Reviews for Avenger Korra
pachysam chapter 8 . 3/29
her are idea

The Punisher: Stay out off my way1
korra:OOOO! Frightening!

Korracan eat the Punisher who would fal easily to her elemental powers and superiro strenght!

Korra: Frankie Castle! You murder! Revenge would consume you an destroy you! Askmy mentors! One nearly did1

Iron Man can be caught an saved by a Pteranodon pal of Ka-Zar!

(Korra is on the back of a Giganotosaur)
(she points with her sword)
(the Giganotosaur roars an charges)

Captain America can use his shiled to beat some raptors who serve Sauron!

Korra can use a spear and a sword! She can also be the first Avqtar to use guns and wear an ammo bett around the chet1

Korra can use a boomerang sometimes1

Korra: Torro! Torro!
the Rhino goes on al fours an charges)
KOrra leaps awy with airbening)
Korra O'lee!

Korra can use a firewal to block shotsnfrom the Rhino's rocket-launchers!

Korra: Fury! You lied to us!
(angry with Fury for his part on the making of Graviton an Blizzard)

Korrabcan be buds with Spidey!

Korra Yah1
Lanhua chapter 2 . 2/20
This is too stupidly fast.


pachysam chapter 8 . 2/9
Here are more ideas;

(the Rhino fires both forearm-mounted rocket-launchers)
(Korra uses a fire-wall to block the rockets)

Korra can beat up Punisher!

Korra: So you use swords to fight vampires! And stakes through the hearts!
Blade: Yes! And guns too! Mostly some which shoot solar-rays and silver bullets! Sunlight and silver can destroy vampires! So can fire! So I also got a flamethrower!
Korra: So my firebending would work on them too!
Blade: And garlic is deadly to them too!
Korra: Good thing I eat garlic!

Dracula: Welcome to my kingdom!

Korra: Look out!
(they dodge as Dracula fires electricity from his hands)

Korra: Electro is completely bonkers!

Beetle: I got a job to do!
Spider-Man: And I got a bug to catch! You!

Wasp: Yo Beetle!
(she stings Beetle then grows and uses martial arts on the mercenary)

Korra: THe Sentinels must be destroyed or all creation would perish!


Graviton: I came for revenge!
Korra: Revenge!
Graviton: Yes! Did Mr Coulson tell you! He made me who I am!
Thor: You're lying!
Graviton: Am I! Then why the guilt!
Mr Coulson: Uh!
Sky: Big mouth! Are we the only ones who can keep secrets around!
Korra: It's TRUE! Why!
Mr Coulson: I was trying to stop him! I had little choice!
Graviton: You could help me detroy the one who wanted the gravity-energy! But you betrayed me! As you lot betrayed Blizzard! A former member!
Iron Man: You made Blizzard too! Did you also make the Beetle or the Shocker or the Rhino or the Vulture!

Blizzard: Freeze!
(he fires ice from both hands)
(Korra breathes fire melting the ice)

(Korra forms an air-funnel)
(Rogue and Cap as well as Sky load bombs on the funnel which fly and blow up a Sentinel)

Korra: You made monsters! And you neglected to tell us!
Thor: We truste you! And how did you survive! Was the death a lie too!
MR Coulson: I did die! But soem surgeons brought back! I remember! It was awful! They also wiped my memories to prevent me from killing them!

Loki:Time to die!

The Punisher can almost get killed by the Kingpin due to his own arrogance and anger! But he can be rescued by Korra and Spider-Man as well as Cap and the Hulk!

The Hulk: Hulk smash Rhino!

The Hulk: Hulk smash Scorpion!

Doctor Octopus: Resistance is useless! Futile! Now! Die!

Korra: Yo Sparkles!
(calling Electro's attention)

Iron Man: We need a big gun to take the Rhino down! And more than one which shoots bullets! The Rhino is bullet-proof!

JJ: Get the Rhino out off my office!

Korra can pull pranks for each time JJ persecutes the group and allies!

Korra: Down with HYDRA!

Blade can sword-fight with Baron Strucker and Baron Zemo!

Korra: Yo there! Big guy!
Mad-Man: You're driving me mad!

Korra: Peggy looks pretty!
Cap: Yep! She was! And tough! And clever!
Korra: Sort of a lady version of you!

Korra: So I time travelled to after World War 2! And met Peggy!

Korra: I knew Cap! A bro to me!

Peggy: I'm glad he got yout you! He needs pals!

Peggy:You wear trousers!
Korra: Yeah! Women wear trousers!
Peggy: So we did it! Girl power!

Korra: You go!
(cheering on Peggy for clobbering Madame Hydra with martial arts)

Peggy can try to kill the Red Skull to aveng Cap!

Korra can meet Elektra! She can offer a place among the team impresed at this warrior!

Bullseye can be sent by the Kingpin to murder the group for how Korra clobbered him and saved Spider-Man and the Punsiher! But Elektra can save them!

Bullseye: Elektra! But I killed you!
Elektra: Yes! And I came back thanks to the Hand!

The Red Skull: Murder is beyond you! You would show mercy!
(he chuckles)
(Peggy aims a rifle to the Skull's throat)
Peggy: I'll show you the mercy you showed on the people you murdered! And I'll honour Cap's death!
Korra: Cap survived!
Peggy: Survived!

Korra: Catch!
(she throws a machete to Peggy)
Peggy: Thanks!
(she uses it to block Hydra's machete)

Peggy: This is your dog! Helloo!
(she laughes as Naga licks her)
Korra: You are a tough one!

Peggy: Must you return to the future! Stay! We made a great team!

Korra: I met Peggy! And she missed you!
Cap: WOW!

Korra: Yo Shocker! Get me!

Korra: Fury! You told a lot of big lies to us! You made Graviton and Blizzard! You almost began World War 3 during the Winter Soldier's return! Be careful! One day your arrogane would detroy the cosmos itself!
(talking to Fury on the hospital bed aftger his near-death at the hands of the Red Skull)

Crossbones: DIE!
(he fires a bazooka)
(Bucky uses his energy-shield to block then punches Crossbones over with his cyber-arm)
Korra: Avengers assemble!
Sky chapter 8 . 2/3
I'm in suspense; I love your story! I know you haven't updated this story in awhile but if you have the chance to update it with a new chapter I'll be so happy! Great story!
pachysam chapter 8 . 1/27
Here are more ideas:

Laura can eat sushi! She can also feed on fruit and cakes and chocs and other nice foods!

(the Punisher punches Spidey over and aims a shotgun)
(Laura blocks with her body surviving due to the healing factor)
(she uses her blades to slice the gun up then front-kicks the thug over)
Laura: You're gonna be sorry you attacked my family you murderous mercenaryu!

The Punisher can lose to Korra and Laura!

Laura can offer to kill JJ for making Scorpy and making the Punisher attakc the team!

Thor: By attacking Spider-Man you earned our wrath mortal! Now surrender or fall!
The Punisher: Bah!

Laura and the Winter Soldier can bond! Larua can help Bucky make up for all he did by fightnng HYDRA!

When the Avengers get kidnapped and trapped by HYDRA or Kang the Conqueror Kora can form a group to save them! She can bring Spider-Man and Laura and Rogue and Bucky and the Thing and Luke Cage and Iron Fist and Tigress (Alaya) and Silver Sable and Elektra and War-Machine and Silver Surfer and Ka-Zar and Shanna and Zabu and Quake to the rescue!
pachysam chapter 8 . 1/27
Here are more ideas:

Korra can make up the Avengers theme song!

Korra: Avengers assemble!

Korra can offer Elektra and Silver Sable places among the Avengers!

Laura (Wolvys daughter made from his DNA) can become an Avenger which helps her mend from wounds done by the creeps who tried to make her a tool! She can bond well with Korra for being the first human other than Logan to care for her! She can also bond well with Hulky and T;Challa and Spidey and Wasp and Black Widow and Cap (who can be an uncle due to his friendship with old Logan) and Thor and Jane Foster and Gwen and Mary Jane and Naga!

The Professor can be a grandfatherly figure to Laura! Laura can be pleased with the muto-sage's kindness to all and be moved by tales of how he helped her Daddy when he was emotinally scarred by the betrayl of Colonel Stryker and Sabretooth as well as Deadpool!

