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Lina03 chapter 18 . 9/29
Awesome little fic. Thanks for sharing; it was a great read! :)
Ash0011 chapter 18 . 9/4
Awesome story, I think this is the best sent back in time (rather than reincarnated/transmigrated back in time) story I've read especially since you wrote Naruto as not being afraid to mess up the timeline or tell people where he was from (I mean geez I get that changing things removes a lot of the foresight you get, but chaos theory/the butterfly effect says it doesn't matter anyways, that goes doubly so for people being born the same as in the past)
flowerangel502 chapter 18 . 9/1
I cried at the end with Naruto tearing up
blackicecolombiano chapter 18 . 8/29
great stuff
Konety chapter 18 . 8/12
Wonderful story and the epilogue was superb! 11/10 stars~
EmeraldGlee chapter 1 . 8/4
(I apologize in advance if this ends up as a large block of text. I tend to read on the mobile app and spacing in reviews seem to always be day, Mr. Author. I have been reading your story since yesterday and have just finished this morning. I am pleasantly surprised and had a lot of fun reading it. It's different from most Time Travel fics where the MC is obsessed with changing things. Here, Naruto had a chance at life and it made me first I wasn't sure about his relationship with Mikoto but I loved how you handled their interaction. I find quite a lot of romances in this site feel forced (don't get me started on those ego-boosting harem fics) but even if their relationship was rushed, it still clicked. I felt that they were a true couple with their banter. It makes me happy.I also admit that I wasn't too sure about the sudden focus on family and relationships halfway through when this started out as Naruto trying his best to change the time line. I thought I would be reading something actiony. But as I continued to read, it just clicked, I suppose. It was a good read even if my expectations were different. The climax gripped me.I loved the epilogue. True, the first person perspective was jarring at first, but I honestly enjoyed slowly learning more about the world. It was like I was walking down a road that was slowly getting more details as I walked on. Hikari led me through gently. It was one big information dump that I find most authors do. The world was slowly being exposed through her eyes and thoughts and I loved it.I find that not many authors use characters as a way to push the story along. Plot devices if you will. Characters somehow are treated as if they all need to be as fleshed out as the main character. That's not always the case and I really, really loved how you handled the , thank you for this lovely read.
Ryoji Mochizuki chapter 18 . 7/15
ZhaWarudo chapter 18 . 7/3
Nice to see a Naruto fic which isn't total shit overrated by 13 year olds
Ilikebedtimestories chapter 18 . 6/10
I had this story in my downloads for a while an I'm so glad that I got to reading this.
Yuunari chapter 10 . 6/1
As much as I like the story, the whole deal with a marriage contract and Naruto being practically forced in to a relationship with someone he's not even considered or even paid any major attention to.. I don't know what to feel about it. Feels like he'd have more pressing matters at the moment rather than jump in to a relationship and not to mention become an Uchiha(what?)
fasana chapter 18 . 5/12
i love so much your fanfiction.
it is very sweet and very nice.
Ariadne Venegas chapter 18 . 5/1
The lonely problem I have with the epilogue is not Hikari, I found her a good character it was that she is the godaime inteaad of Tsunade or Naruto.

Naruto was onvious choice for a Hokage when Minato was chosen, they had been chisen as team Hokage and really retired at 40 why? They are very young! Good age for been a Hokage, young people is better to be where the fire is and adult people with experience in the chair ruling like a boss.
Mai Scarlet chapter 18 . 4/16
Loved the story ! Literally, l really wanted a genuine Naruto x Mikoto story that didnt involve..uh...ahm., N you gave just that.
The character development is done in a good way, the plot is good , loved the way u showed Naruto's 4th war experience , Mikoto's feeling(lonliness) [ esp how you got her n naruto together ] n how much Future Kushina appreciated the fact she got happiness n all.
Thou l do think u might've messed up the events a bit considering l remember Tobi (Obito) being the one to 'convince' Yagura n catch him in a genjutsu n with real Obito did this happen again? But l guess thst can be thanked to the fact Madara went to Nagato first n continuer his quest himself '-')...oh well~ Still a great fic! Thanks~~
jupimako chapter 18 . 4/6
Thanks for a fantastic story!
Guest chapter 18 . 4/1
So glad I decided to read this gem again!
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