Reviews for Death In The Afternoon
sterling5842 chapter 1 . 6/22/2012
Well...being more of the social science than the literary type, I really can't claim to be familiar with Hemingway's style. I *think* I read The Old Man and the Sea, but I can't be sure because all I recall is that an old man, the sea, and a fish were involved. Oh the shame.

But I still greatly enjoyed your fic. Perfection, start to finish.

"If they did not crash and burn to death today, then he would have to find a reason to live and he did not think he could find any more."

"The boy was like that, issuing ultimatums at the least provocation. Dying today would mean an end to hearing the boy's demands."

"The boy did something brave and they did not crash. "

Damn him, eh, Obi-Wan? can't even let you die in peace and silence that grating "conscience gong." (Loved that bit!)

But Anakin redeems himself and Obi-Wan in the end. (Smirks).

I enjoyed this one!
ruth baulding chapter 1 . 6/13/2012
Master Windu fields his discovery with jaded equanimity, which leads me to wonder exactly how much /emergency survival technique/ the imposing fellow has witnessed. Of course, now that Obi Wan isn't going to die, on the fine afternoon QUi Gon would have approved of, he may be hearing that ominous gong-note of conscience again soon. (When he forgot to flush! *undignified snicker*)

I like the rapid fire Hemingway-esque.