Reviews for The American President
rclaurel chapter 84 . 5/24
I hope you can finish this one day, Its a great story and would love to see an eppy
rclaurel chapter 64 . 5/24
Don't shut down now bella, he was opening up to you
rclaurel chapter 62 . 5/24
I was hoping that Edward did move on, Bella has no reason to be jealous. She sold herself to make money, then she hid her pregnancy from the baby's daddy. They could have come to some kind of arrangement regarding the child, where he wouldn't jeopardize his career...he could have helped with the bills and she could have sent him pictures till they could be together
palasluna chapter 1 . 4/28
Omg why havent you updated this fic
julieide chapter 85 . 4/24
Where are you? Please come back, i love this so much.
The fandom world need more fics like this.
jk chapter 72 . 3/13
are you serious? bella hasn't been with anyone? but Edwards been with lots of women im is that fair?
and who did he hook up with just weeks after bella left?
jk chapter 66 . 3/13
yaaaa... they just couldn't keep their had to themselves, they have great sex, they get along great, they practically live least have keys to each others places, kates apparently stunningly beautiful...and look how she took their breakup...all perfect and understanding and shit...their gonna always care about each other...ect ect
and didn't Edward buy a hooker just two weeks after bella ditched out?

I hope bellas been getting It on with guys as "perfect" as Katie...wouldn't be fair otherwise..seriously if she hasn't had sex in gonna be pissed, I find a lot of stories like that..Edwards a whore and bellas virginial...fucking hate that!
aroundsundown chapter 85 . 2/22
For the longest time I have seen this story and always ignored it. There are just too many chapters and I was probably gonna get bored by the first few chapters. I don't know if there is another President & Bella story out there or if I always saw the same one, this one. I don't like the whole paying for sex thing but I pushed through and I'm glad I finished the story. Though apparently you planned for more chapters but haven't updated in a long time...
crazymama0966 chapter 85 . 2/14
sueIZide chapter 1 . 1/28
I believe in the advice given by Rosalie, in chapter 81.
You wrote some profound words, maybe something authors should heed?
sueIZide chapter 84 . 1/28
I bet the people that bought her paintings are extremely ecstatic now.
sueIZide chapter 78 . 1/28
Given his upbringing and family history in politics, I just assumed he's a Republican.
Krudt chapter 85 . 1/25
le sigh
Remee chapter 85 . 1/24
I loved it. It was such a great read.
Mechcat chapter 85 . 1/15
Just found this fic. Lots of fun! I hope at some point you will be able to post the last couple bits. Thanks so much!
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