Rogue can be a sister to Laura due to their fatherly bonds! She can help Rogue become more confident with powers! At one point she can selflessy put Rogue's and on herself so Rogue could heal from wounds!

Laura: Whoever murdered Hank is gonna pay!

Laura: JJ! You'll pay! Your Scorpion murdered people!

Laura: One shot on my family and you lose the other eye Fury! And both hands!

Laura: Avengers assemble!

Mariko can be a mother to Laura and teach her some samurai-techniques as well as tea-things!

Laura can enjoy tea and drink it! Especially calming herbal ones! Good for calming nerves! Yep! It would help calm down from moods!

Laura would be disgusted with Sabretooth viewing him as a traitor for al the emotional pain he did to Wolvy!

Laura: He was your brother! And you betrayed him!
Sabretooth: You talk as he does! Softy!

Laura can be disguted with Apocalypse for using people as puppets with psycological lies and fake promises! She can try to kill him for trying to murder Korra and Wolvy and for attacking Magneto and the Professor!

Laura: Spudey taught me about great power bringing great responsiblity! You abuse your power Apocalypse! All to make yourself a god! You disgrace your own people!

Laura can be disgusted with the Sentinels for how they murder mutants! She can also revea she is disgusted by genocide one of the worse crimes of all!

Laura can own a sword as Dad does! A gift from Mariko! She can turn out to trained on Japan to learn samurai ways as Dad did!

Laura: I know of you! Magneto!
Magneto: Yes!

Laura: Mutants and humans can be equals! It was a mutant who murdered your mum! Shaw! The Black King! Remember! Big man! Absorber of energy! Capable of absorbing physical but vulnerable to mental attacks! The one you got your first helmet from!

Laura: Magneto! Apocalypse lied to you! All from World War 2!

Laura: HYDRA! My dad fought them! Seems I must fight them too!

Laura: Red Skull! We meet!
Red Skull: Ah! The clawed one got a daughter!

Laura can fight and beat up the Grim Reaper who serves as Red Skull;s bodyguard!

Laura can use a gun sometimes as Dad sometimes did! Maybe she can keep a laser-pistol and a bandolier!

Korra: Nice bandolier!
Laura: Thanks! Your is nice too!
pachysam chapter 8 . 1/26
Here are more ideas

Korra can get a leather jacket as part og the super-costume!

Korra can wear a leather bandolier which carries laser-ammo as part of the costume!

She can get weapons to use with the elements! A wooden boomerang! A spear of Wakandan making! A shield of vibranium (Zulu but vibranium with elemental symbols on)! A pair of laser-pistols! A bow and arrows to use! And a staff of wood! She can use many of them to do bending as Aang and Zuko as well as Kyoshi did!

Hawkeye: The Wakandans are primitives!
Spider-Man: Wrongo! Remember T'Challa's vibranium! And the hovercraft!
Hank or Doctor Banner: Their tech is way more advanced! I read they use solar and hydrogen to power their tech! They use vibranium! Why Cap's vibranium came from Wakanda!
T'Challa: A gift from an ancestor for saving him from Nazis who poisoned him! He nearly died but the noble Allies cured him!

Korra: Nice city!
Spider-Man: Yep! Wow! Nice place Panthy!

T'Challa: It began long ago when people came! Thugs led by a Belgian scientist named Doctor Ulysses Klaw! Brilliant but power-mad! He'd made a new weapon! A blaster capable of firing sound-blasts to destroy or make things! He offered riches for our vibranium! My dad refused to sacrificie countless people to Klaw's dark plans of conquest! Furious Klaw murdered my dad with the blaster! Close range!
Korra: The monster!
Spider-Man: I agree!
Thor: How dare he!
Captain America: Yes! Such a monster!
Iron Man: Yes!
Hank: A disgrace!
Wasp: How awful!
T'Challa: It was! My warriors fought to avenge my dad! But Klaw slaughtered many! However I managed to use the blaster to destroy Klaw's right hand!
Korra: Serves him right!
Hank: So this was how he got the prosphetic hand!

Professor: We're sorry about your father's loss!
T'Challa: Thank you Charlies!

Korra: So you want revenge! Why ask us!
T;;Challa: Klaw hired old enemies of yours!
(he shows photoes)
Wolverine: Juggernaut! The helmeted punk!
Korra: A big guy!
Professor: And regretabbly my step-brother!
T'Challa: A traitor! We too got betrayed by Man-Ape!
Cyclops: A super-strong mutant whose powers were dormant until a magic gem from Vietnam triggered! Super-tough! Healing factor! And a super-temper!
Spider-Man: And look! The Rhino!
Doctor Bruce: Figures!
Spider-Man: And Kraven the Hunter!
Iron Man: And the Black Knight too!
Thor: Aye! And Radioactive Man too! The monster!
Captain America; And Bartoc! The French mercenary! A master of French martial arts!
Spider-Man: And the Shocker too!
Korra; And also the Chameleon! The camoflauging mercenary!
T'Challa: I helped you before when Kraven trapped you on the zoo and when we fought him on the Savage Land! And when we fought Sabretooth on the Yukon! So now I ask for your help to avenge my dad and protect Wakanda from Klaw's team!

(a giant eagle flies)
(on it is Klaw now red all over with purple marks)
Colonel Fury: How!
Iron Man: YOU IDIOT! By pushing Klaw onto the vibranium to blow up you made him a monster!
Korra: Way to go!
Doctor Klaw: I am reborn as the most powerful being on Earth! I am living solidified sound! And your death!
Korra: Way to go Fury! You made another monster! First Graviton! Then Blizzard! Now this!

Klaw can use the blaster during his super-mode to make monstrous beasts who obey his orders!

Doctor Klaw: Now my pets! Destroy them!

Korra: Vibranium absorbs sound! We found a way to defest Super-Klaw!

T'Challa: This is for my dad! And for all the others you murdered!
(he uses his spear to piearce Klaw)
(Klaw groans)
Korra: You wanted the vibranium! You got it! It's absorbing you! Consider this your eternal jail!

Korra: T'Challa should join us! We could use his powers and tech and knowledge!
Colonel Fury: You are young! We-!
T'Challa: I can! For too long Wakanda kept away! And look! My dad got murdered! But thanks to our allies Klaw fell! It is time we join the other lands! And I'll join as the ambassador of my people!

(Bucky uses his cybernetic hand to punch a few troopers off)
(the troopers fall doign the wilhelm scream)
Korra: Good punch!
(Baron Strucker grabs Bucky;s arm and electricutes it with his gauntlet)
Korra: Let him go!
(she air-blasts Strucker)
(Strucker does the wilhelm scream as he falls)
Spider-Man: This oughta keep him quiet till SHIELD cuffs him up!
Baron Strucker: Most undignified defeat!
Korra: Beaten by a girl!
Baron Strucker: By commoners! And Americans!
(he faints)

Korra: Ms Marvel should join us!
Ms Marvel: You read my mind! I was planning to do so!
Captain Marvel: Me too! I was banished from my people! Maybe learning more from your race could help find a way to restore the Kree to who they were before the Supremor took over and their war with the Skrull began!

Korra; Nice scarf!
Ms Marvel: Thank you!

Korra; Nice martial arts!
Ms Marvel: Duh! The city was rough! And it was good way to keep fit!
Korra: Now as Marvel they're toughed up!

(Ms Marvel absorbs and redirects Ronan's energy back)
Korra: WOW!

Cap can use a knightly sword and a gun as well as his shield!

Ms Marvel can use a dao sword and a guandao spear! She can also sometimes use a gun!

Korra; You use martial arts! WOW!
Pepper: Thanks! I'm really-!
Korra; Go on! I bet you can beat me! Punch me!

Korra: Go Pepper! Pepper to the rescue!
Pepper: Rescue! Yes! Nice ring! This armour is Rescue! Yep!

(spotting Rescue and recognsing the voice)
Tony: Pepper! My angel with armour!


Korra: I got my eye on you Red Hulk!

Korra: I knew Ross was the Red Hulk!

