Reviews for 50 Shades of Christian Grey
Guest chapter 13 . 5/4
I loved to read these chapters of Grey's perspective. I cant wait to read what comes up next. Any prevision on when it should be available for us to read?
Best of luck!
abby chapter 13 . 4/30
Where can I find the next chapters... I only see 13 and I'm going to have a panic attack if I can't read more. Ugh :) I love this and I don't want it to end.
Jeangb chapter 13 . 4/22
We really need more of this. especially Christians thoughts and feelings when away from Ana. Coming to terms with a new way of thinking Just like Ana it's anew beginning for them both
Jeangb chapter 9 . 4/22
I QUITE like this interpretation of this story. And I wouldn't keep QUIET about it if it hadn't been written so long ago. I put the 2 words in capitals because they are a frequent spelling mistake your spell check isn't picking up. TONGUE is another I've noticed occurs frequently.
But having said that your writing is good.
Guest chapter 13 . 4/22
I wish u would write another one! ! I have been waiting it seems like years! ! chapter 13 . 4/19
when will be your next post.. page 14?
colleen.ryan.7543 chapter 13 . 4/18
are you still writing this?
SilwenPrince chapter 13 . 4/13
Hi. Um. Wow? I think, is how I feel right now? Your WRITING! You take what someone has written and have made it better. Fifty Shades holds a nostalgic love for me; Twilight was my first romance novel, Fifty Shades my first erotica. And your fanfiction, the first, GORGEOUS story with smut inside that I am in love with. I love your interpretation of the characters, I love the personality you give in them, the spark of your own humor comes out beautifully through your characters. I love Christian's dismissal of his brother, but interesting affection to his mother, his actual mother so to speak, adoptive mother. Wow. And his thoughts about Anastasia! Aaaaaahhh! *shivers* I love them. I love how real they are. And your dialog! (I'm sorry this is all in one messy paragraph. Sorry!) Your dialog-I literally hear it, I see their lips moving in my imagination and they have voices. Christian's thoughts have a voice and it's a gorgeous voice. *shivers* I cannot wait for your next chapters to come out, love. They are going to be amazing. I just...I love what you've done with the series. I love reading Christian, I love how you KEEP him fighting his feelings, his insecurities, his own fears instead of letting them go away with a swish of a paragraph. No, you let us the readers (and possibly yourself) genuinely feel Christian and his torment. Wow. Just WOW. Please, please don't stop! You truly are incredible, your writing is amazing-you could easily publish original writing if you wanted to do that. I am in absolute awe of your captivation. Your style is perfect, and your tone, and words...they hooked me and I've been hooked ever since chapter one-not by the smut, but by Christian and Ana's relationship, them, their characters and how you define them. Wow. Wow. I'd give you flowers if I could so...accept imaginary ones from me. *gives you an imaginary bouquet of dried roses so they don't wilt* Good evening, happy writing, DO NOT GIVE UP!
NextNewAge chapter 1 . 4/13
*smiles softly and whispers in your ear* Do you know the muffin man?
SilwenPrince chapter 1 . 4/10
Oh my gosh. This. You. This. Your writing! I love the sardonic tone throughout all of this-because that is largely what Christian Grey is. Sardonic. He's so...everything. I loved the descriptions, his imaginations! You have a fascinating take on his character that still very much rings trough with his canon one. Wow. I'd give you a standing ovation if I could. And Anastasia! *squees* She is SO cute! I love seeing her through his eyes! I love his reaction to her lips, her blushes. Wow. Aaah. She is such perfect (a saying of mine). And I am SO SO excited for you to continue the series of this. It's gorgeous. Really. And your writing, your imagery, capture of the characters-it's amazing and I can tell you've worked hard. Also, GREAT SPAG JOB! *claps* :)
Stine VH chapter 13 . 4/9
is there by any chance coming a new chapter soon? :D
Katelyn chapter 13 . 4/9
I love your writing! Guess you could say,I'm waiting not patiently for the next chapter :P
Katelyn chapter 6 . 4/8
I absolutely love your writing.
Guest chapter 13 . 4/2
Keep them coming
Guest chapter 8 . 4/2
I understand you thought you may have trouble writing about such an intimate topic from the point of view of a man. May I just say, NAILED IT. That was the hottest thing I've EVER read. I loved the trilogy. I am now a hard core 50 shades addict. I do refuse to see the movie. I'm sorry. Your characters are very specific to me, and I will NOT lose the emotional attachment I have to these entirely fictional characters. Crazy, right? When Freed had that part at the end from Christian's perspective, I so hoped it was a prelude to a book. It may be my favorite. You are so talented. Thank you for returning my love of reading. A love strong enough to make time for myself, for something I enjoy. Mom of 3 You are an inspiration
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