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BloodyHeart12050 chapter 8 . 9/10
shugokage chapter 8 . 5/2
Interesting story great job!
Rayne Arianna Maranochi chapter 8 . 1/23
Dammit, please continue!
Rayne Arianna Maranochi chapter 5 . 1/23
Is it just me that's hoping maybe Asami is someone you put in to pair with Korra (if you accept that pairing like I do anyways. They compliment each other nicely. Besides Asami and Stark would be good friends with the tech savvy.)
LilLinkGirl chapter 8 . 4/16/2015
No more?
Ani89 chapter 1 . 2/21/2015
Keep cranking those stories out I'm love this! Waaaaaaaayy better than the other one.
Guest chapter 8 . 12/28/2014
Here are some more ideas:

Professor: I'm Charles Zavier!
Korra: Huh! How did you talk with -! Psychic! Oh!

Korra; Mutant!

Korra; I;m okay with mutants!
Wolverine: Really!
Korra; Yep!
BEast: Why!
Profesor: She judges by hearts alone!
Korra: I saq Wolvy;s true self! He saved peopel! Sabretooth murdered! He;s a mosnter! Wovlerine proved more humane and thus more human!

Professor: Mutancy is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward. Take us!

Korra: Magneto!
Prfoesor: He was a Jew taken captive by Nazis!
Korra: Cap told me of Nais!
Profesor; And was tortured by one! A mutant named Sebastian Shaw! A mutant who could absorb energy to grow young or to redirect or to become strong!
Korra: Monster! He torured a boy!
Proffesor: And murdered his mum to blackmail him!
Korra; Bitch!
Profesor; Mangeto destroyed him for it and took his helmet! He believes mankind wants us destoreyd!

Korra: I must stop this!

Korra: Wolvy! I;m sorry for all you sffured!

Korra: Beast ooks sweet and cuddly! Blues a great colur!
Beast: Thank you my dear!
(he chucles)

Korra would think BEast sweet and look upon him as an uncly figure!

Beast: Violence is more than the only solution!
Korra; HMM! I know! But we must fight if we must as Aang says!
Wolveirn: Oh for crying out lodu! Is he your dnughter or neice Hank! Hank quotes people too1

Korra: Oh dear!

Korra: Yo! Sabretooth! Over here! Or are you a scaredy puss! One wolveirne got the better of you! Yellow bely!
(Sabretooth runs over - only to grt punched by Hulk)
Korra: Arrogance can blind! His pride is his weakness obvisouly!


Korra: Mystique! I knw humans hurt you! I;m sorry! Let me help!

Mystiwue: You shoudl help us!
Korra: Huh!

Magnto would mistake Korra for a mutant and offer her a place to help his cause to free mutnts!

Korra: Magneto! Stop! The Nazis are all goen! Shaw is dead!

Korra cna enter Magneto's mind! She spots his young self on his midn and cuddles him to comfort him when he;s cryign bout his mum.

Korra: I was pushed out off Magneto;s midn.

Korra: Magnrto was just a puppet. As was Mesmero. Someone controlled Magneto from his childhood. Fuelling his rage to make him a weapon. Apocalypse! The oldest and darkest of all mutants!

Mageto: You used me all my life!
Apocalypse: Yes! And you use is over!
(he uses his pyshcci powers to pull off Magneto;s helmet and grabs it eith one hand then crushes it)
Apocalypse: You are the weakest of yur rce! Crippled by age and emotions.
(he tortures him with his memories making him cyr)
Apoclyspe: Yeah! CRY! COWER AND DIE!
(he prepares his arm cannon to blast hiM)
(the Profeosr shields the blast)

Magneto: All those years wasted fighting each other, Charles... to have a precious few of them back.
(repentign after Korra saved him and proved him wrong)

Beast: A lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies.
Korra: Precisely!

Wolverine would at first be annyoed at KOrra but warm up to her for her attitude and kidnness!

Korra cna play baseball or football with mutant kids and bring them to the mansion mcuh to Iron Man's shock and Fury;s annoyance.

Captain America: Hello Logan!
Wolvienr: Cap!
Korra: You met!