Korra: You betrayed your own country Ross!

Korra: Red Skull! This ends now!

Korra can write a theme song for the Avengers!

Constrictior: I'll give you anything! Please show mercy!
Yellowjacket: Fight me you coward! Fight and earn your right to survive scum!
Constrictor: I'll give you anything you want!
Yellowjacket: You shall! I want you gone off the streets!

Korra: Yellowjacket!
(she laughes)
Korra: This is the best titlle you can come up with! You coud call yourself the Hornet or Wasp-Man or-!
Yellowjacket; Actions speak louder than words!

Korra: Good moves!
Wasp: Yep! Martial arts! I do more than just shoot! Martial arts is quite good for fighting! And also keeping fit!
Korra: Yep!

Korra: Wahoo!
(cherring on Wasp for punching Beetle out)

T'Challa; You Westerners and your addiction to TV!
Hawkeye: Do you watch TV!
T'Challa: Yes! But I also do other things too!

T'Challa can turn out to enjoy documentories of animals especially to do with taking care of endangered races! He can also enjoy prehistoric documentories and also some historical documentories (especially to do with geniouses such as Einstein as well as adventurors such as Marco Polo and Columbus)! He can also enjoy fables and also some news! He can also enjoy some Zulu films which show them as the great people they are!

Korra; We need a mongoose to track down the Serpent Society! They feed on snakes! Spidey told me before!

Korra; Maybe snake-charming would get them out!

Spider-Man: Hello! Snakes are meant to be legless!
King Cobra: Shut up!
(he fires his rocket-launcers)
(Korra uses a fire-shield to block then throws her bolas)
(Kobra dodges and coils around Korra)
(Korra airbends Cobra off)

Thor: When you murdered T'Challa's papa you earned our wrath mortal-criminal!
Doctor Klaw: Why care! A savage!
Spider-Man: A person!
Korra: A greater man than you were!
Doctor Klaw: A savage!
Captain America: A great man who died for his country to stop you!
T'Challa; He died with more honour!
Storm: Yes! And we'll honour his sacrifice!
The Hulk: Hulk smash Klaw who murdered Panther-Daddy!
Doctor Klaw: Your sentimence would be your own downfall!

Thor can use a sword as well as Mjoynr! And he can use a spear during Wakanda and a mace too!

Spider-Man: Great! So Hank got a split personality! The other one's some crazy mercenary who wears a yellow and black clown-costume!
Yellowjacket: Who are you calling a clown!

Korra: Money! We need to pay you!
Luke Cage: Duh!
Korra: But the Avengers do it for free!
Luke Cage: Well we need money! They're rich!
Tigress: Yep!

Korra can persuade the Silver Surfer and Quake as well as Luke Cage and Iron Fist and War-Machine and Bucky and Tigress (Ava Alaya) and Ant-Man and Wolverine and Scarlet Witch and Polaris and and Doctor Strange and Wong and Mary Jane as Spider-Woman and Quicksilver and Vision and Ka-Zar and Shanna and and Falcon Zabu and Rescue and Wasp to join the Avengers!

Fury: This girl is starting to act as an employer! Let me guess! She'll do leaflets which offer places!
Korra: I chose each one for who they are! Their powers and knowledge and qualities! They are worthy! As Spidey said with great power comes great responsibility! They used their powers well! Far better than some!
Fury: I guess you'd also offer a place to the Punisher or Blade!
Korra: Punisher! Too irresponsible! Remember when he almost got us killed more than once! And Blade is busy with the war with Dracula!

Korra can make some propaganda posters of the Avengers and its members and also the newer members!

Korra: Quake! You rock!

Galactus: You bugs!
Spider-Man: Easy big guy!

Spider-Man: Looks as if he's gonna do pest-control!
(when Galactus fires cosmic bug-killing gas)

Korra: And I thought Doctor Doom was tough!
(when Galactus fires lasers from his eyes on them)

Korra: Cap should be a general with his strategic talents!
Thor: Aye! If he were Asgardian he'd be a respected general of the army!

Korra; Cap lifted up Mjonyr! Fitting! Only the worthy can! He was worthy!

Korra can be worthy of lifting Mjonyr and use it on Loki!

Jane Foster can lift Mjonyr and use it on Loki as well as Radioactive Man and Wrecker!

Storm can lift Mjonyr and use it to block Klaw's blasts long enough for T'Challa to disarm him of his arm-gun!

Wolvy can lift Mjonyr up and use it on Omega Red!

Hawkeye can try but fail to lift Mjonyr! Comedically!

Spidey can lift Mjonyr! Why! He proved worthy with his responsiblity and his w
pachysam chapter 8 . 1/24
Here are ideas:

Korra and the Avengers can meet the Galactic Guardians made up of Star Lord and Rocket Racoon and Groot and Quaser and Mantis and Adam Warlock!

The Silver Surfer can join the Avengers!

Firelord who was a successor of the Surfer as Galactus's herald can become a member of Star-Lord's group!

Korra: Punisher! If you shoot Spidey I'll burn your hands enough to prevent you from holding a gun and then freeze you up before throwing you onto the Hellicarrier!

(Punisher aims his rifle)
(Yellowjacket fires his laser-pistol)
(the rifle vanishes)
The Punisher: My gun!
Yellowjacket: Now I;m the master!

Korra; Punisher is mad!
Iron Man: I know!

Korra; Punisher! One bullet on Spidey and Naga eats your carcass up!
Iron Man: Boy she's mad!
Captain America; Obviously! How would you feel if the madman attacked a pal of yours!

Korra; Fury's gone nuts! More nuts! War!

Professor: Fury has been mind-controlled by Purple Man!
Korra; A purple man!
Proffessor: He calls himself Purple Man! He is a mutant who uses hypnotic powers to control people! He uses it to control people! He's using it to use Fury to conquer the world!

Purple Man: This was which you wanted!
Fury: Liar!
Purple Man: You lie! You wanted this! Power! It;s all you wanted! You lied to me! You promised me a role as your advisor! But you broke the promise! Now its your turn to suffer! By destroying your own race!

Purple Man: Resistance is futile!
Korra: The Borg said so! Yet they were proved wrong! Wel I did watch Star Trek!

Korra: You control people Purple Man! But you are unable to stop 'em from thinking or feeling!

Red Hulk: War has its prices!

Korra beats up the Red Hulk!

(the Red Hulk becomes-)
Captain America: General Ross!
Hawkeye: Get out!
Spider-Man: I knew it! I knew it! Who else would do this!
Korra: Yep! Spidey and I as well as Wasp and Betty figured it out! Ross framed the Hulk and tried to get him destroyed!
Betty: Why Dad! Why did you do this!
General Ross: For America! For you!
Korra: You;re a talented liar! You always were! You did it for revenge on a man you blamed for your disgrace! Reduced from a great general to a disgraced drunk! So you made a deal with the Red Skull! His DNA and the Hulk fused with you! You get revenge and he gets the SHIELD codes!
Black Panther: How could you betray your own people! All for revenge!
Silver Surfer: You betrayed your own race!
Korra: You did all this to hurt Bruce!
General Ross: He turned Betty against me!
Korra: You did it yourself!
General Ross: I refuse to let the monster take my daughter!
Korra; Your arrogance and lust for revenge did it! You allowed the Red Skull to twist you! Making you which you swore to destroy! A MONSTER! I made a mistake by saving you from the Leader!
The Hulk: You traitor!
(he roars and prepares to crush Ross)
Betty: Destroy Dad and you'd prove the Leader right!
(the Hulk lowers the fists)
The Hulk: Ross Monster!
Korra: Yes!
Colonel Fury: Ross! You're under arrest!

Korra: Cap! You;re a great strategist! You should be a general by now!

Korra: Boy! Galactus is big! Little wonder he needs to feed on planet-energy!

Korra: Quake! You could join the Avengers!

Ms Marvel: If I die I die fighting!
Korra: Bravely said!

Galactus can get a new herald! A clone of Korra which was made by the Leader but which gained a mind and a conscience! The clone can join to help Galactus to make atone by feeding him on planets without living beings! She can be turned to the cosmic one called the Elemental Emmissary! A silver-and-blue copy of Korra with metal skin as well as glowing hair and a staff!
pachysam chapter 8 . 1/20
Here are more ideas:

Director Fury: How do you put up with this girl!
Black Widow: Korra's great!

