himself into her? If that was all, than yeah, he got what was coming to him. Seems he liked to force himself onto women. Wonder how many others there were besides Bella and Tanya? At least it freed Charlie from her blackmail as well. Two birds, one stone and all that. It was very odd that Tanya didn't want Bella around her kids. WTF, was that about? The outfit Alice picked sounded lovely. His date for her was very romantic. Perfect for Bella.
ChristyWIX chapter 13 . 5/2
That was interesting. I can see where Bella would not want Jake dead for what he did years ago. She sees it as him making a mistake. It's unfortunate and disturbing, that he still leered at her all these years though. I can see why Garrett, Edward and Charlie would want him dead. He's damn lucky he got the pass. It was extremely odd that it was Tanya that did it. Weird and seemingly random, as of right now. Not once you shed light on it though., I'm sure.
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