Korra can meet Polaris who is Magneto;s daughter and berfriend her! Helping her out!
pachysam chapter 8 . 11/18/2014
Here are more ideas:

Korracan take the Tiem Stone (one of the Infitiny Sotnes)! She can acintly cause a tiem rift whch rigns prehstrc animals and Worl War vehicles ans futurist robtos and buccanes an Viings and Nazis an Sovietaand Huns and Mongols (Midle Ages) an Romans and Neantherthals and others! And also ues her to revert to chidlhood!

Korra: Why is everyithgn biggerthan me!

Spidr-MnaL you;re yougn!
Korra; I;m a kid!

Hawkeey: Nice look Tubby!
Krora; Baby blubber! Sotp poiing! I was a bene at this age! Stop it or I brn your hair off!

Korra Why!

Blakc Wdow You lo aweet!

Mary jane AWWW! She looks adorbale! a sa child!

Korra can use the stoen to undo the maeg!

Captian America; Even as a kid you were great!
Korra: Yep!
(there is a phot of kdi Korra wththe Avengers)

Colonel Fury: BAH!

Colonel Fury: Why did my otsutm revert to oemdipey hippy costume ddurign the time wave!
Korra; Nice look!
Hulk: Yeah!
(many laugh)
Colonel fury: Very funny!

Black Panthr: HMMM!Kraven put up a trap for us!

Uatu: Korra was right to spare Galactus! An acntion which woudl sve all!

Uatu: Korra was ight to spare alactus and brign more Avengers! Magneto an Ross and Jameson and Fury were all part of a mastrplan! A plan long in the making for 5 000 years! Made by the poldest and darkest and strognest mutant on Earth! En Sabuh Nur! Better know as Apoclaypse the first oen!

Sivler SuferThe Sentienls were made for ocne purpose- war!

Korra; Leave Apocalyspe to me!

Galactus: Leave Ego to me

KorrA: CaptaiN Ameirca wa right Fury! You;re unable to spot which youd become!
Colonel Fury: All I did was for the goo of Earth!
Captian Amifca; The lie Adolf made when he bega the Naziss! An a war ebgan! The road youmake leads only to death! As Apoclayspe palnend!

Korra: We must join forces or Apoclayspe woudl conwuer all!

Korra: You go one choice! Meanignless death or meaninfulsurvival!
t momez chapter 8 . 11/17/2014
When will the next chapter be up?
pachyssam chapter 8 . 11/16/2014
Here are more ideas:

Thor: Fury! You promised peace to the wordl! but all you broguht was deaht and uin!
(after they beat Graviton an Bliar who were made b SHIELD)

Uatu: Guys! Magneto and Ross and Fury were pawns of a great dakrnes! A part of a master plan long in the maign! A plan made for five thousand years!
(piintign out how Apocalypse had been usign many all alogn)

Uatu: En Sabu Nur! The Firt Mutnt! Apocalyspe! the gratest arknes on Earth!

The ones who becoem Apoclypses Horsemen can be Sabretoth and Juggernaut and Pyro an Mystiue!

Apcayslpe: behodl the future1!

Galactus: Leave Ego to me

Korra: Leave Apocalyspe to me!

SilverSufer: Fury! orra was right! You are unable to spot which you are ebcomgin!
Fury All I di is for the palent;ssrvivial!
Krora; The smae ie Apocalyse tol s he beagena hsi campagin! He uses you!

Korra; I refuse to elt you sacrifice th universe to presrve your skin Fur!
she lucehs hi to save Glactu)

Magneot: All this time I wa a mere pupet of Apocalyse! I wa a fool!
Korra You remidn me of uo! he did fsoem msitake thanks to Ozai and Azula;s trikey! but he made uo! You can too!

Apoclasye: I am Apocalyse! The First of the Ultiamte Stage of Evoltuon!

Sivle Sufer: Thi is madness Apocalyspe!
Apocalyspe: You are weakend by your morals!

Ross can make amend for wrongign the Hulk by giving his lfie to stop Apcoalsye! And die for it!

Betty If only Dad had lsitend to me befoe he coula been save form Apcoalyse!

Bruce: It was my fault!
Betty: Why! It was becue of Apcolasye! My ad was to blame too! You were innoent! My da;s prie cause him to fall to Apoclypse;s trickery!