Black Widow learns to be well better with hugs!

Baron Strucker: Ah! Avatar Korra I presume! Captain America's newest sidekick!
Iron Man: We're here too you know!
Baron Strucker: You lot are mere peasants! Common as your country is!
Korra: And you must be Baron Strucker! I saw your photo! You're the Red Skull's second-in-command!
Baron Strucker: I am Baron Wolfgang von Strucker! I am nobility! I am your death! And the death of all you care for!
(his gauntlet crackles)
(he fires electricity from his gauntlet)
Iron Man: OWW!

Korra can use a knightly sword or a dao sword to fight Baron Strucker's sabre!

Baron Strucker: These peasants are beneath me!
Iron Man: Peasants!
Baron Strucker: Show the mongrols how to beg!
Hawkeye: Mongrols!
JJ: Who are you calling mongrols MONGROL!
Baron Strucker: You dare to call a pureblood German a Mongrol! DIE!
(he fires his electro-gauntlet)
(JJ runs away)

Korra: Baron Strucker survived a fall! Did he take super-serum too!
Iron Man: His body got enhanced more! A fall from this is sort of being pushed onto the floor! It would only be painful if he were to be taken out off our air! He needs to breath! But he's a tough man!
Baron Strucker: Correct!
(he fires his laser-pistol)
(Cap blocks with his shield)
(Baron Strucker fires his electro-gauntlet)
(Korra redirects the lightning away)

Madame Hydra: Destroy her! She's only a child! YOU ARE HYDRA!
Korra: Yeah! Big talk from a lady too scared to fight me!

Madame Hydra: Idiots! Why did I train you!
Spider-Woman (Mary Jane): Why indeed!

Korra and Madame Hydra can fight! Korra can beat up the Hydra-woman with just martial arts and only use bending to knock the guns and poison-daggers away! Korra can defeat Hydra barehanded!

Korra: Yo! A little far from the zoo Rhino!

Korra: OOO! The big Rhino! Afraid of a little girl!

The Rhino: A girl beat me! And cost me my chance of payback on Spider-Man! She's gonna pay! Big time!
(he spots a newspaper with the headline of Korra beating Rhino up and roars tearing it up)

Korra: Hulk! Smash Rhino!

Hulk: Hulk smash Rhino!

The Hulk and the Rhino can fight! A good nod to how they fought on the comics!

Luke Cage AKA Power-Man can debut when they fight the Rhino! He can become an honourary member after helping Korra and the Hulk as well as Spidey to beat the Rhino!

Luke Cage: Good thing my hide is tough or the Rhino's horn would make me bacon!

Luke Cage: Bring it on!
(his war-cry)

Luke Cage: Sweet Christmas!
(his sort of 'My goodness' when he is shocked)

Korra can somehow time travel to the 1940's through a time-portal caused by an accident! She can join forces with Peggy Carter! I can imagine the two teaming up and fighting against thugs and also enjoying tea together! I can picture the two together!

Spider-Man: We must open the door! Peggy could be overpowered!
(they open up to spot all the men downa and Peggy panting)
Spider-Man: Oh!
Peggy: Thank you!
Spider-Man: Did you take super-serum too!
Korra: Actually she used power from the heart and brain! Yep!

Korra can attempt to make it Peggy reunites with Cap!

Korra: Yo Red Skull! Come on! Or are you a chicken!

Korra can fight the Red Skull to help Cap!

T'Challa can join the Avengers to act as ambassador for his people! Sort of a way of proving Africans equals to Americans and Europeans! He can join after they help defeat Doctor Klaw to avenge his dad's murder!

The Silver Surfer can join to help protect Earth! He can join after a fight with Galactus!

Spidey can join them after they help him to save Korra from a vengeful Rhino!

Korra: The Rhino fits this guy! He's as grumpy and stupid as one!

Hawkeye: How can we beat this Rhino! My arrows were unable to get through the armour!
Black Widow: I tried tranquiliser-darts! They failed!
Iron Man: Bullets and rockets failed! Tranquiliser gas could work! He still needs to breath!

The Vulture: Show some respect for your elders you punk!

Kraven the Hunter: I am Kraven the Hunter!

Kraven the Hunter: The hunt is on!

T'Challa can debut when they fight Kraven for the first time!

T'Challa can fight Kraven to help the Avengers! I can picture him and Korra as well as Spider-Man fighting Kraven!

(the sight of the Rhino with a thing stuck on his horns and Doc Ock's tentacles tied up to form ribbons as well as Kraven within one of his own nets and Scorpion with his tail tied around makes Hulk laugh reverting to Bruce)

Rocket Raccoon: Bring it on Lion-Man!
(he fires at Kraven)
(Kraven blocks the gunshots with a shield and fires a pistol)

Korra: PHIL COULSON! You made Blizzard and Graviton! Who else did you make! HobGoblin! Rhino! Vulture! The Serpent Society! Pyro!
Wolverine: Pyro was born a mutant!
Korra; Oh!

Agent Hill: Korra! I'm sorry I misjudged you! I should've listend to you! If I'd done so we could've saved the people from the Chameleon!

The Black Panther: Be careful! If the Leader is as clever as Bruce told is he might be preparing to ambush us! It could be a trap! His gamma-warriors could be prepared to capture us for their Leader!

Korra can drive a jet and a jeep as well as a hovercraft!

Korra can ride animals of Africa during the first fight with Kraven!

Korra can meet the Mandarin and Trevor who pretended to be the Mandarin! She can be amused at Trevor!

Korra: You plan to make an army! A fleet! This is madness! War would destroy Earth!

Korra: Beware your arrogance! You could start the End of the World!

Fury would pay the price for his arrogance when he loses the right hand and the left foot to raptors of the Savage Land! The hand and foot get replaced with prosphetic ones!

Korra: Magneto! You were a pawn of Apocalypse all along! All your plans! His own to use you to lead to his return!

Magneto can be broken by the reveal of how he'd been Apocalypse's pawn all along! He can lose the will to go on until Korra gets it back and he finds it with help from his old friend as well as the Avengers and his own children!

Apocalypse: Why!
Magneto: Making amends for all I did!
Apocalypse: Sentinemental fool! Prepare to die!
(he fires a mental blast only to be blocked by Korra and the Professor)
pachysam chapter 8 . 1/18
Here are ideas:

Black Widow can use martial arts weaposn such as swords and spears as well as staffs and archery! She can keep a dao sword and a machete as well as a zulu spear and shurikens!

Hawkeye: Korra! You brought a rhino to our place!
Korra: He followed me!
Hawkeye: You want to keep it!
Iron Man: Obviously it's against her plannings! This rhino is waaaaaaaaay too aggressive!
(during when the Rhino follows Korra to the place to get revenge for Korra beating him up to save Spider-Man)

Korra can pity T'Challa the Panther when she learns of how Doctor Klaw murdered T'Chaka (T'Challa's dad)! She can wish to make the monster face justice for the monstrous acts against Wakanda and all other peoples!

Korra: You got a new hand!
(Klaw turns it to a blaster and fires a vibro-blast)

Korra: Klaw! You're mad!
Doctor Klaw: They all called me mad!

Wakandan Guard-Captain: Leave American!
Doctor Klaw: I'm from Belgium!

Korra can help to persuade T'Challa and Spidey as well as the Silver Surfer and Wolverine to join the Avengers!

Korra: Avengers assemble!

Korra can be able to use Mjonyr! She can use it on Loki and the Red Skull as well as Apocalypse and the Green Goblin!

Korra: So you are the Red Skull! You are really ugly!

The Red Skull: HYDRA was named after the Hydra! A monster which grew two more heads to replace one! A powerful one as our army is!
Korra; Yep! Yet the Hydra died! Hercules beat it!
Hercules: Aye! And we can beat you too!
The Red Skull: You were lucky! It was a mindless beast! Now you deal with your superior! Me! The future ruler of Earth! The Red Skull! The new Adolf! The leader of the New Nazis and the founder of the Fourth Reich!

