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zaidhannan5 chapter 28 . 11/20
screw you faust
zaidhannan5 chapter 27 . 11/20
yaaa lily
nice to see some good people in the city like the general
new allies for the swarm :D
zaidhannan5 chapter 21 . 11/19
lilyxdane forever :D
Z chapter 36 . 5/21
Nice to see that you finally updated.
CaptainToast321 chapter 2 . 4/9
This is really cool. I've always been rather fascinated by the Zerg, so the story is a breath of fresh air. Good quality writing so far as well.
Cheshire chapter 36 . 2/11
Very well written, few writing mistakes and a thrilling story. Would love to see more if story is not discontinued.
zcdragon64 chapter 36 . 11/17/2015
just finished reading your story. great job so far. if you really plan on continuing, i won't stop you. now that legacy of the void has come out, it may give you some ideas, or provide some new opertunities. i'm not using my account, but this is my username. i am willing to lend a hand if you would like. just let me know.
highking cartef chapter 36 . 11/1/2015
great story cant wait for more!
kaedinfrost chapter 36 . 7/20/2015
Where's the new chapter
Guest chapter 36 . 6/24/2015
Please update soon
Fallen-Ryu chapter 29 . 5/15/2015
oh boy...i have to say dain is going down a BAD slip up and he will end up like the rest of the other overmind fictions...

as in complete total zerg terrifying domination...

be careful to not make them to human, thats what we fiction writers when we attempt somthing like this fall into the either side catagory. Still this makes for a good read...though to many women around (almost seems like a anime situation where the main character ends up with a harem...for no reason... -_- )

anyway i can tell you right now, war is hell, and the scale of warfare dains about to fight...for control of a planet...its going to change him as he evolves, sure he will care for his family, but as he grows well, war will change you regardless of what happens, and never for the better.

Theres a reason why war is called hell once again...dont ever froget that.
Kane chapter 36 . 4/18/2015
Me, stop following you? Never. :)

By the way, may there come a time were Dain's Swarm will incorporate technology into their forces or even attempt to create a fusion of that stuff with their anatomy and biologic changes?
Well just an curiosity of my own borne of reading about the adventures of Protoss/Terran/Zerg Hybrids (they are called Cyberlisks or something along those lines in the story, has been some time since I read that) where in one of its sequels splinters groups of both Terrans and Protoss had fused some of their Technologies/ideas in design and perspectives ffrom different knowledge levels to create some really insane/pretty cool things.

As for Dains worries about his sanity, well it may be that the Evolution merely brought some more violent tendencies to the front of his mind or slightly boosted them, he is human after all and this still includes the capacity for great but terrible deeds just the same as being compassionate to your fellow people or even being capable to emphasize with an enemies cause, slightly.

About that brainwashing part you had Sarah mention, does this mean they have all been already mindfucked into doing that Hooded guy's bidding?
If not then are you merely making a reference of their dedication to the cause of the Protoss?

Oh and what did your Protoss Character mean by Cruisers?

On another note, would you consider having sorts of "Hero" units included in Dain's Swarm by utilizing the aspected Pisonics of the Natives in one manner or another, if not will this "mechanic" remain exclusive to the natives of this Planet?

May the muse be with you.
Susanoo27 chapter 36 . 4/12/2015
Hm I choose to follow now cause I start reading the story this week so please continue your work :P

Some thought of the story:
1. I think it is difficult to write about base building and unit production and in all honesty I think you did a great job writing about it.
2. Character development of Dain. It is believable that he becomes more of a "monster" with time even if I wouldn't call it so. That he wants to annihilate the protoss now is actually really human after all they did annihilate a part of his second family in the "dream" so vengeance is normal.
3. Changed resource management aka "Bio-Energy". It is a way better than in Starcraft cause I can understand the vespene geyser needed to produce units but the minerals/crystal make not much sense to me. So your Bio-Energy make allot of sense.
4. The evolution process or dreaming. Maybe I misunderstood something but it somewhat makes no sense that the swarm needs to evolve exactly at the same time. I would have rather that the evolution moves from the primary organism down to the lesser ones. Not that I care much about it as it is your story and I enjoy it but maybe a explanation (if I didn't over read it) would be nice why the swarm develops at the same time.

So this all I have to write. Sorry if it is so much text but I believe I have to write a bit in a review to honor the author as well as giving a bit of input on how I view and interpret things.

PS: Sorry if it is a bit difficult to understand English isn't my native language
Bazzle chapter 36 . 3/12/2015
D'aww, this story is neat. Cheers!
Bluestorm chapter 36 . 3/3/2015
I greatly enjoy this series and I hope you will continue this till the end. Too often I find unfinished stories that author's abandoned, glad to know this is not one of them. Great job by the way this story is well thought out, Keep up the good work.
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