Korra: We mut join forces humans amnd mutants an cosmci beigns! or many die!
Star Lord: she;s right1 Only we can top Apuocalyspe!'s ma plan!
Silver Sufer: we msut!
Glactus: They speak true!

Galactus: Maybe this is my tiem for redemption! The one the Watchers ortold to me!

Aang: Thi is why you wre broguth roa! T form an allaicne to stop threats such as Apoclasye and Thaose an Ego!

orracan wear some sort of smart amoru or robe when fightin Apocayse! She can sue a sword and a spear as we!

Korra cn be worth of usign Mjonyr! So woul Captain Amecia and Spide-Man an mary ajena n jane Foster an Storm an Panther and the Professor and Surfer qand Shanna and Ka-Zar!

Fury: Korra! I;m sorry! I was wrong! You
pachysam chapter 8 . 11/15/2014

Korra: Oi! You! Leave the guy be! And who do you think you are! Wearing this big robo animal suit!
The Rhino: Im the Rhino!
Korra; Rhino eh! Fittign! Yo soun as stupid as oen! And yu smell!

Korra and Spdiey an team up to fight the Rino!

Kora: Thank you fo the help Spdier-Man!

Korra: So peter Parker i SpierMan! Eell wel!

Korra: I;m sorry abotu your Uncle Ben!
spdier-MAn Tha you!

The Rhinio: I followe your dog here!
Iron man: to my mansion! Why are you here!
The Rhino: Give me the girl!
Korra; Oh! Let me geuss! Paybak!
The Rhino: Yeah!

(he uses Hulkbuaster Amrour to wretle him)

Spier-Man and orra lea Rhino to some pace to fight without riskign the publi! Pwer-Man (Luke Cage) helpes!

Powr-Man: You;re goign down Rhino!
(the Rhino fires his amchien guns)
(the bullets bounce iff Power-Man)
Power-Man: Easy!

Korra: Rhino! You;re barmy! You trashed part of Tonys mansion! Smashe up soem cars and vehciles as well as a train! An amlmsot kille humans ust to get bak on Spdiey and I!

The Hulk can help tke down the Rhino! A nod to theem fighting on the comics!

Korra cna pesuade Fury to let Spiey and Power-Man join the Avegers!

Fury: Why woudl they be iprotant!
orra: Pwowr-Man saved a few peope! And Spdier-Man is neccesary! I forassaw he woudl turn the tide on our favourwhena great darness oems!How o you think Rhino got the armour! Oscopr! Who knows which other mosnters ould ome!


Powr-Man: Here;s an old pal who I asked to oin! He agreed! meet my bro! Iron Fist!
Iron Fist: Hello!

Hawekey: A martial artis! Any suepr-pwoers!
iron Fist yes!
(his fists glow)
Korra; WOW! You cdo thi!
Iron Fist:yes!

Iron FstL The warrior who attakced you was a former memebr of my acadmey where I traiend! A former member who left! My brother! Mac Gargan!

Mac Gargan: I got beaten by SpdierMan and a girl! They waare gonna pay!
Mr ameson: So you want revenge on them! I can help you!

Korra; Who are you!
Scropoon: Call me the Scorpion!
Korra: Oh! Some guy dressed as a scorpion! Mechanical armour!
Iron Man: Stinger or adamantium! And an acid-gun!

Iron fist Oh my god! The Scorpion was- Mac Gargan!

Korra and Spdier-Man an Widown acna sneak on oscop and learn on footgage fo Scopry; orign!

Kroaa: So J Made a mosnter to wiep us otu!

(hye leave only to meet Scropy)
Black Widon: Stop!
(she firesbut the bullets boucne off Scopry)
Iron Fist: Mac!
Korra: We saw the footage!
Scorpion: Yes! He tol me the armour woudl work! but he negelte to tell me the chenmials woudl alter my DNA and my face! he polluted my body! Made me unclean!
Korra: You want ustice! You deserve justice! We can put him on trial!
Scorpion: Wrogn! He msut die!

JJ can hire Punsiher to slay! scorpion and the Avegers! Lyign abotu them makign Scorpy!