Baron Strucker: I am Baron Strucker!
Korra: Yep! One of Red Skull's commanders! Nice monacle! And the gauntlet!
Baron Strucker: A weapon made during World War 2!
(he fires electricity on Korra)
(he draws a sabre)

(Baron Strucker shoots SHIELD-members with a laser-pistol and tears others up with his sabre)
(he fires electricity from his gauntlet destroying others)

Korra: Who is this guy!
Phil Coulson: Blizzard! A man I knew! A former worker who was given the power to make blizzards with a machine!
Korra: You made Blizzard!

Korra: Freeze Blizzard!
Blizzard: Gladly!
(he fires ice-blasts)
(Korra breaths fire to melt the ice)

Korra: You made Graviton!
Phil Coulson: It was an accident! I tried to stop the madman!

Korra: How to stop Graviton who controls gravity!

Graviton would lose to Korra's Avatar Spirit as well as the Hulk who becomes stronger when angry!

Korra: Coulson! Why did you do it! And I thought JJ was the only monster-maker making Scorpion! Did you make the Rhino or Mad-Man or the Vulture!
Banner: Mad-Man made himself! The Vulture did so too! And the Rhino got armour from an employer!

Korra: JJ! You made Iron Fist's pal a monster! A scorpion monster! People died because of you!

The Punisher: You lied to me JJ! You told me Spider-Man made the Scorpion! Did you frame a harmless man! How many other monsters did you make! How many suffered and died because of you!

Iron Man: You are Aang!
Korra: He is! The Young One! How did he appear!

Man-Ape: DIE!
(he throws a spear)

(Man-Ape punches out but Korra dodges)

Korra: Poaching is illegal Kraven!

Captain America: Silver Surfer! Help us! Please!

Korra: Silver Sable should join the Avengers!

Korra: C'mon Bucky! Join us! Join the Avengers!

Korra can convince Falcon to join his old bud Cap as an Avenger!

Mary Jane can join the Avengers as Spider-Woman!

Pepper can make her own Iron Man armour Rescue!

The Mandarin can appear!

Korra: Luke Cage! Iron Fist! You two could join the Avengers!

Korra: Alaya! You were a worthy Tigress! You could join the Avengers!

Korra: Galactus is only trying to survive! And little wonder! He is the last of his species!

Korra can gain Galactus's respect by sparing him and saving him! Galactus can vow to be an ally!

Uatu: Galactus always keeps his promises! He could teach you to do so too Fury!

The Galactic Guardians can help fight Thanos and Apocalyspe and Ego the Living Planet as well as Korvac and Chitauri!

Korra can teach Mary Jane and Gwen some martial arts!

Korra can meet Jane Foster!

Jane Foster can reveal some martial arts!

Tony: Korra! You really need to control yourself!
(cross because of how Korra unwittingly led the Rhino over)
Rhode: Look who's talking!

Thor: Loki! Stop this madness! You;re toying with powers beyond you!

Thor: Fury! Korra's right! Genocide is wrong!
Captain America: Yes! Remember the Nazis! We fought genocide! Destroy Galactus and you;d prove as mosntrous as the Red Skull or Adolf!

Korra can own some vibranium (part of a spear or a shield) and a Japanese sword with an adamantium sword!

Korra can learn of how Fury lost one eye to Bucky when he was under the mind control of the Red Skull!

Korra can clobber up Sabretooth!

Korra can beat Man-Ape barehanded!

Korra can prove a match for Kraven!

Korra can use the Avatar Spirit on Apocalypse and Thanos as well as Mephisto and Dormammu and also Doctor Doom and the Green Goblin as well as the Leader and Ego!

Korra can teach Rogue to accept the powers and teach her martial arts! Both for fighting and to help teach confidence!

Korra can pity Spider-Man when she learns of Uncle Ben;s death!

Korra and the Silver Surfer can help calm Peter when the Symbiote takes over! The spirituality can help to contrast the darkness of Venom and Carnage!

Korra: The Leader is nuts! Maybe the gamma rays roasted the brain up when it made it bigger!

Hawkeye: How can the Leader be tough!
Human-Torch: How! Lecture us to death!
The Leader: Silence!
(he uses mental blasts on the pair)
(the pair scream)
Mr Fantastic: The Leader has psychic powers!
The Leader: A side affect of my brain;s improvement!

The Leader and the Professor can fight a mental fight! But the Professor would beat the Leader due to his calmer and wiser mind being better than the Leader's arrogance!

Korra: T'Challa and Storm on a tree!

Storm can fight Doctor Klaw to help T;Challa!

Jane Foster can lift up Mjonyr to save Thor from Loki and Radioactive Man!

Spider-Man can lift Mjonyr to clobber the Green Goblin and Carnage!

Captain America can lift Mjonyr to beat the Red Skull and Baron Strucker as well as Baron Zemo!

Hawkeye can try to lift Mjonyr but fail!

Storm can lift Mjonyr to fight Doctor Klaw and the Vulture as well as Mystique and the HobGoblin!

Korra can help Blade hunt Dracula!
pachysam chapter 8 . 1/17
Here are more ideas:

Skye can appear! I can picture her helping Korra during a few fights such as using her computer-talents to learn of how Bucky made it and learnign more of the Green Goblin as well as fighting off HYDRA-members!

Skye and Korra can get along well!

Korra: Yoo-ohh! King Cobra! Over here!
King Cobra: Come down!
Korra: Climb up! Or are you afraid I'd release a mongoose upon you!

Korra: The snakes on the grass!
(referring to the Serpent-Society's cunning)

Korra: Nice leather-jacket!
(putting it on)

Korra puts on a bandolier!
Korra: Wow! I look awesome!
Hawkeye: Show-off!
Black Widow: Jealous Clint!

Korra: Stick 'em up!
(aiming a gun to bluff Toad to let Wasp go)

Korra: Yo! Scorpy! A little far from the deserts or a zoo!

Korra: Yo! Boomerang! Come and get me!
pachysam chapter 8 . 1/14
Here are more ideas:

Korra: Who are you!
Star-Lord: I am Peter Quing! Leader of the group!
Rocket-Raccoon: He's the Star-Lord! Respect him!
Star-Lord: Rocket!
Korra: Star-Lord!
Star-Lord: Yep! We are a galactic peace-keeping force! We work together to save the cosmos!
Korra: Space-Avengers!
Star-Lord: Yes! This is Mantis!
Mantis: Hello!
Star-Lord: This is Quaser! The feisty rodent here is Rocket-Raccoon! And the big tree is Groot!
Groot: I am Groot!
Star-Lord: And this is Adam Warlock! You already met Nova! Rocket's student and a future member!
Korra: Really! So you learn from a racoon!
Rocket Raccoon: Big talk from one who talks to a dog!

Korra; Why do you look human! You're an alien!
Quaser: I am!
Star-Lord: Yes! But I am more than mere alien! I am part-human!

(Rocket Racoon growls)
Kraven the Hunter: Do you think I Kraven would fear a mere racoon!
(Rocket Racoon draws out two laser-pistols)
Rocket-Racoon: The name is Rocket-Racoon!
(he fires)
(Kraven dodges and fires two pistols)

(Star-Lord fires two laser-pistols)

(Star-Lord draws a sword)
(Baron Strucker draws a sword)
(both clash)

(Rocket Racoon fires a bazooka on HYDRA-tanks)

(Doctor Doom fires a laser-blast)
(Quaser redirects it back)

(Adam Warlock fires energy on Doom)

Star-Lord: Thanos is a dangerous enemy! He has destroyed many worlds!

Rocket-Racoon: You should join us!
Silver Surfer: I already joined a team! The Avengers!

Doctor Klaw can form a team to attack Wakanda! North American members can be the Juggernaut and the Vulture as well as the Shocker and Sabretooth! Ruasian members can be the Rhino and Kraven the Hunter as well as the Chameleon and Radioactive Man! Bartoc the French mercenary can appear too! The Black Knight can also appear similar to the version from Black Panther!

