Reviews for Knowledge is Useful, But Power is Power
fbfbg chapter 1 . 11/5
This story isn't just bad, it's offensively bad. Straight from the demented minds of the likes of Rand and Peterson.
Homarid chapter 8 . 10/1
I find myself uncomfortable with the ending. For seven chapters we about how bad dominance magic is and how scared Harry is of it and how awful a hypocrite Dumbledore is for doing it. Then suddenly it's the answer to all of Harry's problems. Wild aspect of magic slowly taking over your mind? Magical oath to the rescue. An entire society hates you and wants to kill you? A curse to enslave them for however long you like. Oh well, I liked the story anyway. Great job.
Homarid chapter 5 . 10/1
Alright now it's getting weird. I'm still glued to the story though. I love how Harry is messing with the ministry, and still hates that death had to happen.
Homarid chapter 1 . 10/1
Wow what a way to kill someone. I have longed for a magical oath story to take it all the way and here we are. This is excellent.
eccentricess chapter 8 . 8/24
Thank you.
That was such an interesting aspect of the magical world to explore. :D
TrumpasaurusRex chapter 8 . 8/20
He had a different method of enchanting which he could use, a more intuitive form of magic, but his usage of that had created the giant mess with the Crystal Palace, the House of Magic, and all the rest.

Harry was back, for now, with tried and true magic, wand waving and spells in garbled Latin.

So what’s the point in trapping an aspect of magic within boundaries if you can’t tap into that aspect of magic in the future? Creating such a commitment in your family where you have to make annual pilgrimages to a place and sacrifice your time and magic, and you don’t get ANYTHING out of it? Lame.
Bele chapter 8 . 7/22
This must have been a reread cause the story was already on my fav list, so then, fav it once fav it twice! Very different writing style to other stories but still as good. Thank you very much for sharing this amazing story with us!
Sandaime Hokage chapter 8 . 7/2
Really interesting view on magic, really enjoyed the read
Steve-Arkarian chapter 1 . 6/29
Since he hadn't actively done anything yet, why would his oaths kill him? That doesn't make any sense.
HeartsGlow chapter 7 . 6/11
OK, Guile has said he could "lull her back to sleep". Why don't they just agree to that and get rid of the Chrystal Tower then?
HeartsGlow chapter 4 . 6/11
MOST of the students at Hogwarts have parents to which all those "inheritances" would go, not to the students. There shouldn't have been many things on legs entering Hogwarts, except to those without parents or older siblings. Or, the staff. Minerva should be happier.
tgfofp chapter 8 . 6/9
The story was not too bad, but not as good as your more recent ones.

It was needlessly long-drawn, especially with that Magic thing and its resolution, and the end was a bit unsatisfying to me. I understood your idea that 'power' is a double-edged sword and the need for prudence and all that, but considering the deaths of so many unrelated Aurors just doing their jobs, and then the true killers and extremists simply going under house arrest in their big-ass mansions, is just unfair.

Your newer HP stories are a lot better, especially the crossover with GoT, that one is my favorite. I would definitely enjoy it if you write a sequel with Dune, or any other fantasy (or Sci-Fi) world you think can be most entertaining.

Thanks for the story, and stay safe!
Li-Ion89 chapter 2 . 5/29
this kind of moral and philosophical dilemma has name to it and i dont know what because i dont take any of these courses but it really intrigues me. makes the head hurt but eh
Li-Ion89 chapter 1 . 5/29
bitch you call that a prologue that was bloody awesome
Guest chapter 5 . 5/21
Annnnnnd this is where the story jumped ALL THE SHARKS!11! Magic goddess-lady-thing? Huh? Right. Ugh. The rest was brilliant, though.
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