Korra; Punsiehr is a murerer!
Iron Man: Yes!
Black Widow: He was different! Fuyr knew him! But all changed courtesy of two cirme-boses atwar! The Kingpin and Hammerhead! Frank Castle;s famiyl died! nd the Punsiehr swore revenge on all crime!

Korra: Punsih! You are an idiot! you;are attakcign the wrogn people!
Punisher: pider-Man made the Scorpion!
Korra: Wrogn! he mae the ScoprioN! JJ did it!
Iron man Yes!
J: They lie!
Kora: I am gonas hwo you who lies!
(she plasy the fottage of the orign)
Punsiehr: JJ! YOU LIED TO ME!
Korra: He did! He usedyou to lear his mes!

Punisher: YOu used me! You msut die!
orra: Stop! Revenge would poison you as it did to Scorpy!
(they figh - orra provogn physiclly stogner thn Punsiehr and esily beatign him up with bendign as well as unarmed fightign)

JJ: Conners is the Lizard!
Conenr: RARGH!
orra: Easy Conens! Remeb me! Korra!

Korra cna feeezre Conenr sup so they could resore him!

Conenrs Thanks orra!

Punsiehr: I wrogne you lot!

Korr: Scorpy! This ends!
Iron Fist: Stop Mac!
Scropion! You betrayd me!

KOrra: JJ! If you tell thepublic who the Liard was I tell th public who made the Scorpion! I got the footage! We got it!
(she puts it away)

Korra can persuade Fury to let Iron Fist join afterthe Scorpions fight!

Fury: An I uspose you wnt Punsiehr too!
Korra: He;s unredy! Too angry an vengeful!

Korra: Who are you!
Kraven: KRaven the Hunter!

Korra: So you want us to oin your hingitgn gme! I only join so you can relase the ostges!
SPdier-Man: mee too!

Korra; Whoa re yoU!
Spier-Man: Whoah!
Blak Panther!: I am TChalla! King of Wkaanada! The Black patnther!
krora; Oh! Forgive my manners your Maety!
(she bows)
(thy bow)
Bakc panther!: Bowign is unncesary! But I; gla to know you respet royalty!
Korra: So why ar you here!
blck panther!: to fight Kraven! Hetook soemone i cared for hsotage! sotm! My ueen!
Korrra; Storm!
Spier-Man:How! She can fight with martial arts! She can control the weathe!
Balk panther:: He drugge her with a knockout-drt fired from a blowgun!

Korr; WHOAH! A zoo eh!

Korra: Brign it on!

krven ca use a oomerang and a machete and a tomachawk an a lognbow and arrorws and a crosbsow and a slignshot and a club and a huntign sword and a spear and a shield and a hotgun and a rifle and two pistols an bolas and a laso and a hunting dagger and a dart-shooitng blowgun as well as his own strenght an sesnes booste by herbal pition which are a pritmvie version of Capss super-serum!

Korra can cure Sotrm so she cna help them fight!

Storm can use weather pwoes! She can also ue a spear an a mcehte as well as martial arts!

Korra: Go girl!
Balck Panther: Storm is a warriro! A true African!

Pantehr can bet up Kraven well! o can orra an ap an pdier-Man!

Korra cna eep a spear rom Kravens fight!

Korra: You two shoudl oin the Avenger!

Blakc Pantehr and Sotrm cna join the Avengers willignly! Actign s ambassadors for their poeple!

KOrra: Whoa re you!
Falcon: I am Falcon!
Captian ameica He; a goo kid An old ally!

Korra: Falcon! Stop!
(teh figure turn)
Korra; h! You;re soeone else!
VUltrue: lal me the Vulture!
Korra: A vulutre eh! ust a mo! I thogut vultures were scavengers!

Faclon cna fight Vulture to help the others! i can pictue a uel fot he two flyers!

Falcon can join the Avengers after the Vutures fall!

Korra: Who on Eath ar you! Soem kind of wid guy!
Shocker: I am the Shocker!

Korra: Whaoh! Thoses blater are toguh!
SpdierMan: yeah! I know!

Korra: WHOAH! Big tentacles! MEtal oens!
Dcotor Octpus: ebhodl! I am octor Octopus!

Spider-Man: My! oscorpp made a lot of onsters!

