Reviews for Monster High: Freaky Fabulous New Adventure
yaoilover6 chapter 2 . 10/27/2012
please continue soon love the book!3
Haley the taco chapter 2 . 7/21/2012
Forgot to finish!
I want you to know that haley is my monsona or what ever it's called and I want her and her little brother to be friends with your character (if needed, a bio for brandon will be provided. Let me know!)
Haley the taco chapter 2 . 7/21/2012
Name: Haley hex (last name is changed)

Nicknames: Hales, kit-kat, cartoon

Age: 12

Sexuality: straight or bi, you pick

Ghoul: sorceress

Family: jeanette (mom) dave (dad) david (older brother) brandon (younger brother, not real in real life)

Classes: PD, undead languages, home ick, creative writing, art, music theory, geogrephy

Past(optional): She was teased frequently for cosplaying at school, giving her a bit of a temper. Her little brother was the result of a lab accident that was tagged to be slaughtered. Haley freed him on a class trip to the labratory and said she was his sister.

Personality: happy and a bit crazy, huge cartoon fangirl, very artsy and loves drawing and singing, loves her little brother, has a bit of a temper, pegasister and furry, loves to cosplay, huge tomboy, very smart, loves spors and reading.

Powers: magic, flying

Skin, Fur, Etc: pale skin

Eyes: brown

Pet: GIR, a bearded dragon lizard

Favorite Food: fruit

Clothes: black square glasses, adventure time finn hat, yellow t shirt, boy's blue jeans, assorted friendship bracelets, yellow converse.

Hair: short and dark brown, in a pony tail.

Likes: cartoons, mythbusters, flying, sports, reading, drawing, singing, making friendship bracelets, her little brother, writing.

Dislikes: her older brother, bullies, snobs, bad music, stupid people.

Grade(from 7th to 11th[in my country,11th is last year on high school]): 7th

Choice of Relationship: you decide!

Things you want us to know:

Anything you want to happen:
Representative of Spain chapter 1 . 6/29/2012
Here are my two OCs!

Name: Enrique Robotnik/ Kay Robotnik
Gender: Boy/ Girl
Monster: Robot/ Robot
Family: Dad- , Younger twin sister- Kay Robotnik/ Dad- , Older twin brother- Enrique Robotnik
Age: 132900/ 132900
Skin: Light gray, metal/ Light gray, metal
Eyes: Left eye- Broken, is black. Right eye- Light blue/ Left eye- Light blue. Right eye- broken, is black
Hair: Short, shaggy, gray/ Mid back, gray, covers a portion of face
Height: Short/ A bit shorter than Enrique
Style: White tee, khaki shorts, black sneakers/ White tank, camouflage shorts, black boots.
Nickname(s): Rique/ Kaykay, O-Kay
Personality: Overprotective of Kay, Will hurt boys who flirt or hurt Kay, hyper, kind, childish, sweet, silly, smart, bubbly/ Oblivious, hyper, nice, childish, kind, forgetful, hyper nice bubbly.
History: Their father threw them away at a young age. But Enrique and Kay found him. Their father tricked the twins into thinking he loved them, but he doesnt. He just wants their energy. They still believe he loves them.
Likes: Girls, insects, parties, fiestas, his family/ Boys, animals parties, fiestas, her family
Dislikes: Animals, Kay dating boys, Boys flirting with Kay, Kay getting hurt/ Insects, crying, the dark.
THE DUDE.and chick chapter 1 . 6/25/2012
ocs needed
sincitysincity chapter 2 . 6/17/2012
Name:Salem Trials



Type of Ghoul:a witch

Family:none reaLly just my mom

Past:she was always bullied and tranfered to monster high.

Personality:very shy and timid. Secretly can dance and shop really good.

Powers:casting spells and changing shapes

Hair:long straight black hair the ends near my butt. Orange highlights and bangs.

Skin\Scales\Fur\Whatever's on their body:pale green skin. A normie could mistake her for a sick person.

Eyes:bright orange

Killer Style (clothing):wears a black witch hat. A black shirt with an orange cauldron on it. An orange skirt. The. Ruffles are black. Black and ornage lace fingerless gloves. Black boots with orange laces. A crusifix necklace. Orange eyeshadow. Pale pink lipstick and broom earrings.

