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ByteTheGamerpony chapter 20 . 11/25/2013
AlphaBlaze chapter 21 . 6/27/2013
Flygon master, Until now I have been waiting quietly for the third installment of the lucky life series... Have you given up on it or something? If you have I'm extremely disappointed. Its a great series, but I haven't seen any hints that you're going to continue with it. Could you possibly answer my question when you next update "you just might love the girl if"?
Dawn over a Lilly chapter 1 . 9/14/2012
Yep I cryed, I just wish that I had caught this story sooner. I ended up reading it all in one go. But I am still glad that I caught it now and not never. This is honestly my Favoret story in fanfiction. But there where a few spelling mistakes that I caught. But still 10/10.

I just wish I could grab Change it slightly and make it a anime or even a manga.
Guest chapter 11 . 8/20/2012
I just realized her name is Akira KOGAMI
Mr. FanficGuy chapter 21 . 8/21/2012
Well, it wasn't a bad remake. I am REALLY glad that Kurono (I know I probably spelled that bastard's name wrong but I don't care) was mostly taken out of the story.
Guest chapter 19 . 8/17/2012
You just left a cliff hanger so use it
Gigarot chapter 20 . 8/18/2012
All I can say is: when Kagami started crying, I started too...

To say that this is just epic would be a misunderstanding, this is something that can't be described with words, and only a few authors can achieve that.

Thank you, and I'm looking forward for your next story.
armydillo62O chapter 21 . 8/18/2012
Niiiice! I must say I love the ending, and the story. One thing I must say, I missed my favorite scene of this story that was in the original. That was miyuki beating the crap out of a few girls. That, and akiras little "HOLY CRAP BUSTY IS INSANE!" really, I missed that scene. If there won't be a season three, a good idea I think would be to have a little 10-year after epilogue where konata and kagami are married, living together with maybe an adopted child. Well, it's up to you, but I think it would work!
Guest chapter 18 . 8/16/2012
Just Make a season 3 college dose last quite a while you know oh yeah and many a vist to kagamis job oh yeah and make konata go through a growth spurt. Your friend the salamanceman
Sqweebs chapter 20 . 8/18/2012
Fuck I'm crying... I can't take it... this is just too precious. It's finally the end. The story that got me started on is over. I can't take this! From everything, from the first time reading a yar ago, to the revised versions, to this ending, It's perfect! WAHH
Sqweebs chapter 19 . 8/18/2012
With how many stories actually showing Kurono as an enemy (Lucky Life, Unlucky Space, Lucky Temptations, a bit of Runaway Otaku, Ect. Ect.) I almost forgot why everyone was even mad at him. Then I remembered it, (and the odd fight scene in the original We're in College.) Anyways, I really gotta say, I liked the original better in the beginning, but I like the new ending MUCH more than the original one. While the original had more of a realistic feel with the swearing, and such, and I liked some of the other scenes in the original more, but about the time Akira came into the story itself, it got a bit odd, and a bit more unrealistic, and even a bit boring. With THIS ending, it made the entire story more realistic, and even made the story more intresting at the end. (I mean CMON why the heck would all of these girls go on a CRUISE in the MIDDLE of College?!) Also Miyuki needs to get over the anger at Mikeru. I mean so he stole your hot, cute, sexy, overly attractive, clumsy, air headed, Moe girlfriend! He never truely did anything wrong. He even followed the advice, and went back to his girlfriend (that's another thing, in the original you mentioned his girlfriend once but NEVER brought her up again, I applaud you for fixing that.) get over it Miyuki!
Sqweebs chapter 18 . 8/18/2012
I could just imagine Kagami there with a camera with her finger on the button going complete rapid fire mode on the thing. X Also Minoru, it's a small velvet box for Kagami WHADDYA THINK IT IS? XD
Acsuperman chapter 20 . 8/18/2012
I suck with reviews. I suck in consistency to make them, and when I do, my reviews suck themselves. Sorry I didn't review this NEARLY as much as I should have, even when I said I would. Anyway, I guess I'll try my hand at a good review then!

I remember the first chapters I started betaing for ya. Way back in the middle of the original ISWHBD (Back before it was even called Lucky Life XD) I PMed you all the corrections XD Even speaking from purely a beta's perspective, if I didn't read your story at all other than to correct things like that, you've improved exponentially. Now, I think there was something like one, MAYBE two, errors in chapter 19 that required fixing, everything else was just my opinion honestly. And most of THAT stuff wasn't your fault, it was a computer auto-correct that I remember you telling me about before (Your sister made most contractions auto correct so that they wouldn't be contractions so that her college papers would technically be longer, I assume). It's crazy the amount that you've developed in that regard.

And that was simply one area of your story telling.