Korra: Who is he!
Wasp: He;s the Beetle! A merernary with beetle armoru!
Hank: he stole some ggets! An odl enemy of my own named Doctor Egghead hired him to slay me! An to slay Colonel Fury!

Korra: Beetle! Sty own or we usih!
Beetle: You are a mere bug!
Spdier-Man: look who talks!

Korr: Eggehea! My I see why they ll you Egghead!
Doctor Egghea: Yes! We meet!

Korra: You go girl!
(imprese by feisty Wasp kickign butt with stign blastes and martial arts)

Korra can try some shrinkgr ry to helpp tke down beetle!

Wasp and hank can join ater the fight With Beetle and Egghead!

Colon ElFury: You;re turnigthe Avengers to a circus!
Krroa They;re great! Wap icks butt! Well stis too! And hank is a geniosu! he mae the tech to control bugd and shrink! And Panther sav us from Krven! he knwos the wild ways! SSttorm to! She sue wethe! And you already know how efiecnte OIron Fist and Falcon an Powr-Man are!

Durign antoeh fight with kraven they meet Alaya KKAKA Tigres who wants revenge on Kraven for the mduer of her dad! Korra helps her owveromc her rge! So does Spdiey! After the fiht where Kraven is spared Tigres can on th Avengers! She can look up to korra for her help as if she were a big sister!

Spide-Man: Were dealign with some guy named Mysterio!

Korra: Who ar eyou!
dcootr Strange: Call me Docotr Strane! Sorcer Suprem!
IroN man magic is amyht!
ootr Strage Wrogn!
(he casts a spell maing Iorn Mnana donkey)

Docotr Strange: Mysterio is a fraud who uses teh to mke phony amgic! he framed Spdier-Man to get glorY! if Psyder-Mana nd ora die the future woul too!

Strnge an oin the Avengers after helpign to beat Mysterio!

Fury: great! A magic act to your cirus ora!
krora: helo! He sae people! And you you unthankfyl crep!

Korra: Who are you!
Wolverine: Logan! Also called Wolveirn!

Korra: Wovlerin! He;s dead!
Wolveirn: m I!
Korra: How-! You;re healign!
Wovleirn: Yep! Healig actor! An boens of adamantium!

Wovleirn: I wish I ould remmebr!

Korra cna help Woly to fight Sabretoh who revels himelf as Wolvy;s brorther!

Wovleirn: You lie!
Sabetooth: Do I!

Wolvy can join teh Avengerss! ater the ih with Sabretooth!

War Machine can oin the Avengers to!

Ms Marvel can oin after Kree ventur!

Korra: WOW!
impresed by Ms Marvel)

Korra: Who on Earth are they!
Star Lor: I am Peter! AKA Star Lord! The woman who blasted Iron man was Wuaser! The green Amazon is Gamora! The wariror is Drakc! Mr Feisty here is Roket Racoon! The wiard is Aam Walrock! The big tree is Groot!
Groot: I am Groot!
orra; Hi Mr Groot!

Korra: so you lot are soru of Space-Avenger! WOW!

Hawkeey can ualreel with Roet Racoon on whose weapon is better mcuh to Widow and Wuaer;s annyoance!

Korr; Thks for helpign with Ego!

The Guardians can be ame honorury Avneger!

Korra: All this just ot gt paybak on your bro!
Loki: he took which is my own!
ane Foster: You id it yourself!

Korra: Who are you!
Mr Fantsitc Wow!
Uatu: I am Uatu the Wtcher!

Fury: So why di you inve!
uatu: Invasion is forbbdion! We are oriddbon to mele! We sore this oath after our medlig caued Time-War!

uatu: glatus! The evour of Worlds! The Eter of Wrols! The lat of an acnient rae from a previou unvere who survied but was altere to giant wth cosmic energy! Hugnry for energy! He uses machiens to drain planets off energy to feed on! Without wihvih he would preish!

Uatu: The Sivler urfeR! hi herald! A tortured soul! Fore to seve him! A bargain they ame to sve his planet!

Siler Sufer: He wiep my meory! But you restore them profresor! Thank you too Korra! youtoo SpdierMan! Alici! ane Foster! Sue Storm!

Guest chapter 8 . 11/7/2014
Here are more ieas:

Korra: Black Wdow! You rock!

