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bombomb602 chapter 18 . 6/27/2023
One of the best time travel fics I've had the immense pleasure of reading
Boophaven chapter 18 . 6/23/2023
Honestly a great read for a fairly short story. Time skips felt really good which is rare.
Korjax chapter 18 . 5/19/2023
Finished the story. I found it to be very enjoyable, and would definitely recommend. It stuck a fine balance between dialogue and action, which I find some of the Naruto fanfics struggle with, IMO.
Ariadne Venegas chapter 17 . 5/7/2023
I really like the fic i think Minato retired himself too young. And I didn’t like the first person of the epilogue with the new character, because I was lost all the chapter with a character I don’t care for. I like the kids, and Hikari is ok but I wanted more Naruto or Mikoto.

I didn’t get the Naomi thing is she evil? I think the first person make it really not clear at all.

And Why Minato retired at 40? That is plenty young. Tsunade was Hokage almost all her 50’s. Hiruzen or Onoki think about it. So the Hikari girl could wait until her 30.
hqjkat chapter 18 . 5/2/2023
it was pretty fun reading this story. i think this is the only time travel fic that was finished. thanks for the story.
jamthacreator chapter 18 . 4/3/2023
Amazing story, really enjoyed it!
Spade Zi chapter 1 . 12/10/2022
Just a Spade casually dropping by
Wally991 chapter 18 . 12/7/2022
This is a good fic. Thr epilogue is for shit and giggles and I loved the fact that Hikari was just a daddy's girl. I honestly don't mind Mary Sue characters as long as they have a personality (preferably an charismatic and/or tolerable personality, please)

Nice fic.
Akvis chapter 18 . 11/23/2022
Dasgun chapter 1 . 11/21/2022
Ariadne Venegas chapter 9 . 11/9/2022
I know that maybe you are not even here.

But I think Mai is more a problem and possibly love interest than Kushina, Kushina is his mother even if he didn’t know her, and he knows. But Mai flirted a lot with him and was really beautiful even as a lot older than him, so now is really appealing option.

And really Toby is a poor little boy like Five or four like Kakashi that is Five at this point of time. He was five when his father died and 8 when Minato was his sensei.
Ariadne Venegas chapter 5 . 11/9/2022
But naruto knows at this stage that Tobi is Obito uchicha that is a little boy now and he is not With Madara, Madara is acting alone or with another agent now.
Tora808 chapter 8 . 11/6/2022
the preamble to this chapter was painful in a bizarre way
ironhair chapter 1 . 11/3/2022
lRayzerl chapter 18 . 10/15/2022
It was a really nice fic but the epilogue was kinda confusing
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