Reviews for Let The Music Be Your Master
nannygirl chapter 22 . 1/15/2013
Wonderful work on this chapter!

I really liked how it picked up right from the last one with the wedding and confusion lol Glad that Donna and Eric were able to get married even if it was rushed ceremony—they’re long kiss that upset the minster made me laugh.

The car ride with Jena, Kelso, Jackie and Hyde was a terrific part of this chapter! Could imagine it all very well! Jackie being nervous while driving, Jena and Hyde being rather tense with each other and Kelso being well Kelso lol Liked Hyde being protective of Jena but Jena did bring up some good points that defended her engagement to Jason. The part with them talking about the Chicago incident with Jackie and Kelso was great! Kelso being almost proud about it lol and I liked Hyde agreeing about how it would remain a mystery for him too and he was glad of that. The argument with Jena and Hyde was very well written—Great job!

It stinks that the argument causes another rift between the two and that they even went awhile without speaking. I liked they way you wrote that part and I’m glad Jackie called and apologized for the way Hyde had been acting. But Hyde still didn’t call. Poor Jena.

The scene over at the Forman House was terrific. Liked Donna and Kitty helping Jena get her outfit together and the talk between Jena and Donna was really sweet. Also liked Donna’s line here “You know for non-emotional people, you two sure stir up a lot of drama." LOL

So happy to see Hyde and come around to come talk to Jena, apologize and even brought H.J. with him! That scene was really sweet and so very well written, you could really feel the brother sister bound there :D

Overall a very fantastic chapter! I really did enjoy it! Whether you update this story or start with a new one I’m excited to read it and can’t wait to see where you take the gang and Jena and her friends! :D Looking forward to reading more from you! Till then keep up the very wonderful work!
nannygirl chapter 21 . 1/15/2013
So I was so excited to see that you had updated this story and then I realized I never read and reviewed this chpater! So very sorry for that! But I’m doing it now and that’s what counts right?

This was a very terrific chapter!

What a great idea of having Leo be the kids babysitter, it’ll be not only fun for Leo but fun for the kids too! I loved how protective Hyde was over HJ so cute!

The roadtrip sounds like a lot of fun and I liked how the all took turns driving. Cute image of Jackie and Hyde asleep together and I had to laugh at Kelso declaring that they weren’t as cute as Betsy LOL Hearing him talk about his little girl was precious, he really is a proud papa huh? It was also nice to see Kelso talking about getting into a serious relationship and I liked Jena telling him he should try with Brooke—it’s a good idea!

Bit with Kelso acting like a dog with his head out the window—Hilarious!

Sounds like it’s all coming together and has planned nicely or Donna and Eric’s wedding. Loved the part with Jackie talking to Jena about what she was wearing and how she couldn’t wear that to the wedding. Her excitement about getting all dressed up was very Jackie and Jena not being so excited—she’d definitely a Hyde lol

Wonderful descriptions of the little chapel and what everyone was wearing—Great job! And having Jason come in was a brilliant idea! A big surprise not only for the characters but for us readers too! Loved that! :D Great getting Jason part of the story and the confusion that came from talking to Leo lol.

Thought it was sweet of Jason to travel all that way to stop Jena from getting married even though she wasn’t getting married at all. And then the band and Victory coming in LOL that was just too funny! Was almost expecting Red Kitty and Bob to come in too! lol

Oh no the beans have been spilled! This is gonna be good!

Fabulous work on this chapter once again! I’m off to read the next one now!
The Starkiller chapter 22 . 1/14/2013
You better post it soon! I love this story! I probably should have read the first one but oh well! I'm too lazy ass for that. If it isn't over though, update soon!
Guest chapter 21 . 11/29/2012
Interesting story. Jena Hyde is a interesting character and Jackie and Hyde well are awesome together. I cant wait to read what happens next.
Guest chapter 20 . 10/13/2012
Update please!
nannygirl chapter 19 . 9/16/2012
Terrific work on this terrific chapter!

I really enjoyed the first scene with Jena eating breakfast with Red and Kitty and then getting the call for Victory. Had to laugh at Red’s reaction to Victory and Kitty being excited that Jena had a friend lol Then the phone call was really fun! Glad to hear the date with Skip went well and it was cute with the whole kiss thing, also liked Jena not wanting to talk and go into details about it all with Red and Kitty in the room LOL Loved all the 80s lingo you tossed in Victory’s vocabulary. Great stuff!

Loved how Kitty’s first question when Jena was off the phone was when was Victory coming over lol And Red’s reply was so very Red! Lol Aw and a nice little moment with Jena getting the Vista Cruiser. Her excitement and then Zen was great!