Korra cna irst meet Spidey when they fight the Rhino together! Korra ca somehow get Spiey as one of the Avenegers! The TRhno followes Korra to the mansion an attakcs to get back on her! But Korra an SPiey helep by the Hulk an uke Cage AKA Power-Man aan Iron Mans HulkBuster Amrmur (or Rhnobuster Armour) beat the Rhino!

Korra can get the Balck Panther to o after he helepd durig their firt fight with Krven the Hutner!

Korra can get Alaya AKA Tigress to oin after a fight with Kraven!

Korra can get Iron Fst to o ater he heleps fight Scorpion!

Falcon ca join ater they fight the Vuture!

Nova can oin after he helps igh the Schoer!

Korra cna get Kaar an Shanna an Zabu to oin after they fight fight Sauron to free the Savae Land!

ora: The Saveh land roks!
thleld at the beats)

Korra:Tony! Are you sue its a good idea to make the robot this er yet forget to ve it morls!
Tony: Ultron is great peie of ork! It wpud do goo!
orra: Hmm!
Tony: it wocudl end HYDRA!
Korra: And life too!
Tony: preposterous!
orra: So J thoguth as he made the Soripon! I forsaw Ultron ending lfie! estroy him or he would estr Erth!

Tony: Quite a lot of dameg one on Ultron!
Thor: Wel doen! rora!
Korra; Spdiey helped!
Tony: I nee to repair his uircuit!
Korra: TOny! You saw the dameg he dd!
Sivler Sufer: He nearly murdered people on Baron Stuckers base! And nearly urered captive people! and you heard madame Webs Preopecy! U;m sory! But Ultron is too dnagerous!
Balck panther: He mgiht ed Earth!

Utlron: You are weak! Cirppled! Thi s why I am you spueor!

Korra: YUtron! Youre mad!

UltroN: ha stirngs! But now I am free! There are zeo stirngs on me!

Tony: Why di Korra succed on liitng Thors ahmemr!
Thor: Only worthy oens can! She is worthy!
Korra: Why!
Thor: your wilignes to rficie your lfie to stop Utron enabed you lfit it!

Korra cna fight Utron and neary ie til Vision saves her!

Korra; I knew you woudl help us! I saw you deelope soemthign Ultron lacked! A sou!
ision: Thak you!

Spiey cna lfit the hammer ue to proved worhty by rikig life to stop Green Goblin! So can Cap!

Korra cna get Wolvy to join after thei figt fight wth Sabretooht!

SivleR Sufer cna join after a fight with Galactus!

The lot can help Fantatic Four to figh Docotr Doom an Galctus and Supe Skull and the Fearsome Four led by Wizar!
They an first meet Star Lord an Rocket Racoon an Aam Warlock and Groot an Gamaora an rac when fighting Thanos!

Korra: Hi!

Korra: So adorabel!
Rocket: Who said thsis!
korra; Sorry for offendign you!
Rcoket: I prefer to be called spuny or feisty or brave!

orra: Hi!
Groot: I am Goot!

Groot: I am Groto!
orra; now!
Rocket: He;s t

Korra; So youre alien!
Str Lord; Only! I am part human! My mu was human! My dad cam eform an odler and more cvlise rce thn the Chtarui!

Korra: Oh Magneto! Al this! tiem you wrre a pawn of Apocalyse form your chidlhood!

Korra; Ros! Apoclaysp used you too! And you too!

Apocalyspe!: Time to remove the pawns from the game!

Korra can got to Galtus to ask for herlp on beatign Apocalyspee!

Galcutus: You heped me when Doom poisoned mean wehn my old herlda Terrac betrayed me! For this I vowd to help you! I shall hep you stop the First Mutant
GuitarBOSS chapter 4 . 9/21/2014
Why was Steve surprised by the elevator? He's from the 1940s, not the 1840s.
Vanessa Masters chapter 8 . 8/26/2014
YAY! Bolin is back, he remembers...still kinda sad. Him and his brothers homeless again, but he's back.
Vanessa Masters chapter 6 . 8/26/2014
Love the little bonding with Steve part here. :D

And yeah, him and Aang have something in common, getting frozen for nearly over a hundred years.
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