Reviews for In the Line of Duty
HeronS chapter 5 . 3/14/2016
"Bones! I don't think I've seen you with your hair washed since – well, actually, I'm not sure."

This made me laugh :).

What a nice collection of McCoy centric stories. I had a little difficulty following chapter 4 since it was only lines, and you did not specify who was saying what..
HeronS chapter 2 . 3/14/2016
(Ch2) I think you write "dialogue only" really really well! You make we want to try it out myself!
Danzinora Switch chapter 5 . 7/25/2013
Wonderful writing, and I learned something! Hm, I'm apparently orthostatic since I get a Bad head rush almost every time I stand up (complete with the blacking out vision.) So the term really appealed to me. Aw, poor Bones, but new idea, great!
PSW chapter 5 . 12/3/2012
"I'm a doctor, not a soda fountain." I love it . . . :-)
Kirsten chapter 5 . 10/30/2012
Wonderful fanfiction, funny and true to the characters. Well done!
mtcbones chapter 4 . 10/15/2012
this is the best very funny and real bones stuff
mtcbones chapter 5 . 10/15/2012
clever stories and good humor
qenie chapter 5 . 10/6/2012
I like this story very much! Especially chapters 3 and 4.
Thanks for sharing!
tomboyphoenix chapter 4 . 9/8/2012
love it ;) "Sure, Scotty. How far off the damn cliff would be enough for your sensors?"

one of the funniest lines, awesome ;)
K chapter 3 . 8/26/2012
I liked the way you told this chapter from the outside perspective of another character.
AllTheSnakes chapter 3 . 8/23/2012
I just love this story! I re-read all of it now, just to remember the details and enjoy the next chapter.
Aashlee Elizabeth chapter 3 . 8/23/2012
Cool chapter, both a study of ship operations and the unsung heroes who keep the Big E running at tip-top shape, and then a look at the personalities that drive the whole operation. We've read many fanfics where the author states that the Enterprise is a desired assignment, and the reader figures that it's because of the heroics of the command staff leading the whole crew through some interesting adventures. However, in this story we get another view of "Why?" during the progression of Kowalsky's task. Kowalsky works for a management team that runs efficiently, listens to his ideas, provides the resources to get the job done, helps him find the expertise to get the job done, and often puts itself "out there" to mitigate danger to the crew. And, no matter the rank, respect is expected and shown in professional interactions. Gee, what a decent workplace. I'd like to work there, too!
AllTheSnakes chapter 2 . 7/2/2012
I still like it very much. I prefer when the chapter is longer, but I understand the pace you chose.
AllTheSnakes chapter 1 . 6/12/2012
I like it very much - it's funny. Even with just dialogues, you manage to keep things clear - who is talking to who, what is the point, etc.