The next scene over at Grooves was so much fun! Donna and Eric are eloping, sounds very interesting! And I thought it was adorable that they wanted Jena to be the best man and maid of honor. Jackie being upset and wanting Donna and Eric to return the favor and have her and Hyde as the maid of honor and bets man was so Jackie! Lol

Terrific work on the flashback! Jena being the look out for Eric and Donna lol. Those three last calls had me laughing especially the one with Laurie lol Also a very sweet flashback with Jena helping Eric set up his first date with Donna. That was very cute.

The perfect person to watch the kids? Oh this should be interesting! I’m thinking either Tinkerbell or Jason or hey maybe even Leo! Lol

Wonderful work as always! Thanks much for the update! I’m looking forward to more! Keep up the fantastic work!
nannygirl chapter 18 . 9/4/2012
Another wonderfully fantastic chapter!

It’s always great seeing Jena at school and I liked how this time we got to see her in class with Victory. She’s such a fun character. I laughed when she waved and said hello to the teacher—who also sounds very nice. Liked the idea of groups. And its great that Jena’s thinking about trying to get into the Christmas show this year since it’s her last year. Also very happy to hear that she’s off her crutches too.

Good stuff happening with the band! Excited for their promotional concert and how they’ll be dressing up for Halloween. Sounds like great fun! And I had to smile at Victory going along—bet Skip was happy to see her too.

Fabulous scene at the Forman house! I liked Jena watching scary movies by herself—not many people can/do. and then Eric coming in and both of them scaring the other was too funny! Awesome bit here that had me laughing right out loud! “"Red let you?" He raised his eyebrow. I nodded. "Yeah. I don't scream like a little girl when someone gets killed." "I do not scream like a little girl." He said, he turned to look at the scene and jumped back with a girlish tone of voice as the little children's eyes changed on the movie.

Aw it stinks that Eric and Donna had a fight about their wedding but it was nice for Jena to give her advice and it was even nicer that she appeared to be on Eric’s side of things. Was very glad to see Donna come over and the two make up, that was very sweet with Donna saying she’d marry him then and there and then Eric asking Jena if she was ordained lol Great stuff! :D

This was another really terrifc chapter! Really made me smile as I read it! Looking forward to the next chapter and keep up the fantabulous work!
nannygirl chapter 17 . 8/26/2012
Wonderful, wonderful chapter!

Terrific opening with Jena and Victory talking about Skip. LOL loved the Clydesdale part that was very funny and Jena’s reaction to hearing Skip be called that lol. I’m early like Victory and its nice for Jena to have some more female friends that way she can talk about girl stuff with someone while there at school.

Aw really really enjoyed the little flashback dream scene in there. It was so very sweet everyone there with Jena celebrating her birthday and her wish was very nice—liked that it was the same one she wished for since she was 10. Nice work there!

Then Jena’s actual birthday sounds like a lot of fun! And I thought it was really cute that they were also celebrating H.J.’s birthday—so very sweet. Liked that Jena got cupcakes something brought in from the last story huh? Very nice! And Jena got a lot of great gifts! The necklace from Jason very sweet, the parental gifts from The Forman and W.B. The Beer from everyone else. Oh and the shirt from Donna and Eric. Liked that one. But I really loved the second part of Hyde, Jackie and H.J.’s gift. The picture and sunglasses. So very sweet!

Awesomely awesome scene with the ‘I’ve Never Game’ sounds like such a fun game! I’ve heard of it before never played but I liked your take on having the people standing up and sitting down. And of course there were some that were not very adultish…okay maybe they were too adultish lol Laughed right out when Kitty got the one that she said she couldn’t read out loud and then ripped up and Hyde snickering in the background lol And this part too “"Or the one I wrote." Kelso yelled. "Which one is that?" Kitty looked through the papers. "The one folded four times." "Played Strip Candy Land." She rolled her eyes. "Michael. That is also a sex joke!" "I know. I just wanted you to read it." He smirked and laughed. Haha! Oh Kelso!

The goodbyes from the party were very well done. Liked Betsy saying she wasn’t tired when she clearly was, then Laurie and Fez leaving together with Reggie. And Leo asleep on the couch Haha!

Aww and what a sweet ending with Jason and Jena. Very terrific way to close the chapter up!

Over all I thought this was a fantastic chapter! Sorry fro taking awhile to read it, Can’t wait to read the next one! Keep up the marvelous work!
nannygirl chapter 16 . 8/17/2012
Fantastic work on this new chapter!

