Reviews for Of Waffles and Fidelity
twix88 chapter 1 . 8/21/2013
your fluff made a great deal of tears escape my eyes.


so good. but oh, the tears. actually, i guess this is a good time to tell you i've read a LOT of your west wing stuff and love it to death. :)
adpacaus chapter 1 . 11/12/2012
Nice! Both fun and poignant. Thanks.
Blue-eyes Lily chapter 1 . 6/15/2012
Lovely. Really lovely! Please keep writing.
Claire chapter 1 . 6/14/2012
I love it! Please keep on writing.
itzcheeseball chapter 1 . 6/14/2012
great story!
alix33 chapter 1 . 6/14/2012
"Abbey looked up at her husband's question, one eyebrow rising slightly as she slid her glasses off of her nose." - Can't you just SEE the expression on Abbey Bartlet's face as this thought goes through her mind, like "Where the heck is your head at, boyfriend?"

"It's cold in here," she murmured in reply, eyes closed as she tilted her head back against the couch arm, clearly enjoying his attention on her feet. It was those damn shoes she wore, he knew it. His eyes lingered over her form as he continued to massage her feet, enjoying a view he'd been looking at for over thirty three years. Abbey wore a white V-neck shirt, giving him a glimpse of cleavage from the angle he had at the moment, and a pair of soft black pants that clung to her curves, making him swallow as the images of those curves without clothing came unbidden into his mind. "I could turn the heat up," he murmured, lifting her foot to his lips and pressing a few soft kisses to the inside of her ankle, the skin smooth under his lips. She cracked an eye open and raised an eyebrow at him, her hands resting up behind her head, pushing her breasts up and together, making him groan under his breath. "I think you're doin' just fine, boyfriend," she said in return, her voice lowered a pitch or two in arousal. He smirked against her skin, moving his kisses up her calf, pushing the material of her pants up as he made a path to her knee. "Wanna make waffles?" he asked, mouth still against her skin, teeth nipping gently at her with his words, fingers stroking up along the fabric on her thigh, his destination clear. She didn't seem to hear him over the sound of her own moans, sounding incredibly similar to contented purrs in his mind, so he repeated himself, this time louder and away from her skin. She looked at him, incredulity in her smoky green eyes. "You're seducing me and slowly turning me on and you want to make waffles?" she asked, pursing her lips as she looked at him, turning her lips down demurely and shaking her head in amusement, thick hair cascading around her shoulders. "What am I ever going to do with you, Jethro?" "Eat waffles and ice cream with me and then have sex?" he suggested, his fingers walking further up her legs, flirting playfully between them. She raised an eyebrow, biting her lip to try to keep the moan quiet, but she didn't have the willpower to remain silent. "That sounds like a noise of agreement to me." "It's almost midnight, Jed," she replied after a moment, though he could see in her eyes that she was relenting. He leaned forward, kissing her again, trying to seal the deal. He pulled back and she wrinkled her nose adorably, her green eyes soft and rimmed with that tired love he'd never tire of seeing. "Let's go, before I change my mind, jackass." - Those paragraphs wee so sweet.

"Abbey merely watched him, the way his hand gripped the spoon as he mixed the ingredients, the way his muscles in his arms flexed as he poured the batter onto the griddle. She swallowed, thinking of what the future would hold, when he could no longer do even a task this simple. Would even that lead her to cheat, to find someone whose muscles obeyed their brain? "You know I'd never cheat on you either, right?" she asked, suddenly worried that he didn't know, though they'd had this discussion before. He looked up from the waffles he was making, blue eyes meeting hers, flickering with emotions. "I've always known that, Abbey," he answered, the truth in his voice making her swallow against the emotion in her throat. "Even when things get bad- I'll always be there, you know that, right Josiah?" she asked, watching his eyes wide at her use of his full name. "I said through sickness and in health and I meant it." "Abbey," Jed said, reaching over and taking her hands, stopping her words. "I know you'd never cheat- you're not John, our marriage is not like John's, and I know you're not going anywhere. I've never doubted you, babe." Abbey sighed, relaxing." - Those paragraphs were very sad, though I am glad Jed and Abbey are not planning on cheating on each other.