Reviews for Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus
InkedBaby chapter 1 . 12/6/2013
Welp, I stopped by your profile because I saw you favorited one of my stories, and then I got to reading, and was so amused. Especially reading the list of things you hate, I was laughing so hard. And, I agree, I cannot stand when someone has nothing in their profile. Anyway, after I read your bio, I wanted to read a story you'd written, so here I am.

This was sweet. I usually prefer a more dominate Draco, but you definitely showed he usually is the dominate one, so I liked this. I haven't read the companion, so I don't really know what tidbits I'm missing that could enhance this, but I really liked it nonetheless. And nice! on throwing in the schools motto, and yes I knew you did before you explained it at the end! So, this is sweet, and I want to read the companion, buuuut I have this huge mental block that doesn't allow me to read anything unfinished because I just can't get over the many times in the past where I was left hanging on an amazing story. So. I'll be checking back and all, but until then, keep writing, your very good at it!
RandomAsRainbows chapter 1 . 2/19/2013
Sorry I was reading your response to a review and I saw that it says: "half seven in British means 6:30am".
One) British is not it's own language. We speak English.
Two) half seven IS 7:30
Three) I think you were thinking of the German times where "half seven" means "half an hour until seven"
JustAboveYourAverageSlytherin chapter 1 . 9/23/2012
As soon as Draco told Harry "Never tickle a sleeping dragon" I knew what the title meant. You can thank my friend Krissy for teaching me all the unimportant yet funny facts about HP- including the Hogwarts Motto!
Zaidlynn2 chapter 1 . 6/24/2012
I enjoyed the story and I would like to know the gifts or at least the ones Harry got for Draco. Also a story of Harry's birthday could be fun.
alice chapter 1 . 6/14/2012
Please write more!
Writer response to review chapter 1 . 6/13/2012
Okay...the fixes aren't showing up yet (for me), but...fixed the two issues. Thank you, my Jamaican Canadian friend. *grin*

Explanation to others (as explained via PM to 0idontknow0)...

"Yes, mostly Harry's PoV, though I think I might have a few bits where it seems like it's Draco (which is a huge no no in the writing world, apparently)...and I'll have to go fix that...Weaselette is supposed to be in quotes, so it's obvious that Harry is quoting Draco. I don't know how I missed that after SEVERAL rereads.

I will also fix the spell. It's funny, I have all the spells printed out, but I neglected to go look at it. Thanks.

BTW...half seven in British means 6:30am, so it's even earlier than you're thinking. Hehe. But, just so you know (and I explain this better in "Class of Ninety-nine"), Draco and Harry are only rooming with each other (there are no other boys in their room). Further, there are only 20 (of the original 40) who come back to complete their 7th year (in my story) and they're living together in a different "House" on the 5th floor. Each is paired up with only one other student (alphabetically):

Hannah Abbott/Mandy Brocklehurst

Lavender Brown/Millicent Bulstrode

Hermione Granger/Daphne Greengrass

Morag MacDougal/Lila Malone (I can give you background on that name if you want it)

Pansy Parkinson/Sophie Roper (I can give you background on that name if you want it)

Michael Corner/Justin Finch-Flechley

Neville Longbottom/Ernie Macmillan

Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter

Quincy Rivers/Zacharias Smith

Ronald Weasley/Blaise Zabini

So...yeah...Harry and Draco are completely alone in their dorm room at 6:30am on Saturday morning. *grin*"
0idontknow0 chapter 1 . 6/13/2012
This is Harry's POV and he thought of Ginny as the Weaslette. It's fun to call her that sometimes but I don't think Harry is going to do it, lol.

Silencios is a silencing charm used to mute people or creatures. Not to prevent others from hearing what's going on in a specific area. That one is Muffliato (created by our talented Severus Snape).

I just realized it was after seven and everyone in their dorm was already up and out. On Saturday. Either the war has given them insomnia or Hermione stole them away to study. XD

Love that you told us what the motto translated to. I swear Draco is all up in the books. Whether or not JK intended him to be SO significant doesn't matter.

And awe Draco got sex for his birthday. More specifically, he got Harry's first time topping for his birthday. Part of me wanted to know how Harry felt about, that sensation wise, but it's Draco's birthday so it's all about him.

I so want to know what Harry got Draco. THREE gifts? He's too nice. And definitely smitten. (Okay, four gifts if you include the sex).