It was nice seeing Jena back at school and I’m glad things are going well for her so far not as bad as she had feared. Liked the part with the pictures that she kept in her locker very sweet. And a new friend! Cool! Victory sounds like a fun character! Kinda reminds me of Jackie with her bubbly excitement and lots of talking lol Nice of her to help Jena out with the way her ankle is. Liked that even though Jena isn’t completely fond of her yet she was still nice and grateful towards Victory…or Tinkerbelle LOL that’s a fun little nickname!

Thought it was nice too of Jena to take Victory to meet the band and her excitement was great—liked that she had seen them on TV during the concert, nice detail! Had to laugh at bit t Jena introducing her as Tinkerbelle and Victory correcting her. Aww and it looks like Skip has crush. How cute! And Victory seems to feel some mutual feelings which makes it even cuter! :D

Aww a very sweet part with Jena and Jason and how they were worried that if they kissed Jena’s nose would get hurt, loved Jena saying she’d take the risk lol

Wonderful flashback thrown in there! Always nice to see a sibling moment with Hyde and Jena. Liked Kitty throwing Jena a party and I really loved Hyde getting Jena out of bed to go and celebrate her birthday. Great moment there.

Enjoyed the closing part very much! Sets up for the upcoming chapters! Jena’s Birthday sounds like it’ll be fun! :D

Terrific work on this chapter once more! It was a great read! Looking forward to reading the next! Till next time keep up the always wonderful work!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/15/2012
meh...H.J. for a name? ill try another chapter
nannygirl chapter 15 . 8/9/2012
Fantabulous chapter this was!

Poor Jena though those three reasons that she didn’t want to go back to school make a lot of sense—especially that second one. Hoping though that she gets better and goes off to have a great school year! Was nce of Hyde to bring over her favorite album and so sweet with Jason to hurry over. And W.B.! It was really great seeing him! :D

Terrific flashback! Very sweet seeing the bonding moment with Jena and W.B. The whole thing with him getting her guitar—a Gibson!—to make up for all he missed out was very nice. Liked the added bit of her working with Red too. And the end with Hyde and Angie fighting had me laughing that was a really cute and fun family scene there! Great work there! :D

And another wonderful moment with W.B. and Jena talking before her surgery. I’m glad she told him the truth about the fight and his concern for her and hoping she’d put him the hospital too lol that was all very sweet.

Jena’s dream was FANTASTIC! Loved it opening with her in an Annie performance LOL and the way she got herself to stop it and change it something more exciting was terrific! And yes the second half of the dream sounded much more fun than the first half.

LOVED the ending with jena waking up and making that confusing statement to her parents lol

Wonderful work on this chapter! Very much enjoyed it! Looking forward to the next one! And keep up the terrific work!
nannygirl chapter 14 . 8/7/2012
Fantastic work on this fabulous chapter!

Whoa! Did not realize Jena’s injuries fro were bad, I feel bad. Though I’m gad she had her friends, her family here to help her. That was a terrific scene! Loved Jackie covering her eyes because of the blood, and the story of Jena flying because Fez threw her LOL Oo and they couldn’t find him or Laurie at the disco? My FL shipper heart just got very excited! :D

LOVED all the flashbacks in this chapter! Don’t even think I can choose a favorite!

The first one with Edna was bittersweet. I really liked seeing this mother daughter moment between the two, seeing the softer side of Edna but knowing that Edna leaves her and Hyde is what makes it so sad. Second flashback was wonderful! Loved little Jena and little Hyde and it being Jena’s first day of school and Hyde going with her to show her it would be okay—so sweet! The meeting of Carl was another bittersweet part, liked Jena saying she’d call him ‘Carl’ was a very Hyde like action! :D

The third flashback made me smile with Edna getting Hyde a beer and Jena a soda lol Nice work on the fourth flashback too! With Donna retuning from California liked that that was why Jena left her ‘room’ and then how protective Hyde was at the end when Donna mentioned Carl—LOVED.

Fabulous work on the last flashback with Hyde and Jena right before she left for school. I liked the quick mention of Jackie and Chicago and then eth reminder of Jena’s first day of school—SO SWEET! Great thinking of adding in that part about things changing because after the Chicago thing and Eric leaving for Africa it all really did change.

Such a lovely scene at the end with Jena waking up in a hospital room (hope she’s okay) but not alone, surround by those that love her. Very sweet.

Terrific job on this chapter! It was a really great one! Looking forward to more! Keep up the terrific work!
nannygirl chapter 13 . 8/3/2012
Fantastically fabulous work on this new chapter!

