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juliet chapter 30 . 5/14
Its so good please write more stories like this
Tsurushuu chapter 11 . 5/15/2016
CANDY ISLAND? Ok, now I want to live there now :D
Your dimensions actually amazed me a lot, like you can go from Clow to Yasha & now Candy world.
The Clow world was too typical since that's the original place in TRC so I won't comment anything on that. But the world of Yasha & Queen Ashura? Oh no, to me, Ashura-ou is still a KING, doesn't matter how feminine he looked. He's STILL AN EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE KING to me. He loves Yasha-ou, that I did not deny, but he's also another KING with equal position comparing to Yasha-ou than being that man's queen.
Back to Candy Island, it's not just sweet stuffs to eat but sweet scenes to see, if you know what I meant :D It's so sweet that my heart was about to explode any moments now.
& gosh, how I love that fur ball's accusation about "morning harassment." Keep up good work, dear Mr. Fur Ball
Tsurushuu chapter 10 . 5/15/2016
Ok, so what I'm about to write will be pretty long due to sum up from chapter 1 to 10. I know for fact that you, the writer, had finished your piece of work an year ago. & it's pure coincidence that I am a late reader of your amazing work. I could see that lots of people had reviewed your work up till now. But as a reader, I feel obliged to give you something back, as I was reading your hard work after all. There'll be two parts, my reviews from chapter 1 to 10 & few questions from me to you, which I hope that you may spend some of your precious time to give me some replies. Thank you!

1. I was amazed that you can wrote down a pretty interesting story, based on TRC style. You're not the only one using that kind of approach, but trust me, not everyone succeeded. However, to my surprise, the way you leaded the story was not just following TRC storyline or some kind of copycat. You actually created your own storyline. & it did keep me reading it since chapter 1 till now
2. Your work was a long fic. So it did have both advantage and disadvantage facts. It'd take a long time to finish & each chapter would depend on your mood at the time you wrote it. So there might be a gap between each one of them. So far, I did not see as a huge gap between each chapter of yours, which is good. It's like writing a song, with high, middle & low keys. But it must remain balance after all. From 1 to 10, I think you did a pretty good job in remaining this intangible balance. The emotions went up, down in a harmony.
3. You're the 2nd writer in SubKam fandom that I truly admired due to being extremely careful in describing my 1st EVER OTP, aka the love of my life :D Amazing choice of words, detailed description, like I can see exactly what you're telling me through words, which not easy to accomplish.
4. Interesting choices in forming team in dimensions traveling. I'll give you a thumb up for that & but I also have a question for you in this particular field later
5. Logical emotional flows. I could say that you did a pretty good job in research in X. Being able to use X as a background to build up your own story like that was able to convincing me after all, like yeah, that totally makes sense.
6. I especially enjoy those scenes where you tortured Subaru-san *evil smile* Good job!
7. I love your little corner. Too bad I could not join you *evil smirk*

1. Subaru-san as Syaoran ok, actually I love it. I meant Subaru-san did not lose to Syaoran to the extent of protecting his loved one. But Syaoran is kind, & Subaru-san probably is only kind to Kamui, which Nokoru-san already stated that.
Kamui as Sakura oh common, our Kamui can fight too, not like some useless princess who slept all the time
Nokoru as Fye mama now that's what I called interesting fact. I actually adore that guy. Him being Fye would surely make their journey more fun.
BUT WHY FUUMA AS KUROGANE PAPA? You lost me here. To be honest, I DESPITE FUUMA, for what he did to our precious Kamui. So I don't understand why you put him on the team. & the personality of this Fuuma is way better than the asshole in X, which made me less hate him up till now.
2. The Mokona in here is way more mature and sarcastic than the TRC Mokona, EVER. I don't hate it, I really like it. Just WHY? Any deep meaning?
3. The TRC true team is like a family: Fye mama, Kuro papa, Syaoran as a son & Mokona as a pet. But your team did not look like a family but seemed to me like brother-in-arms/lovers. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE IT THAT WAY?

That's all for now. All of these are just my personal, subjective thinkings. If anything offend you, I apologize.
Have a good day,
& I will keep reviewing after finishing one chapter after this
reicheruchan chapter 36 . 2/16/2016
I absolutely love the pairings and the story!
Keroro chapter 36 . 2/6/2016
Very nice fic!
Best fic of x/1999 ever read!
YumeNoAnata chapter 36 . 9/28/2015
I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for writing it. :)
Hohoe chapter 36 . 8/22/2015
TAT end... TTATT end !
Well, about the end _

I liked the fact that they can't go back to their dimension anymore, cuz it's not a fairytale, so everything shouldn't be just all right, isn't it ?

Still, Nokoru's end is a bit, hum, I dunno how to say it. It's just that after all this, he just abandoned the idea and settled down with someone looking like Suoh. I'm quite sad for that.

Poor Kamui (the one that disappeared)

Anyway, looking forward to your next story.

Hohoe chapter 35 . 8/22/2015
WTF?! Keiichi?!
God, Kamui dear, you have no taste !
Next chapter is the last, already?
Hohoe chapter 34 . 8/22/2015
Sweetest Days chapter 36 . 8/3/2015
Oh dang... I wanna cry and smile and throw a tantrum and laugh and jump around and, more prominitly, read this all again. All cause it is over and it was a wondrous read from start to finish. A unique idea for these two and beautiful for it. Thanks so much for this. I hope you do more, soon. I'm sure we'll all be waiting for you. :)
XienRue chapter 36 . 5/8/2015
Thank you so much for sharing the story with us! The ending is very sweet.
Sn0wk1tty chapter 36 . 5/4/2015
great ending3
Neko Nishiriu chapter 36 . 5/3/2015
Wahhh... It's finally arrived at the ending point... It's a good story. Thank you for writing it.
alejasofia chapter 35 . 4/24/2015
Did you watch Inception around the time you wrote this chapter?. Very interesting, this is what probably would happen be if clamp had written the movie using 'X' as a plotline

That's why poor Subaru can reach Kamui, i bet it's all a dream and they'll find themselves back in their dimension, what they did never happened. It's a conspiracy.

You're so amazing, you should be proud. Congrats! . I'll definitely miss all of this too!
Clavemien Nigram Rosa chapter 35 . 4/7/2015
My heart hurts so much but oh my God, amazing as always!
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