The actual story itself, with the first chapter, started out as something I read, laughed a bit, and moved on. It very quickly turned into one of my favorites, rivaled only by one. I'll tell you, you've gotten me to tear up a few times over the course of this story. That doesn't happen. Let me put this in perspective for ya, I've been shot before, and not a damn was given. No tears, no nothing. I've literally had to stifle laughter so that I don't disturb the rest of my family. I smile heartily at the Three Stooges. The story line of this duology (hopefully turned trilogy one day) was great BEFORE you revised it. Now with THIS though, I think you've done the impossible and improved on perfection. From where the characters came from to where they are is astounding. Which brings me to the next thing I'd like to point out...

Because that was only one more part of this story.

Character development. To see Konata go from a carefree Otaku to a beaten, broken girl in need of therapy and love, and to do it within the canon of the source work is utterly impossible. But you've already established that you can do the impossible, haven't you? Konata was written masterfully. As for Kagami, it was a joy watching her turn from type A to type B Tsundere for her little loli Otaku. Even making the conscious decision to do so, which isn't that common, for the sake of her little love was great. It's been said many times before, and it stays just as, if not moreso, true now. Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, and the rest are not Lucky Star characters in a Fanfiction. They're Lucky Life characters. Period. It's weird though. I told ya before, I never honestly cared for the off characters and their pairings (and candidly only cared for Tsuyuki a little more than the off ones) until I read this story. I think the way you wrote them turned me on to those pairings (Er... Not like that...) and I love reading them now, especially when you write them.

Got a couple more now!

Character involvement. All of the characters played some part in the story. The only characters left out were Honoka Iwasaki (Minami's mother), Yuki Kobayakawa (Yutaka and Yui's mother), Yamato Nagamori (From the game), Hikage Miyakawa(Little blue haired girl complaining about hamburgers in... episode 24?), Hinata Miyakawa(Her older sister, an otaku), Diasuke Ono(Replacement host), Gotouza(Chick who was called to resolve Minoru and Akira's fight) and others that don't even really deserve mentioning (Miku Busujima, a classmate of Ko Yasaka), but those are all understandable. Not one of them held a significant part in the series, even all of them added together don't really. But when you included a character in a scene, they played a roll in that scene. There have been quite a few stories (Mine, unfortunately, included) where they'll put characters in scenes and then have no mention of the character, or only give that character a passing glance, one line, something like that. I'm very confident that the only places you did that were in places where it would have been entirely awkward had you not. Where in most stories, some characters are thrown to the wayside, and some never mentioned at all (Sorry Izumi...), you included all of them and even introduced characters that were in the source material, but didn't have names or personalities (Mikeru, Kurono). But characters like Ayano Minegishi, who I've almost never seen in a prominent role, had quite a nice sized role in this story. Nanako Kuroi, who usually gets shafted and not in a good way, was made a plot point and a surrogate big sister to Konata, giving her one of the biggest roles. Every girl, even Inori, Matsuri and Miki, who had next to no part in Lucky Star, got a piece of the pie while the focus still remained on Konami. That is something to behold.

We're almost done!

Well, continuity wise, there were only a few errors with the source work. Ayano would have been dating Kurono(Which I can not for the LIFE of me remember if you did mention this). She's also part of the tea club, but her role in the high school arc was small enough that that didn't require mention. Yutaka (debateably) learned to drive before any of her seniors. That's all I can think about at the moment.

As for the future...

I can't wait for what you have in store for us in the future. I understand why you wouldn't want to immediately go into another 20 chapter story. I'm very, very glad you didn't give up on this fandom, or on the story. As for the future, I do desperately hope you'll make use of my services with anything you need. The fact that you never gave up is all the thanks I need :D

I had a few more points to make, but I can't remember them at the moment. If I do remember them, I'll leave them on chapter 21 as a review.

In conclusion. This entire story was nothing short of amazing. I can hardly imagine a part of this revision, or the story itself, that could have possibly been done better. I would like to say so much more, but I don't have time unfortunately. My job is calling and I gotta go. I'll include anything else I can think of in another review. Let me just close with saying this is undoubtedly my favorite Lucky Star story. I love every aspect of it. I can't wait for your next project! And don't forget what I told you before with the YMJLtGI...
stealthmomo chapter 20 . 8/18/2012
Very nice, Fly. Very very nice. A masterful wrap up. Emotionally satisfying. It is fitting that the story end as it began... with Konata and Kagami. It Started with her Birthday and at the end It Started with their Engagement.

You managed a satisfying conclusion and still left it open for the future. I do hope that someday you return to this Kona-verse and let us know happens, but for now... sit back and enjoy the feeling of a job well done.

I'm not sad at all. Instead, I am looking forward to your next project. (That's what the 'Follow Author' button is for after all). Thanks Flygon, for another wonderful addition to the Lucky Star mythos. Until next time...


stealthmomo chapter 19 . 8/18/2012
Ahhhhh! Bastard! *hanging off the cliff with one finger* Not ONLY do we get some TsuYuki goodness, we get a look into Miaso's family life... the epilogue promises to be HUGE.


and I just fell asleep, can you believe it? And now chapter 20 has been posted. _ That's cool. Well then, on to the finale.
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