Terrific flashback scene from one of my all time favorite episodes! And I loved that you not only fit in one original character into the episode but two! Both Jena and Carl were great and fit right in! Loved the added bonus of Jena making the signs for the yard sale and the ‘special brownies’ :D And a nice scene too with Kelso and Laurie, liked you adding that part cuz it sort of tied in with what happened in the present time.

Great part with Jena waking up and thinking about her flashbacks—made me smile when Jena went to the closet to get better sleep lol

Really fun scene out in the driveway! Loved that not only were they going to a disco again but they were going in the Cruiser—Yay! LOL Jackie’s comments about the car were so funny! And Jena saying she was not sitting on anyones lap lol Liked Laurie’s entrance too! Nice that she went along. Oh and the comment about Kelso being a bigger wh*re than Laurie after the points given…yeah I’ve gotta agree too lol. Poor Kelso!

WONDERFUL scene at the disco! Could imagine them all dancing and Hyde getting annoyed with Disco after awhile lol Nice add in! Aw loved Jena and Fez dancing! Sounded like they had a lot of fun! Liked them bringing in some moves they learned at the pool part. Oh and then the bit with Laurie! LOVED! The poor thing, it was nice of Jena to go comfort her and Fez saying he’d dance with her SO sweet, SO Fez. Loved them image of the two dancing and her still crying a bit. Very sweet.

AWESOME scene at the end! So glad that Jena got to get Carl like that he deserved it! Oh and I just LOVED Hyde coming over and talking to her after having pulled her away from Carl and calmed her down. So sweet when he reassured her she wasn’t the biggest dumbasses, in his own Hyde way. A very cute brother sister moment.

Really terrific work on this tremendous chapter! Can’t wait to read the next chapter! And keep up the fabulous work!
nannygirl chapter 12 . 7/30/2012
Tremendously terrific work on this chapter!

The answer to Jason’s proposal was so cute! I’m so glad that Jena said yes and then the explanation by Jason about how he knew they didn’t have to get married right away he just wanted to make sure she was his…Awwww! Jena’s reaction was sweet to when she said yes and how she was excited even before looking at the ring! And that ring sounds Gorgeous Love that it’s unique too it’s almost like it was custom made for her. Sweet touch with the music note! I like the idea of them keeping it as a secret plus it’ll be fun to watch when the secret does slip out—how it will slip out who will let it slip and of course the reactions—Oo but they were almost caught! That was a great little scene and I love that no one has noticed the ring except Betsy—a child—awesome! Though she does have some Brooke in her! Aw its kinda that school will be starting soon of Jena but hopefully things will go well there and now she’ll be coming back to Point Place for a few more visits.

FABULOUS flashback! You did a wonderful job! Loved how Jena was against the idea but still was curious and agree. LOVED the image of Jena having her hair ironed by Laurie and then her hair melting LOL Very funny.

Very nice scene with Eric and Jena! Oh no Carl’s here…I smell drama. Hoping I’m wrong or at least if I’m right its drama that won’t last long or hurt Jena. Like that Eric told Jena ands even sounded kinda protective of her. Very sweet. And what a great idea of having everyone go out just lie it was old times! Sounds like great fun! :D

Off you’re an no thanks he help for flashbacks was more than happy! You did a really wonderful job! And oh my 7 months, you must be so excited! Very cute name too! The idea of stay with M names is ADORABLE! Wishing the best for you and your little family! :D

Wonderful work once again! I really enjoyed it! Be back to read the next chapter soon! Till then keep up the great work!
nannygirl chapter 11 . 7/25/2012
Terrific work on this terrific chapter!

It’s so nice seeing that the gang all gets together on Sundays to hang out and have it be like old times. Very sweet. I’m glad too that everybody likes the idea. The circle scene was so wonderful and very funny! It felt like a scene right from the show! Eric blabbling on about Star Wars, Hyde and his car that runs on water, Jena and the cupcakes lol All such funny stuff!

Oo and then we got some big news! Brooke is pregnant! Yay! So very happy for Kelso and Brooke. Nice work on Kelso’s reaction and the gang too. Like Jena thinking he had swallowed something again lol. And then when she realized Brooke and Kelso had done it while she was bay sitting LOL!

Very great scene with Jena and the band. Always nice to see them! And how sweet of Jason setting up the top secret date! Aww twinkies, pb&j sandwiches, and beer. Had to laugh at Skips add in of the beer. Lol Aww and how sweet with Jason singing. And what a wonderful song choice too! Very sweet that he got Ruby to help him sing just for Jena.

*GASP!* The ending! The question! Ahh! Cliffhanger!

Terrific work once more! So looking forward to the next chapter! Can’t wait to find out Jena’s answer! Keep up the wonderful work!
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