Reviews for The Real Monster
Savage Sword chapter 12 . 4/17
This is the second story of yours that I have started reading (your premises and ideas are awesome by the way) and let me tell you that as someone who is not a native English speaker that you have an excellent grasp of the language. You have very few grammatical errors, you do not confuse you, your, you're, or the different forms of their, there, and they're. Seriously well done. Keep up the good work- I can't wait to see what you'll be working on in the future.
Gabenight7 chapter 1 . 3/10
This is my absolute favorite fanfiction i have ever had the pleasure of reading. Keep up the good work! :)
Kupo Prodigy chapter 23 . 3/6
I'm so looking forward to reading the conclusion...this is such a mess! I want to read something else just to get a break for a bit...but I'm so entangled at the moment that I need find out what do always tend to end at particularly good scenes.
Sucks it won't be a Harem...he has really strong bonds with his female comrades that could spark into an intense love with the right situation.
Kupo Prodigy chapter 14 . 3/6
FUUUUU! I'm really glad I'm reading this now instead of when this chapter came out...that is one hell of a cliff-hanger.
I'm sad about Anko...and surprised about Kushina...
What the hell is Minato doing?!
Kupo Prodigy chapter 12 . 3/6
I'll admit I needed a scene like the ending of this that you tend to write them to balance out the heaviness that is to come in the following ones...
I'll admit that I totally forgot that I was reading a NaruShizuka story...I was a bit enthralled there that I forgot that little detail in the summary...
Kupo Prodigy chapter 11 . 3/6
Wow...Jiraiya is actually taking a direct action in Naruto's life? Wow...this is certainly refreshing. I expected him to lamely try "reason" with Minato about his actions instead of outright teach him a lesson. Brought a smile to my face though...
So...just for the record...Kushina has a son complex right? Or is Naruto just that much of a charmer?
Kupo Prodigy chapter 10 . 3/6
...this is just wow...truly a "calm before the storm"(as calm as it can be...because it will be one hell of a storm).
Really glad Anko was able to provide some sort of last support to him...
And lastly...I didn't think you would make the whole family a bunch of crazies...its amazing. I don't get why you had Naruto's sister create 100(?) Kage bunshin...she might be an Uzumaki but 100? She doesn't have the Kyuubi to boost her reserves.
Kupo Prodigy chapter 9 . 3/6
*sniff* Shiro died so soon? Why...?! I thought it was great that you gave him an animal partner...since it seems Kurama is going to be a bastard for a while he needs the companionship.
Kupo Prodigy chapter 8 . 3/5
So yeah...Minato is coo-coo her huh? That's a shame...I'm gonna dislike reading about human trash. Hopefully he won't get away with too much.
Great chapter...though they way Anko uses her snakes is a bit weird...
Kupo Prodigy chapter 7 . 3/5
I'm praying for NaruAnko now...those always tend to turn out interesting at least. Hopefully at least you don't get Anko to end up with someone else if she doesn't get together with Naru...I always have to stop reading a fic because of that.
Anyway! It's quite amusing to read about Kakashi acting possessive over Naruto...him wanting to turn Naruto into a mini-clone of himself is quite funny :3
Kupo Prodigy chapter 6 . 3/5
Was wondering how he would get the Kage Bunshin...was expecting Kushina teaching it to him...interesting. If he does go to Kumo in the end...he will give them so much tools...since the Kage Bunshin is a Konoha unique...I don't think Kumo knows it.
Kupo Prodigy chapter 5 . 3/5
I don't understand your muse talk...meh.
Does Minato not have a guilty conscience? There should be a seal that doesn't cause pain but he still goes with one that does? He expects Naruto to pick Konoha after all this crap?
Kupo Prodigy chapter 4 . 3/5
Fuck...Kyuubi really knows how to play like a fox in this fic. Cunning indeed.
Kupo Prodigy chapter 3 . 3/5
I always like a black-haired Naruto...the Black(hair) and Blue(eyes) combination is is good too.
Well...I won't review much since I'm pretty far it won't matter too much.
Kupo Prodigy chapter 1 . 3/5
Wow...I actually felt like crying for a bit there...he actually believe his name was Monster and Demon? That's horrible...ugh. Why do they have to abandon him?! Just to use him as an escape goat for Konoha's suffering? Kushina was the Jinchuuriki before and she turned out perfectly fine...they could have tried.
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