Reviews for Be Careful What You Wish For
bluerubie007 chapter 61 . 11/11
I cant handle this story, its just sooo good. Hope new chapter comes out soon
Mizuna Kurenagi chapter 14 . 11/10
Ooh! Things are going to be more epic, Claude trying to love Larisa?! Continue with this story!
AwesomeFangirlOtaku01 chapter 61 . 11/6
Aw he's falling in love with her all over again! Lala why are you so darn cute!? Thxs for updating Author Chan! Love you!
loopymama chapter 61 . 11/5
I am in love with this story. cannot wait for more chapters to be added. please hurry xoxo.
Esmereilda chapter 61 . 11/1
ok now future him is gunna love her all the more now that past him has started to love her XD
Mariana chapter 61 . 11/1
The more I read the more I want to cry...
I love it when larissa makes sebastian go soft.
sorry I'm a total Romantaholic
so the plot is coming along and I'm a little worried what if the girls that are freed change history what if the world changed what if doughnuts never get invented! But thats just me...
Anyway keep being an awesome author and creating our favorite story ; these beings who read your work are nerds and or obsessed fans that are complete wirdos.
BBFan chapter 61 . 10/31
Uh oh! Past Sebastian is starting to develop feelings for Larisa. That probably will cause some problems. I stand by what I said in my previous review, it'd be interesting to see a time jump towards the end or something showing Larisa and Sebastian as parents. As for the possible mole among the girls, I think that curvy Platinum blonde could be the one(I think? I may have misinterpreted some of it). Well wither way, great chapter! Please update soon
xenocanaan chapter 61 . 10/31
Fantastic chapter! Past!Sebastian is hilarious due to all this future stuff. I can't wait to read more!
Person who has a name chapter 61 . 10/31
Awww, so good.
Mariana chapter 60 . 9/16
OMG... Larissa being in past ciels plans, ciel offering to crossdress, you are literaly being the coolest author now!
I can really imagine past Sebastian saving her and saying some perverted comment after that.
Awww so cute grandpa ciel is grossed out from their relationship.!
Well till next time great author
we the wierdos cough fans cough are going to await and read.
xenocanaan chapter 60 . 9/14
Thank you for giving us another great chapter! I can't wait to read what happens next!
Guest chapter 60 . 9/14
Can't wait for the next chapter I love how much Larisa has grown she's definitely becoming pretty badass!
Guest chapter 60 . 9/14
P.s. I saw that my message was cut off. Sorry about that.
Guest chapter 60 . 9/14
This was a great chapter. I love the fact that you let larisa talk about her fears to gramps ciel, and then have ciel comfort her in his own stubborn way.
This update really made my day, I've been going through some tough times right now, and this really lifted my spirits.
Esmereilda chapter 60 . 9/13
Poor Larissa
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