Reviews for Legend Of Korra: Not in Time
Heyitsthatgurl chapter 41 . 5/12
Loving this dont stop updating!
non-linear chapter 41 . 5/11
I have read this entire thing in just a day and a half and let me say, I am impressed. This fic is great and I love it so much! There needs to be more like this. Great job and keep up the awesome work!
AncientTide chapter 10 . 4/25
Can you bring Assami?
AncientTide chapter 9 . 4/25
AncientTide chapter 8 . 4/25
AncientTide chapter 7 . 4/25
While I usually don't have a problem with Mako/Korra..if you just focus on that it would be kinda bias. Especially since you know this story is time travel. And I kind of wanted it with all four of The Krew not just Mako/Korra. But I guess this was like 1 years before Korrasammi even started building up (which was in the following two years so yeah). So I guess its okay to kind of focus on that. I just hope you don't over do it, but awesome story anyways.
AncientTide chapter 6 . 4/25
Please don't tell me there is Asami bashing! PLEASE
AncientTide chapter 5 . 4/25
I think you did a typo in the fourth paragraph before the end. Katara or Korra?
AncientTide chapter 4 . 4/25
Holy shit Korra is so cool
AncientTide chapter 3 . 4/25
Hey I just thought of something! Why isn't Toph sensing when Korra lies? Oh, by the way maybe make this like an AU but keep the original one safe.
AncientTide chapter 2 . 4/25
AncientTide chapter 1 . 4/25
This is what I hope what I have been looking for. Who you gonna ship Korra with (though I hope she just stays single)
raw666 chapter 41 . 4/5
Great job with the story, hope you keep up the good work.

Well, can I suggest maybe no parring at all happen at the end of the story. For while I love Mako, when I look at previous episodes I notice a pattern, that his relationship with the girls' was strongest when they vulnerable. For Korra, he hatted the suborn girl at first but bloomed into a relationship when she was scared and lost something like her memories and/or bending, basally when she needed someone to help even if she tries to fight it. For Asami, their relationship wasn't close until her father was in jail and she was close to losing her company. Then when their lives got together and turned about for the better, it began to fall apart. I am not saying he needs a doormat, but I realized the type of girl he loves is the stay home kind like Tenzin's wife, not the action kind like Korra and Asami.
Divine Protector of Skyrim chapter 41 . 3/6
Great story, I really love this, best Avatar time-traveling fic I've read. Anyway, I think that you keep it as Korra/Mako, I nothing against gay people, just I don't like the idea of gay/lesbian.
QueenKarin13 chapter 40 . 2/16
Heh. Kinda got captured?
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