Freaky Flaw:is to shy and timid and blushes alot

Favorite Color:Black and orange with brown, white and green

Favorite Food:pumpkin pie and spiderlegs

Pet Peeves (Dislikes):bullies and popular girls

Likes:flying on my broom, my cat wicca, Aaron Riveras and shopping

Classes:Hist. Of the Undead Clawculus PD creepiteria biteology study howl

Relationship Choice/ Crush:Aaron Riveras

Things you want me to know: Aaron is not my charcter. Its cheetakeys oc. But I will ask her to submit him and if you choose me please chose him too!

Anything you want to happen Aaron to shapeshift as you and ask me if I like aaron and I say yes and he shapeshifts back to himself, I blush and try and run away but he grabs my arm and kisses my and we become boyfriend and girlfriend
sincitysincity chapter 1 . 6/17/2012
Name: Aaron Riveras

Age: 18

Sexuality: Straight

Ghoul: Shapeshifter

Family: Marina Riveras(mom), Jack Riveras(dad), Milo(10yrs)

Classes: Home Ick, Dragonology, Hist. of the Undead, Clawculus.

Past: Aaron was born in a family of shapeshifters. He can change into any thing or person, though he has his own body, and he likes to goof off whenever he can too.

Personality: Aaron is very energetic at times. He's not afraid to meet new people and do new things. But he is always around when you need him and when you least expect it.

Powers: Can shapeshift into anything you can think of, can change the sound of his voice to any person.

Skin, Fur, Etc: Cream skin tone.

Eyes: Indigo blue

Pet: Male tyrantula spider, Will.

Favorite Food: Pizza

Clothes: Black tee, red skinny jeans, black sneakers.

Hair: Thick brown

Likes: Shapeshifting and messing with ppl, letting Will out of his cage and letting him roam the house.

Dislikes: People who think his powers are lame,cleaning his room.

Choice of Realtionship: Idk, pick which oc is best for Aaron plz! :)

Things you ant us to know: nothing really...
The Nerdy Mirror Maze Queen chapter 2 . 6/13/2012
I don't mind at all I like her lastname as a human not so much as a witch though.
AntoRodriguez7 chapter 2 . 6/12/2012
Here's the "student profile":











Skin, Fur, Etc:



Favorite Food:





Grade(from 7th to 11th[in my country,11th is last year on high school]):

Choice of Relationship:

Things you want us to know:

Anything you want to happen:


Here's my oc(or better said…'me'):

Name: Antonella Rodriguez.

Nicknames: Pinky & Anto.

Age: 13.

Sexuality: Straight,obviously.

Ghoul: Fire Vampire.

Family: Maria Rodriguez(Vampire) and Rafael(Pronounced: Raphael) Rodriguez(Fire Monster).



-Technical Drawing.

-Family Education.

-Art class.




-Computer Lab.


-Office Class.


-Physical Education.


Personality: Shy,down-to-earth,honest and smart. She's also overprotective of her friends.


-Drinking blood.

-Get on fire.

Skin, Fur, Etc:

Pale skin.


Brown eyes.

Pet: Three dogs(Lulu,Wendy Lu and Armando).

Favorite Food: Pizza,hot chocolate,spaghetti,tacos and candies.


-Uniform: Blue polo shirt,dark blue jeans,black converse and a brown 'short-sleeve' jacket.

-PJ: Every night is a different PJ.

-Formal: Ehhh…what her mom tells her to wear.

-Normal clothes: Usually jeans and converse,the shirt always is different.

Hair: Golden brown.

Likes: Jason Gold,music,soccer,writing stories on Fanfiction,going to her Grandpa's bakery.

Dislikes: The 11th graders.

Choice of Relationship: Jason Gold,even thought he's 16.

Grade: 7th.
Just Another Fangirl 6 chapter 2 . 6/12/2012
Cool :3
EchoRedfox chapter 2 . 6/12/2012
I loved I can't wait for chapter three.
The Nerdy Mirror Maze Queen chapter 1 . 6/12/2012
First off your name is really cool

Luna:long straight black hair brown eyes(if you look closly their really black) green skin but for a while accedentliy casted a spell on herself giving her normal colored cacasion skin she's a witch
EchoRedfox chapter 1 . 6/12/2012
Hey. I gonna make a monster studen if that is okay.

Reda (Raider) Rex. Tanned skin, Golden eyes, Black hair that curls. Reda is called Raider and is secretly a werewolf. She's in eighth grade.

Her Brother is in twelveth grade his name is Raiden Rex. Tanned skin, Golden eyes, Black short spiked hair.
Just Another Fangirl 6 chapter 1 . 6/11/2012
Oh I liked it! Btw your name is so pretty! :)