The Black Knight: God works mysteriously! Centuries ago we brought culture and God to Africa! We dragged them to the 20th century!
Bartoc: Chained up!
The Juggernaut: Zip it!
The Vulture: Let him talk! Shush!
The Black Knight: And now during a new century Africa needs God more than before! And here stand ambassadors from great cultures! France! Belgium! America! Canada! Russia! And Britain! While it is regrettable how force is neccessary to achieve our goals Africa needs God!
The Rhino: Sometimes you need to kick butts by Jesus's name!
The Black Knight: Precisely Rhino! Clever words!
The Rhino: He called me clever!
Kraven the Hunter: Oh boy!
The Black Knight: And this Ebony Blade along with all your talents shall grant them this! I am aware many of you got different goals! Wealth! Glory! Revenge! But know this! The hand of God is with us during the Holy Crusade of Wakanda!
(the soldiers cheer)
Doctor Klaw: And thus begins the End of the Black Panther!
Kraven the Hunter: Yes!

(the Rhino faces a bull rhinoceros)
(they charge towards eachother)
(the Rhino bashes the rhino-bull down)
The Rhino: Yeah! I am the top Rhino!
Kraven the Hunter: Bah! I can do it too!
Bartoc: Great! One less black rhinoceros! They're endangered!
Kraven the Hunter: Concerned for rhinos!
Bartoc: It's good manners!
The Juggernaut: Yeah! As you French bowed before Nazis before we Americans saved your butts!
Sabretooth: And us Canadians!
Bartoc: Repayment for us funding your rebellion!

Black Panther: One of them is the Juggernaut!
Wolverine: Yep! I recognise the helmet! And who's the other one!
Korra: RHINO!
Spider-Man: Yep! I recognise the horn!

Wolverine: Sabretooth came too! I thought I smelt a familiar smell!

Korra: Kraven the Hunter too!
Spider-Man: Obviously hunting for us!
Black Panther: Yes!

Spider-Man: The Vulture too!
Korra: And the Shocker! Let me guess! Doctor Octopus and the Scorpion too! Or some Sentinels!

Korra; Who's this guy!
Captain America; A black knight! Of course! I heard tales of this guy! A Christian who believed holy wars is the only way to bring order! Careful! His Ebony Blade is capable of slicing through stone and metal! He is also armed with a laser-lance and rides a winged horse! And he is a strategist and warrior!

Jane Foster: T'Challa's sibling and I are trapped with the vibranium! And we discovered who it was which caused the earthquake! A big green man!
Hawkeye: Hulk! Obviously messing up!
Spider-Man: Hello! Bruce is here!
Black Widow: The Leader!
Jane Foster: Too big! And the head is too short! The Leader's head is bigger due to the big brain! And he's American! It's Radioactive Man!
Thor: Radioactive Man! The Russian scientist! We met long ago! He's back!

Radioactive Man: So we meet again Thor! Revenge is near!
Thor: We'll see!

Spider-Man: I'll deal with the Rhino!
Bruce: Me too! Well the Hulk would! Good thing I'm feeling angry! One thing which angers me most is when monsters ttack people!
Korra: I'll go too!
Alaya Tigress: I'll deal with Kraven!
Luke Cage: I'll deal with Rhino too!
Falcon: Leave Vulture to me!
Wolverine: Leave Sabretooth to me!
Mr Fantasic: Ben! Help fight the Rhino!
The Thing: Sure!
Beast: We'll go after Juggernaut!

Korra; Yo! Rhino! Over here!
Spider-Man: Come and get us!
(the Rhino charges)
(the Hulk punches the Rhino over)
(they wrestle)
(the Hulk tosses Rhino over)
(the Rhino gets up and charges)
(Power-Man punches the Rhino)
(the Rhino punches Power-Man over)

The Rhino: So you're the Thing! Ugly one!
The Thing: Big talk from a zoo-freak!
The Rhino: When I'm done all there'll be would be pebbles!
The Thing: Oo! Scary! A big dumb rhino who lost to a spider and a child!

Spider-Man: Come and get us!
(they lead the Rhino to Hulk and the Thing who trap him down)
(Wakandan jets fire rockets)
(gas covers the Rhino)
Spider-Man: Tranquilizer gas! One of your weaknesses!
The Rhino: You tricked me! You-!
(he falls)
The Thing: Good thing we got gas masks on!
Spider-Man: Now some webbing amplififed by vibranium and adamantium should hold the Rhino long enough for them to make a cell strong enough to contain the big guy! The Rhino's armour is titanium and steel! Unable to break vibranium or adamantium!

Korra: Hello Kraven!
Kraven the Hunter: You! At last!
Black Panther: Kraven! Attacking my kingdom wa a stupid miustake!
Kraven the Hunter: The dominent beast coming to defend the territory!

Alaya Tigress: My dad died to stop you Kraven! And I'm willing to do the same!

(the Human-Torch roasts up the Vulture's wings)
The Human-Torch; Roast vulture anyone!
(the Vulture falls and lands on mud)

The Juggernaut: I'm the Juggernaut punk!

The Hulk can beat the Juggernaut!

Sabretooth: Hello brother!
Wolverine: Sabretooth! Leave the Wakandans be! This is between you and me!
Sabretooth: Yes!

Wolverine: Why attack Wakanda!
Sabretooth: War is who we are! Accept it! We were born for war!

Radioactive Man: I am Radioactive Man!

Jane Foster can amazingly lift Mjonyr to beat up Radioactive Man to rescue Thor! Why! She proved worthy by selflessy preparing to die to save Thor and the Wakandans as well as the Avengers!

(the Black Panther's hovercraft drags the Knight off with a cable)
The Black Knight: AAAAAH!
Korra; And you knights were meant to be fearless Sir Robin the Cowardly!
Spider-Man: Yeah!
Korra: Brave Black Knight wailed away!
Black Knight: Silence!
Korra: Bravely wailed away away!
Black Knight: Be quiet!
Spider-Man: Ooo!
Korra: When danger rears its ugly head he bravely turns his tail and fled!
Black Knight: Shut up!
Korra: Oh lighten up!
Black Panther: You boasted how God made you tough! If you lost did God forsake you!
Black Knight: Blasphemer!
Korra; It was a philosphical question Black Knight!

Black Widow can beat the Chameleon to save Wakanda!

Klaw: So the girlfriend comes to rescue the boyfriend!
Storm: Yes! I come to help T'Challa!

Klaw: You are unable to use your weather-powers up closer! Go on! Scream for T'Challa!
(Storm kicks Klaw over)
Storm: Did you know I learned martial arts!
Klaw: OW!
(Bartoc lashes out with two machetes)
(Storm uses a spear and a machete to disarm the mercenary then kicks him over)
Korra; Wahoo! You go girl!
Klaw: Die!
(he fires his blaster)
(T;Challa appears and blocks his suit absorbing the blast thanks to the vibranium)
T'Challa: Klaw! The time has come!
Klaw: Yes! You die! And Wakanda's vibranium is my property! Then the world!
T'Challa: My dad died to stop your mad plan! And I am willing to do the same!

T'Challa can slay Klaw with a spear!

T'Challa;s tomboysih sibling Shuri can save Jane Foster with the Ebony Blade and keep it!

The Silver Surfer and the Galactic Guardians can help against Thanos and Galactus as well as Ego and Mephisto! They can also help to fight Apocalypse himself!

Star-Lord: I thought Apocalypse a myth!

Yellowjacket can appear as either a copy of Hank of Pym or a spit one as Mr Hyde to Doctor Jeckell!

The Punisher and Yellowjacket can fight eachother! The Punisher's Tommy gun vs Yellowjacket's repeating 'laser-rifle' which turns out to be a shrinking rifle! The Punisher would attakc mad because Yellow Jacket 'murdered' Chip! Mad with grief!

Korra: Oh my! A fight between two crazy gunmen!
Spider-Man: Difficult to tell which is crazier!
(the Punisher and Yellowjacket roar as they fire)


Yellowjacket: You got us trapped here! You idiots!
Korra: Look who;s talking! You murdered Chip and Thor as well as Betty and Gwen!

Korra: They're okay!
Gwen: The blaster was a shrinking ray!
Betty: All Yellowjacket shot shrank!
Chip: Yeah! Remarkable!
Spider-Man: Yeah! Quite a great work! A pity this is being abused for revenge!

