Reviews for The American President
BellaTesoro chapter 85 . 6/25
I can't get the picture of an ex president answering the door and standing around in only a towel, in front of his staff. Yes I get they have been around him all this time but it's icky to picture that he's that comfortable with just a towel.
Anyway, I liked his confidence during the press conference and I liked Rosalie relaxed and watching it on TV with Bella, she was very supportive and had insight into how Bella ought to try and look beyond what will be said...
I thought there was going to be an epi but looks like this is the last chapter. I'll check and see if you added more chapters separately. In any event, I've left you my thanks in the form of many comments/reviews along the way. Thank you so much for leaving this wonderful story here so readers can enjoy your work. I hope you come back to fan fiction and write more wonderful stories like this one. And I hope you still read these reviews even after all these years.
BellaTesoro chapter 84 . 6/25
I loved that Edward surprised Bella and showed up at the gallery. Shows not only that he wanted to show the world his love for her but that he was there to support her work too. I love that he was the one to buy her paintings and I liked that Bella mentioned he didn't know it but he did in fact help Bella earn money to take care of his daughter.
BellaTesoro chapter 83 . 6/25
I really appreciated Edward going to have a talk with Charlie. And I really appreciated Charlie's attitude, respect for Edward but made sure to express his being there for Bella and her needs. It would be easy for Bella to get lost in Edward's world, like she herself has no family supporting her which isn't the case. I wish we had gotten more of Charlie as a character interacting with his granddaughter and daughter. But this chapter showed his strength of character on behalf of his daughter.
BellaTesoro chapter 82 . 6/25
I'm glad you didn't kill off Carlisle. Carlisle may be a little snooty and crusty but in the end he was a good dad and good husband so it's nice that he'll be around to be a good grandpa. It's natural that he'd have a stronger bond right now with Ethan, I'm sure Heidi will wiggle into his heart and be cemented there. I'm sure he will grow to trust Bella too, once she really becomes one of the Cullens...
BellaTesoro chapter 81 . 6/25
Bella admittedly said she could work most anywhere with her business and art, the only real connection was Heidi and her elementary school. Little children move all the time with their parents as they may move for business purposes so I don't know why Edward needed to move them and buy a bigger house back in Seattle. I would think New York would be good for Bella's art world and Edward could keep close to his important work, plus it's very close to Nantucket the family compound. But it is generous and fair that Edward give up his life this go around as Bella already did that. Still.
BellaTesoro chapter 80 . 6/25
Last chapter Bella stated they were ok having sex as she has been on the pill. And yet she has not had a reason to be on the pill for all these long years. I'm curious why a woman who hasn't had sex or looking to, was admittedly celibate would put her body through being on the pill. Anyway I guess it was just for this reason, you never know when you'd be put in a sexual position and need to be protected.
I hope all goes well with coming out to the public about Edward having an affair while in the White House and now having a love child.
BellaTesoro chapter 79 . 6/25
Bella should tell Edward to have Jenks and his PR to talk with Alice about her past and what might or might not get out about her past.
As far as this love scene starting in the pool area and ending up in the pool house...very sensual and ending very lovingly with their I love you's and commitment to not leave and work through all the bad that might be ahead.
BellaTesoro chapter 78 . 6/25
It's rather interesting that I'm reading about a very good and moral president, despite the fact he had to pay for sex in the white house, while in real life we have this totally unfit, unmoral, idiot who is our current president. Oh for the shame of it all, I'd rather have a single president who paid for sex than one who has caused so much havoc on our country. Shameful.
BellaTesoro chapter 76 . 6/25
They were taking a chance having a very dirty sexual encounter in the open like that. Anyone could have walked in, even Heidi. But it was hot. Maybe they'll have the house to themselves at some point and give Heidi and brother or sister from that same kitchen counter.
BellaTesoro chapter 75 . 6/25
I'm rather loving Edward's POV. He's quiet romantic with his persistence with getting his little one. The cake, cream and strawberry date sounds like wooing to me. Nice. Are they going to talk 'safe sex' before they go there? Although at Edward's age, if they are really going to be a family, times a wasting...j/s
BellaTesoro chapter 74 . 6/25
I like how playful Edward is with being cocky and sure of himself getting Bella to submit to his sexy self. Good for Bella for pushing back somewhat. She's right, she deserves to be romanced in typical fashion.
BellaTesoro chapter 73 . 6/25
Wow, I was blown away with Edward's declaration as to what he wants to happen between Bella, Heidi and himself. He wants to live with them be a family and practically told Bella they were going to be married and HEA. Of course a lot has to be dealt with in-between all that but Bella has to be feeling pretty damn good knowing how he truly feels for her/them. Oh and Bella ought to reassure him about what Alice said, that what she did back then, what they had back then will not leak out. And I really hope we don't have to have that drama unfold because I really don't want Charlie and Heidi to ever have to find out what Bella did for a living and that Heidi was conceived like that.
BellaTesoro chapter 72 . 6/25
You know it really makes a lot of sense that Bella would remain celibate all those years. What she said made a lot of sense. She was very busy being a single mom, building a new business, and of course her art yeah, I see that all that leaves little room for a man and she was determined to live as she said above reproach. I'm so glad you didn't stretch out them getting the truth of how they truly feel about each other.
BellaTesoro chapter 71 . 6/25
I get that Bella would be heart broken thinking that Edward and Kate were about to be engaged but come on, she knew he was seeing her, she knew he had moved on and rightfully so...her focus, like all of them, should be on Heidi right now before even considering any adult relationships. So Bella running away feeling heartbroken because she thinks she knows what she's heard about an engagement between Edward and Kate, she ought to have put her head up, shoulders back and used what she has in the past and do right by her strength right now. But as you said in your A/N, a little drama is not a bad thing.
BellaTesoro chapter 69 . 6/25
It's good to know Bella still has the hots for the man but given the circumstances, getting sexually frustrated at being close to him at this point seems odd to me. I try to put myself in her place and I'd be so consumed with my daughter's well being and emotional state for now that my emotions would follow later I'm sure. Anyway, I'm glad Edward finally gave her his respect after she stood up for herself with Carlisle. She deserves respect, as Edward realizes for how successful she's been creating a business while expressing her artistic passion and raising a lovely daughter all on her own. I would have respected Edward more if he'd stopped his father from his cold rant at the dinner table and in ear shot of his daughter.
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