Reviews for Soul Violation
Morlin chapter 4 . 7/23/2012
Ah yes. This was a nice little ending that wrapped things up nicely and answered a few things while giving us the required KonoSetsu yuri-action KonoSetsu fan demand out of every fic that has the two in the same scene. ...hope you didn't have to strain anything to add that.

And of course they could have babies despite being the same gender. Because it's magic and requires no explanation. -*reference to the hated Joe Quesada*
Morlin chapter 3 . 6/20/2012
Ok. This chapter had quite the mix of stuff I liked and stuff I didn't like entirely.

Stuff I liked:

- The fight itself was really well-done. It was face-paced, had several memorable moments and classic manga touches that always makes the fight connoisseur in me smile with glee.

- Your portrayal of Tsukuyomi was spot on and entertaining. I especially enjoyed the two moments where she let her affections get the best of her and she snogged Setsuna and then basically got herself more killed for the sake of sexual innuendo. That she did both in mid-fight fits her and had that mix of comedy and terror that fits her character.

- Takane was an odd but enjoyable addition to the story. Her over-the-top hammyness was a source of great entertainment. Though she seems way stronger than she actually is in the manga.

- The dialogue, especially Setsuna, Tsukuyomi and Takane's was just very entertaining.

Stuff I didn't like:

- Besides the possession at the end the Soul Edge was kind of just there. It was a big weapon that Tsukuyomi swung around without any significant improvement to her performance against Setsuna. Her normal dagger did more damage than the Soul Edge and Setsuna herself caused more destruction during the battle. Bit of a let down that the Soul Edge didn’t do more.

- Konoka had a very tiny presence in this, besides the healing of Asuna, which was kind of disappointing seeing as how Tsukuyomi’s reason for picking up the Soul Edge was to fight past Setsuna and then kill Konoka. I was hoping for some drama with Tsukuyomi attacking Konoka.

- The ending was kind of abrupt. It felt like it needed a bit more of a resolution. Some final talk between Konoka and Setsuna or something like and some pondering on the consequences of the events in the fight, Tsukuyomi’s death and Setsuna now only having one wing. A bit more catharsis is what I’m asking for here.

Overall this is a very entertaining story and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It just felt like a few things were missing from the final resolution.
Morlin chapter 2 . 6/13/2012
And let the fight-innuendo BEGIN!

Good beginning to the chaos as we get the cool fight scene and the suspense of what will happen to Asuna and who else will meet up with the psychotic stalker.

I'm personally a bit conflicted here as well as I'm no Asuna-fan but I don't exactly want to see here die. Either way this is fun.
StraightedgeEpyon chapter 1 . 6/12/2012
(chuckles)You gonna bring in Nightmare from Soul Caliber? or any of the characters from the game?
Morlin chapter 1 . 6/12/2012
Well. This seems like it'll be a delightfully psychotic little romp.

Your Tsukuyomi is probably the funniest version I've read so far and the idea of her weilding the Soul Edge is... quite a lot of words... I'm going with frightening.

Looking forward to an update and whenever Setsuna and co show up.
BlueOrphan chapter 1 . 6/12/2012
My face was like ._. then it was like this :D and I was literally loling by the time I got to the end. I like the approach you've taken in this with regards to the whole love triangle. It's different to the usual Tsukuyomi/Setsuna fics out there. I assume you're going for a parody angle here? Or crack? Somewhere between the two? Whatever it is, I love it. The humour's brilliant and the ending is what sealed it for me xD.