Yellowjacket: You got us trapped here!
Korra; I tried to stop you and Punisher from killign eachother!

Korra; Now we're free!
Yellowjacket: As are the Serpent Society!
Hank Pym: I wanted to reform them! Murder is wrong!
Yellowjacket: Weakling! Your pacifism almost got all destroyed by Galactus!

The Red Skull: We come full circle!

Korra: Bucky!
Bucky: Yes!
Korra: Thank you!
Bucky: It is I who should thank you! For all you did for my old bud!

Past Avatars can appear from Korra as spirutal holograms before the Avengers! Moments for
pachysam chapter 8 . 1/11
Here are more quotes:

Korra: A racoon with guns!
Rocket-Racoon: The name;s Rocket Racoon! You made fun of me! Die!
(he fires both blasters)
(Korra dodges and air-blasts Racoon)

Nova: These are Galactic Guardians!
Rocket-Racoon: Yeah!
(his leader groans)

Korra: So Nova! The Galactic Guardians need help!
Nova: Yes! From the one they call Thanos!

The Silver Sufer: Thanos was a student of Zen-Laa who brought shame to us! He destroys and conquers!

Nova can debut during the first fight with Electro!

Falcon can debut during the first fight with the Vulture!

Luke Cage and Spider-Man can debut during the first fight with Rhino!

T'Challa the Black Panther can debut during the first fight with Kraven the Hunter!

Aayla AKA Tigress can debut during a fight with Kraven the Hunter! She can seek revenge on Kraven for murdering her papa only to cause more damage and learn responsiblity the same way Spidey did!
Iron Fist can debut during the first fight with Scorpion!

Hank Pym and Wasp can debut during the first fight with the Beetle!

Lieutenant Terri Lee (an old ally of Spidey) can debut during the first fight with Hammerhead!

Doctor Strange can debut durign the first fight with Mysterio!

The Fantastic Four can debut during the first fight with Doctor Doom!

Doctor Conners and Gwen Stacey can debut during the first fight with Doctor Octopus!

Ms Marvel can debut during a fight against Kree led by Ronan the Accusor!

The Silver Surfer and Uatu can debut during the first fight with Galactus!

Wolverine can debut to help the group fight Sabretooth!

Mariko can fight Lady Deathstrike and prove a match for her!

Korra: Klaw! You really are an arrogant fool! Africans can be as tough as your people can!

Storm can debut when the group help T'Challa the Panther fight Doctor Klaw!

Korra: Storm and T'Challa fancy eachother!

Korra: You fancy Storm!
T'Challa: Where did you get the idea!
Korra: I could tell! The look! The sweat I smelt! And the tone you took!
T'Challa: Okay! Go ahead! Laugh!
Korra: Why! It's sweet! You two fit! Both of you are wise and gutsy and gentle! And jolly too! Yep! And you're both tough!

Korra: The Proff told me about how you helped save Storm from Shadow King! So romantic!
T'Challa: It was the right thing to do! Which other choice was there! Leave a poor child to be used by a monster who abused his muto-powers to get more power! The Proff proved more human than most! He beat the monster!

Doctor Klaw: Ah! The girlfriend come to rescue the boy!

Storm can use martial arts as well as weather! She can use a spear and a sword as well as a laser-pistol! She can also wear a bandolier!

Storm and T'Challa can both punch Klaw over!

Nightcrawler can debut during the appearance of the Symbiote which is to become Venom! His Christian-knowledge can help Spider-Man free himself from the pest! He can also try to reason with Venom!

Both the Surfer and Nightcrawler would fit Carnage! The calm and spiritual against the mad and bloodthristy!

Korra: Why would people fear you! You look too sweet! Almost as if you were a monkey!
Nightcrawler: Many thought I was a demon!
Korra: Bah! You're too soft and funny!

Nightcrawler: God help him!
(after learnign from Doctor Conners and the Surfer about the Symbiote's fuelling on darker emotions)

Nightcrawler: Carnage! The Lord forbids murder! Revenge leads to pain!
Carnage: Shut up! You softy!

Nightcrawler: As the Good Samaritan taught you must be nice to others!

Nightcrawler: Revenge would only cosume you!

Nightcrawler can use a sabre to fight Carnage!

Scarlet Witch can debut during the first fight with Dormammu and Baron Mordo!

Ghost Rider can debut during their first fight with Mephisto!

Ghost-Rider can use Penance Stare on JJ for making Scorpion and using Punisher against harmless people!

Ghost Rider can use a knightly sword and a mace as well as a hellfire-shotgun and a chain!

Bucky: You took my place!
Korra: Why would Cap replace you! We thought you died!

Korra: Cap is a sort of brother to me!
Bucky: Me too!

Korra: Nice arm!
Bucky: A prospectic one after the organic one was lost!

Bucky can wield two pistols and a rifle as well as daggers and a machete! He can also wield a bazooka and a flamethrower as well as a Tommy gun and a club!

Korra: So our little warrior from World War 2 also became a Soviet-agent during the Cold War! Well well!
Bucky: Yes! It was cold!

Bucky can debut during the return of the Red Skull and HYDRA!

Korra: Sleepers!
Captain America; Giant robots the Red Skull made for war! Prototypes to Sentinels!

Korra can match Bucky!

Bucky: You fight good!
Korra: Thanks!

Korra: Nice red star!
Bucky: It's a Russian symbol of importance! Was put on the new arm when they made me a Soviet-agent!

Korra can learn some gun moves from Bucky or Widow!

Korra can wear a bandolier with ammo on!

Korra can wear a leather-jacket!

Iron Man: The Leader is nuts!
War-Machine: Says you! You who almost died for ignoring me! Remember! How you

Pepper: Tony! RUN!
(Doc Ock grabs her)
Iron Man: Let her go!
Doctor Octopus: Tell me where Spider-Man and Korra are!

Pepper can reveal some martial arts!

Iron Man can scream high-pitched during the Mephisto thing when he falls onto a skeleton!

Ghost-Rider: And Iron Man is meant to be fearless!
(Korra laughes)
Spider-Man: It's dead!

Spider-Man: The bone-hand is choking me!
Iron Man: EEK!
Spider-Man: Gotcha!

Mephisto: You betrayed me!
Ghost Rider: You broke your Promise! You promoised to save my dad! But he died!

Korra: Way to go Ross! You made monsters!

General Ross can be tricked (along with Magneto) by Apocalypse to free him! He can redeem himself by sacrificing his own life to the Avengers!

Apocalypse: You were a fool!
General Ross: Yes! I was! A fool to misjudge the Hulk! I was the monster! You used me! Now's my chance to atone for my betrayl!

Apocalypse: You are about to die!
General Ross: Go to hell! The Avengers and the mutant-allies shall stop you!
(Apocalypse turns one hand to a sword and pierces Ross then turns the other to a laser-cannon and fires onto the hole)
(Ross falls down and dies)

Bruce: I;m sorry!
Betty: Why blame yourself! My dad chose to sacrifice himself to give us time to stop Apocalypse! If only he'd let go off his anger! Maybe he'd be immune to Apocalypse's mental lies!

Spider-Man: So Apocalypse used you too Loki! Tricked you to help open the tomb too! The trickster got tricked for once! How does it feel!
Loki: GRRR!
Thor: He saw your anger after all the times we beat you and tricked you with a promise of revenge on us all!
Uatu: Apocalypse is a liar and a trickster! He lies and tricks people with promises of power and revenge and wealth as well as emotional blackmail!

Betty Ross can become the She-Hulk! It can debut when they first fight the Leader!

Korra: So cosmic rays made you this!
The Thing: Yes! I told Reed they could be dangerous! He thought the shields would protect us! But look at me! Boy did he mess up!
Iron Man: We all make mistakes!
War-Machine: Yes! You did! And it got you wounded and led to the arc-reacter! You nearly died for ignoring my warning of attackers!
Iron Man: Very funny!

Korra: Benny! Hello!
The Thing: Oi! I got ears! I could hear!
Korra: Sorry! I assumed your were dead because of your small ear-holes!
(the Thing snorts)
Korra: Sorry!

Korra: Do Hulk and Thing fight!
Thor: Aye! Always arguing who is stronger!

Korra: Boy! I thought Spidey was the only one with bizarre enemies! You fought a little dwarf!l
Mr Fantastic: Mole-Man! He is a scientist! And a madman! He wields electro-staffs and flamethrower-staffs as well as laser-staffs and gas-staffs! And he controls many creatures from Subterra!

Korra: Boy! Galactus is a big man!

Korra can fight Super-Skrull!

The group can fight a Skrull-army led by a general and a colonel as well as a major and a captain and also a lieutnant and sergeant-major! They can also fight some Kree led by an admiral and a commander as well as a captain and a lieutenat and also an ensign and a sergeant!
pachysam chapter 8 . 1/11
Here are more ideas:

T'Challa: The herbs you took! They give power to the body of my royal family! It is venom to outsiders!
Hawkeye: AH! I'm dying!
(he overreacts)
(T'Challa chuckles)
Korra: Good one!
Aang: Yep!
T;Challa; C'mon! Get a sense of humour!
Korra: C'mon! I took some of it! Aang too! And it was good!
Aang: Herbs are good for you!
T'Challa: Especially for your immune system! It helps with colds and headaches as well as stomach-aches! But it is unable to cure old age and death!

T'Challa can make Tony eat some of the herbs to cure a head-ache and JJ eat some to cure a stomach-ache!

T'Challa: You're welcome! Why is he so grumpy!
Korra: He is! And he looks upon masked people as pests! Especially because one murdered his wife!
T'Challa: Revenge can only cause more pain!
Korra: Yeah! As was proved when JJ's lust for revenge led to him making Mac Gargan who was Iron Fist's old pal a monster called the Scorpion!
T;Challa: So JJ made the Scorpion! Figures! Both are vengeful! I fought Scorpy once! Yep!

T'Challa: Doctor Ulysses Klaw murdered my dad!

Korra: You put all Americans or British to-!
Doctor Klaw: I'm from Belgium!

Doctor Klaw: Prepare to join your papa Panther!

Aang; Take it easy! We can settle it over tea and biscuits!
Man-Ape: Shut up outsider!
(he punches out)
(Aang dodges and kicks Man-Ape over)
Aang: Sorry!
Korra; Why!
T'Challa: Nice manners though!
Captain America: Yep!

Spider-Man: Hello! Apes are meant to feed on fruit and plants as well as bugs! Panthers and humans are meant to be off their menus!
Man-Ape: Who said I'd eat them!
Spider-Man: So you butcher for sport! Any gfriend of Kraven!
Man-Ape: SHUT UP!
(he grabs and tosses Spidey over)
(Spidey web-swings and kicks Man-Ape over)
Spider-Man: And apes are meant to be calmer!

T'Challa: Man-Ape got his strength by eating a pale ape and soaking on its blood!
Korra; Yuck!
Aang: Monstrous! Poor ape!
Spider-Man: I guess someone forgot to tell him apes are endangered and poaching them is illegal!
Mr Fantastic: Man-Ape lacks the morals and honour of the Black Panther! All he wants is power and glory! And to get rid of technology! His tribe are old-fashioned and narrow!

Man-Ape: It's crushing time!
(he lashes down with both fists)
(Korra dodges and punches Man-Ape)
(Man-Ape lashes down with a club)
(Panther uses a dao-sword to destroy the club and a flanged mace to knock Man-Ape back)
(Man-Ape uses a shield to bash Panther over and raises a spear for the slaying)
(Korra uses her spear to block the Man-Ape's spear and kicks him over)

Korra: I could beat Man-Ape with elements! But I used my martial arts to prove I can beat Man-Ape with only them! And I was obeying Wakanda's duel-laws!
TChalla: Wise move!
Aang: Yep!

The Juggernaut: You think you can beat me! I'm the Juggernaut punk!
Korra; Yeah! Well I'm the Avatar punk!

Spider-Man: TIMBER!
(Rhino collapses knocked out by tranquilizer gas)

Korra: These are the trophies of animals Kraven murdered!
(strokes the tusks and trunk of the heads of an African elephant and an Asian elephant on a wall near the head of a black rhinoceros and the head of a hippo)
(Panther nods as he looks upon rugs made from a bengal tiger and a panther as well as a jaguar and a black bear)
(Naga looks on a stuffed polar bear and a wolf-head)
Korra: Kraven is going down for all the animals he murdered!

Kraven the Hunter: Black Panther! You are known to me! I longed a long time to fight you!
T'Challa: And I know of you! Kraven the Hunter! A butcher! Many animals died at your hands! You slaughtered countless animals! Time for you to face justice for all you'd murdered for sport and trophies!

Korra can call animals to fight Kraven!

T'Challa: Director Fury! Why would I give over the vibranium! I'll only do it if you earn my trust! For now it would be irresponsible to give it to you! You need to earn it by letting morals guide you more than orders! You arrogant reckless teenager! War leads only to death!
Director Fury: I do all for peace!
T;Challa: The same lie Genghis Khan made when he led the Mongols upon China and Persia as well as Europe! The lie Emperor Napoloen made when he led warriors upon much of Europe! The lie Adolf made when he started World-War 2! And the lie you made when you used the Avengers as pawns to take the Tesseract to make weapons which almost destroyed your own world!

JJ: The Hulk is a monster!
Korra: Rich coming from you! Or did you forget it was you who made the Scorpion!

T'Challa can accuse JJ of turning Doctor Conners to the Lizard and making the Rhino as well as the Vulture and the Beetle!

Spider-Man: Magic is real!
Doctor Strange: Yes!

Doctor Strange: Mysterio is a fraud! A phoney!

Doctor Strange: Mysterio is Quent Beck! He's framing Spider-Man to get revenge for 'stealing' his fame!

Doctor Strange and Myterio can do a wizard duel! Mysterio's 'tech-magic' vs Doc Strange's real magic!

(Mysterio throws a spear)
(Captain America blocks with his shield)

Doctor Strange and Mysterio can also do a sword-fight!
pachysam chapter 8 . 1/10
Here are more ideas:

Korra can meet the Black Panther (T'Challa)! They can first meet to fight Kraven the Hunter! They can also fight Doctor Klaw to protect Wakanada! They can also join forces to fight the Rhino and the Scorpion as well as the Vulture and Doctor Octopus! They can also fight by Aang's side to save Wakanda from Man-Ape!

Iron Man: OOO! How can Wakandans be tough! Throwing spears on us!
Captain America: Careful! Spears can kill!

Mr Fantastic: Wakanda is a small country on East Africa! Unconquered! English and Belgians as well as Germans and Americans fell before them! And also French! They poccess a warrior-spirit fiercer than Amazons and Gallic warriors! Nazis and Soviets fell before them! And they got advanced technology! Mostly with vibranium! The same metal as Captain America's shield! And they own oil!
Korra: So!
Mr Fantastic: They just leave the oil!
Iron Man: This is crazy!
Mr Fantastic: They use better energy-sources! Solar-power and hydrogen! All eco-friendly!
Korra: Good! Who leads!
Mr Fantastic: The Black Panther! A spiritually based warrior cult! Their king! Their pope! Their supreme commander!

Storm: We first met when we were kids! I was a poor urchin! A slave to a psychic crime-boss known as the Shadow-King! But T'Challa and the Professor defeated the Shadow-King!

Korra: T'Challa and Storm fancy eachother! I can tell!

Korra and Aang can save Wakandan children from an earthquake!

Aang: So you're the Black Panther!
(he bows)
Aang: Your majesty!
T'Challa: Such good manners Avatar Aang!
Korra: Yep! And a true airbender! Respectful to black people!

Korra: Wow! Wakanda's quite a remarkable city!
Aang: Yep! I agree!

Iron Man: Why should we let the panther join!
Korra: Anything wrong with Africans! And we need him! He knows Klaw and Man-Ape more than we do! And he could prove useful with his Wakandan knowledge! And his spiritual knowledge too!
Aang: Yes!

(Black Panther wields a spear and a machete)
(Kraven draws a spear and machete)
(both duel eachother)
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